60+ Living Rooms with Chandelier Lighting (Photos)

Massive photo gallery of living rooms with chandelier lighting. All types of chandeliers featured in all styles of living rooms.
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Typically living room chandeliers are smaller than the more grand foyer chandeliers.  An exception may be if a living room has a vaulted or cathedral ceiling. in which case there is vertical space to hang something larger and more elaborate.

The chandelier styles have evolved significantly from years ago.  The term chandelier is usually perceived as a huge, fancy, ornate light.  While that is still definitely the case, there are many chandeliers (I dare say most of them) are much more casual and smaller which fits better in today’s homes.

Photo Gallery

Below is our growing gallery of living rooms with a chandelier.  Click on the images to enlarge.

What is a living room chandelier?

There is no one style of chandelier that’s for a living room specifically.  You probably noticed that going through the photo gallery above.

That said, the size and grandeur you get really depends on the style and decor of your living room.  The good news is that there are many more casual chandeliers available these days which can fit nicely in more casual living rooms and even family rooms.

Are chandeliers a good light for living rooms?

Yes, because they’re beautiful and provide light.  But, you don’t want the chandelier hanging down so low that you can bump your head.  This means for many 8 foot high living rooms, a chandelier is not the best ceiling light option.  In that case floor lamps, table lamps, flush-mounts and recessed lighting are much, much better.

If, however, you have vaulted, cathedral or just plain old tall ceilings, a chandelier can be an excellent lighting source for a living room. You can complement it with other lights such as recessed lights and/or lamps dispersed throughout the room.


  • Can give off a lot of light.
  • Can enhance the overall decor.
  • Can get styles that fit in nicely with your living room which adds to the overall aesthetic.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Not good for lower ceilings because they drop down and get in the way.
  • May hinder furniture layout if you think a table needs to be placed under chandelier.

Where is the best place to put a chandelier in the living room?

This depends on the room layout. Typically, the center is best as a showpiece; however, if it’s  a large living room with various sections, perhaps a small reading area off to the side, you can certainly place it over a separate section.

What should you put under the chandelier?

The best living room item to put under the chandelier is a coffee table.  You’ll see that this is a common furniture piece that’s located below the chandelier.  If the ceiling is higher, nothing need be placed under it as there is sufficient distance between floor and bottom of the light.

Are chandeliers a common light choice for living rooms?

Chandeliers are somewhat common. They’re more so these days because there are many smaller chandelier options and new houses have taller ceilings.

However, recessed lighting is enormously popular as well as flush-mount ceiling lights because they don’t hang down nearly as much.

Buying Living Room Chandeliers

A few great places online are:

1. 1800Lighting.com

2. Amazon.com

3. Wayfair.com

4. Homedepot.com

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