35+ Master Bedrooms with Chandelier Lighting (Photos)

Check out these 35 plus master bedrooms with chandelier lighting. These can really add an extra level of luxury to your master bedroom.
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Do you think an expensive chandelier is too extravagant of a ceiling light option for a master bedroom?

I don’t think so if you’re building your dream home and you like chandeliers for your main lighting solution.  But, if you’re having to swipe off other design elements in order to accommodate some swanky bedroom chandelier you might think twice.  For example, I’d rather put more money into faucets and sinks than chandeliers.  But that’s just me.

The fact is there are many bedroom designs that include a chandelier.  Our gallery features more than 35 of them (our gallery is growing all the time).

Check out the different styles of chandeliers used in a variety of bedroom designs below.

Photo Gallery

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Where should you place your bedroom chandelier?

Over the bed is the first spot since the bed usually takes up much of the bedroom.  However, if you have a sitting area like our featured image at the top of this post, placing it above the sitting area works very well too.

The fact is the only spot that will work will be above the bed.

What type of chandelier works best for bedrooms?

Usually the type that doesn’t hang down too much unless you have a crazy high vaulted or cathedral ceiling.  Even though it’s over the bed where you don’t walk, you don’t want it  hanging too low so that you can touch it with your nose if you life your head off the pillow.

Other than that, the actual style you buy should be dictated by the following:

  • Your bedroom design;
  • Your personal preferences;
  • Ceiling height; and
  • Room size.

Don’t forget the dimmer

Because you probably don’t like your bedroom lit up like a Christmas tree most of the time, it’s a very good idea to get a dimmable chandelier.  Moreover, if at all possible, get the switch placed so you can reach it from bed.  Alternatively, you can look for a chandelier that accommodates smart bulbs so you can dim, turn on and turn off remotely with an app.

What other lights should you get in your bedroom?

I’m a big fan of night table lamps or some form of reading light shining down on my side of the bed.  I think this is the most important lighting consideration for your bedroom because if you read in bed or do anything in bed requiring a light, this is very convenient.

Generally, one large chandelier along with night table lamps will be sufficient illumination for most bedrooms.  It’s not often that you need it to be extremely well lit like a kitchen or bathroom.

Is the chandelier necessary?

Of course not.  It’s rather luxurious, but if you’re going for the master bedroom of your dreams, that may well include a chandelier.  To save money, you can opt for flush-mount ceiling lights instead.  These work very well and are much less expensive.  You can even find nice-looking flush-mount lights that can enhance your bedroom’s decor.

Purchasing Bedroom Chandeliers

Shop around and see what’s out before choosing your master bedroom chandelier.  We suggest checking out the many options at the following retailers:

1. 1800Lighting.com

2. Amazon.com

3. Wayfair.com

4. Homedepot.com

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