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100+ Living Rooms with Table Lamps (Photo Gallery)

See over 100 living room designs with a table lamp or two in them. All styles, sizes and designs included. Inspiring and instructive.

Most people put either a table lamp or floor lamp in their living room.

Many include both types in addition to ceiling lighting such as recessed lights, chandelier, pendant lights or flush mount lights.

What we feature here is a large collection of living room designs that include at least one table lamp. This gives you an idea as to how to incorporate lamps in a living room design including table considerations, clutter issues and configuration in addition to the actual type of table lamp (and table) you’ll use.

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Photo Gallery

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Where to buy amazing table lamps:

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What to Consider

When it comes to choosing a table lamp for your living room, you should consider the following:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Bulb
  • Color
  • Height
  • Shade shape and size

=> See our full table lamp buying guide for more information.

All of the above goes into choosing specific lamps. But before you do that, you need to decide if you actually need/want a table lamp or two. The key consideration here is your table availability in your living room. A lamp takes up quite a bit of space on a side table which you may want to keep available for other items or beverages.

Or, perhaps you’re going for a more minimalist look in which case adding a table or two (in addition to a coffee table) may clutter up the space.

I’m not saying living room side or end tables are bad; it’s just you need to assess the need and space.

Pros and Cons

Pros of table lamps in the living room

There are 2 main benefits. They are:

1. Decorative:  They provide decorative elements. Be careful not to over-clutter your living room.

2. Reading light: I’m not wild about relying on lamps for a room’s main source of light, but reading light, they can be ideal.

Cons to table lamps in the living room

1. Takes up valuable surface space:  If you have two side or end tables and you put lamps on them, you don’t have all that much space left over for beverages, magazines, etc.

2. Hassle to turn on:  Unless you wire them to a wall switch, you must go around and turn each lamp on individually. The only time this isn’t that big of a deal is when it’s conveniently located adjacent to a chair (even then you may have to twist and reach).

The thing is, some homes don’t have much for ceiling lighting in the living room, in which case you’re relegated to table and floor lamps. In this case, buy several and get it lit up.

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