30+ Bathrooms with Pendant Lights (Photo Gallery)

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Bathroom with pendant lights.

Bathrooms aren’t the first room that comes to mind as a good room for pendant lights as the main ceiling light, but as you’ll see, they can be a good lighting option for some bathroom styles.

Typically, the bathroom ceiling needs be fairly tall.  If not, the two main locations they’re found are above the vanity and above a tub, usually a freestanding tub.

Here’s our gallery.

Photo Gallery

Click or tap images to enlarge.  FYI, while chandeliers are a pendant, we have a dedicated bathrooms with chandeliers gallery here.

The bathroom features a modish sink area and bathtub along with shower room Photo credit: Dominic Boudreau.
The bathroom features a wide space with a seat on the center. The room is also complete with a soaking tub, sink and a shower room.


The bathroom features stylish flooring and sink along with its pendant lights.

Bathroom with freestanding tub and single sink featuring smooth marble countertop. Photo Credit: Adam Letch
The bathroom features a drop-in tub with a chandelier lighting up the room. Tiles flooring and white walls perfectly blends with each other.
Huge white bathroom with vaulted ceiling and wide mirror.
A contemporary master bathroom with a separate shower area in glass walls.

A tiled bathroom with a wide space in a white finish.
A contemporary bathroom with recessed lights and hardwood cabinets.

Are pendants a good bathroom lighting option?

If you have a tall ceiling, yes.

I also think above a freestanding tub, they can be effective, but watch your head when getting into and out of the tub.

I’m not so wild about them above a vanity because one often leans over a vanity and if tall, you will hit your head.  I’ve hit my head many times on pendant lights, including above dining room tables.

Powder rooms are a common type of bathroom with pendant lights, usually suspended above the sink.

What type is best for the bathroom?

I think the best pendants are mini-pendants.  The space is small and so you can strategically hang them so that they don’t impede movement and use of the space.

While chandeliers are moderately popular, mini-pendants are better in my view, for most bathrooms if you’re opting for pendants.

Benefits of Pendants in the Bathroom

When comparing pendant lights to chandeliers, recessed lighting and ceiling flush-mounts, I have to go with recessed lighting or ceiling flush-mounts.  Bathrooms aren’t typically large rooms and so there isn’t much space to have a hanging light.

Illuminate specific areas: That said, pendants are excellent at illuminating specific areas or items and so above a free standing tub they can be great for illuminating that specific space.

Aesthetics: With respect to aesthetics, whenever you can accommodate a pendant in a room, it alone can enhance the design of a space because they can be beautiful; a work of art on their own.  This for me is the most compelling reason to use pendants in any room, including a bathroom.

Ambient lighting: Another reason is that the ambient lighting option can be good.  It may be you like the uplighting effect you can get which is a softer light.  In which case this is a very good reason to use this type of light.  The key will be placement so that you don’t risk injury.

The chandelier: A little known fact is that chandeliers are a pendant light.  Usually chandeliers are put into their own category and not referenced as a pendant light, but they are indeed a pendant.  In this case, there are many bathrooms with pendants if you consider those with a chandelier.

At the end of the day it’s balancing function and aesthetics.  I wouldn’t give up bathroom functionality and mobility and risk of injury just to make it look nicer.  However, if you can suspend a pendant in a way so that it’s not an obstacle or risks injury, it can enhance the space nicely.

Where to Buy Pendant Lights for Your Bathroom

Here’s a good selection of online retailers.

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