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6 Energy-Efficient Alternatives to Fluorescent Lights

A collage of different types of fluorescent alternative.

About 60 percent of areas are still using fluorescent lights on the high bay or low bay ceiling, according to a US study. This does not mean, however, that there is a scarcity of options when you want to use a more energy-efficient light.

There are plenty of lighting sources in the market today that are not too bright, not too dim, low maintenance, and doesn’t have the safety issues of a fluorescent light. Scroll down below to find these options.

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1. LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulb on a concrete surface

If you are looking for a good fluorescent light alternative, then you should know that LED lights are the technology that is replacing the older fluorescent lighting. LED lights are better for people and they produce light that isn’t quite so harsh. These LED lights help people to stay concentrated on the task at hand and are generally preferable to fluorescent lights. There are many reasons why LED lights are taking over.

You will want to change out the light bulbs in your home so that they are all the newer LED light bulbs. Most people have already done so, but if you have yet to make the switch, there are reasons that you will want to go through with it. One of the most practical reasons is that it will save you money. These LED light bulbs last for a very long time and they use less energy than the older fluorescent light bulbs.

Switching out the light bulbs in your home should be a very simple thing to do. Fluorescent light bulbs are becoming less common over time and LED light bulbs are taking their place. You can find LED light bulbs at any major retailer and they are always very reasonably priced. It’s worth your time to make the switch, so get yourself some LED light bulbs today.


LED light bulbs are going to last longer than the fluorescent ones. They won’t use up quite as much energy either, so you’ll save a bit of money. The light given off by an LED light bulb is less harsh than the fluorescent ones too, so it is a more relaxing type of lighting. You’ll likely feel far more at ease and happy with LED lighting in your home.


LED light bulbs will still be prone to some of the same problems as the old fluorescent models. They will go out after a certain amount of time, although they are much longer lasting. Overall, these light bulbs are very good and are preferable to fluorescent light bulbs. Some people prefer the strong light of fluorescent bulbs because it is what they are used to, but people do get used to the LED lights after a certain amount of time.

2. LED Tube Lighting

LED Tubes Lighting

LED tube lighting is going to be an important part of your lighting solution plan if you work in an office. Modern offices and other types of businesses make use of fluorescent tube lighting very frequently. People are just now starting to switch over to LED tube lighting due to the discoveries about fluorescent lighting not being optimal. If you have an office that is in need of a fluorescent lighting alternative, then buying LED tube lighting is likely going to be your best bet.

You can hang these LED tube lights in the same fashion that you did the fluorescent ones. These lights will work to promote a more productive work environment. They feel better than the older fluorescent models, and they also won’t really be any more expensive. This means that there is no reason whatsoever to go back to using fluorescent lighting for your office.

LED tube lighting is far more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting options too. You won’t have to change the bulbs quite as often and they will use less power. It will be a move that will save you some cash while also making you feel better. It’s a good idea to switch out the lighting at your workplace as soon as possible.


You can save your business a lot of money by switching over to these LED light tubes. They will be able to make your life a lot easier, and you’ll see a good decrease in the amount of money you spend on lighting. Installing LED light tubes is every bit as simple as installing the fluorescent ones. This is something that you can easily do to improve things at the office.


There aren’t really many cons about LED tube lighting that you will need to worry about. This lighting is a good solution to your problem at the office. Like all unnatural light, you will not want to use it as your sole light source. It’s good to get some natural lighting as well for health reasons.

3. Natural Lighting

A living room packed with natural lighting from glazed walls.

Whether you are looking for a fluorescent light alternative for your home or for your work environment, it is important to look at things from many perspectives. As great as the LED options are, they are not quite as good for you as natural lighting.

It is not going to be practical to avoid unnatural lighting entirely, but it can be very beneficial to add as much natural light to your environment as you possibly can. This can help to ensure that you will stay focused and you can feel a bit more energetic during the day.

When the sun is shining outside, you should always do your best to let the natural light in. Humans need natural light in order to feel good and to stay healthy. The rays of the sun provide people with vitamin D, and this is an essential vitamin that your body needs. People who don’t get enough vitamin D have a tendency to have really low energy, and they may feel sluggish even when they have had plenty of sleep.

Natural lighting is very important, and you should do your best to promote it in your home or work environment. Simply opening the curtains is sometimes enough to light up an entire room. Depending on how your environment is set up, you may wish to add in a new window in order to promote more natural lighting. It is a worthwhile endeavor that can make you feel much better overall.


If you increase the amount of natural light that you are getting at work or at home, you will feel more productive. It has the ability to keep people in a good mood, and it feels much better than other types of lighting. You don’t have to pay for natural lighting either. If opening the curtains can help to light up your environment, then it is definitely worth doing.


This isn’t going to be a practical solution to completely replace fluorescent lighting. You will likely want to use a combination of natural lighting and LED lighting. Natural lighting is quite important for your overall health, but it still isn’t going to be an option during the night. Trying to get as much natural light as you can is smart, but you will need other sources to rely on, too.

4. Candles

Burning candles on a coffee table.

If you are working in a home office environment and wind up working into the night, adding in some soft light can be nice. One of the biggest reasons that people seek out fluorescent light alternatives is that it is a type of lighting that simply is not that good for you. It can drain your energy in many ways and studies have shown that it has negative effects on people’s health. The light that comes off of a candle is much nicer and will feel very natural to you.

If you want to be able to see during the evening hours, but you wish to avoid fluorescent lights, LED lights are certainly going to be the most practical option. Sometimes you need a complete break from unnatural lighting and should turn to something like a candle, though. Reading something by candlelight can actually be very nice and you will likely find it to be very soothing.

There are many people who are turning to use candles regularly during the evening hours. They are excellent for helping you to promote a calm energy and do a good job of getting you ready for bed. The unnatural lighting methods don’t do as good of a job at this type of stuff. Candles are very inexpensive, and it would be simple to light a few while you’re winding down in the evening.

Working by candlelight will also be possible, depending on your needs. If you are working at home, then you’ll likely already have the light of your computer monitor to help you see what is going on. The soft light of a candle can act as a soothing presence while you are working. This method won’t be something that appeals to everyone, but there are those who find candles to be a real treat.


Using a candle can feel really nice when you are simply trying to relax. It isn’t going to provide you with an abundance of light, but it will give off enough light to promote a relaxing evening. People use these candles in order to unwind and get ready for bed. They are great at providing enough light for people to read or to promote a romantic atmosphere while you are spending time with your significant other in the evening.


Candles are not going to be able to give off a lot of light. It is a fluorescent light alternative that certainly won’t be able to illuminate an entire room. You’ll just be lighting a little bit of a room in a calm fashion. Candles are typically used as mood lighting, and when you want a break from unnatural light sources, they can really be nice.

5. CMH Lighting

CMH Bulb

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The Ceramic Metal Halide lighting is a type of metal halide lamp.


It’s more energy-efficient and emits a more natural color.


It doesn’t last as long and has a higher upfront cost.

6. Halogen

Vintage halogen wall lamps

The halogen lighting is also known as tungsten halogen and is a type of incandescent lamp.


It’s 10-20 percent more energy-efficient than incandescent lights.


It doesn’t last as long as LED lights.