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21 Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Flower wall art canvas in three parts above a sofa.

Plain and blank walls are boring, and boring walls are no fun. When decorating homes, most people focus on the furniture and often forget to give the walls any attention. Walls are usually painted with a color that goes with the theme of the room or plastered with wallpaper. However, what they don’t realize is that hanging the right piece of wall decoration can do wonders to the interior of any room! Wall art is extremely essential for home décor.

Another common mistake that most people make is that they search the market for suitable wall art after they have decorated the room. Many times, they fail to find what would go best with the interior design. Wall decoration should not be an afterthought. What one should do is select a piece of wall art that they totally love before they decorate the room. Once you have wall decoration of your choice, you can decorate the room accordingly.

Decorating walls is fun. There are so many options for wall art that you can choose from. Ranging from simple wall hangings to mighty paintings, you have so much choice that you may actually feel overwhelmed.

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Why Is Wall Art Important?

Even though we have mentioned it earlier that plain walls are boring, there are many other reasons why one should incorporate wall art in the interiors. Let’s see why wall art is so important.

1. Focal Point

Every room should have a focal point and hanging a piece of beautiful and inspiring wall art is the best way you can achieve it. A piece of art above the fireplace or sofa in the living room, above the bed in the bedroom, or on a plain wall in the dining room becomes a focal point. The piece of wall art that you select should add pride to the room, and should be able to speak for itself!

2. Color Palette

Every piece of carefully chosen art has certain colors that make it attractive. There are some colors that stand out in the piece of wall art you chose. Pick two or three colors from the piece and decorate the room with accessories in these colors. One color should be chosen as main while the other two or three can play their roles as accent colors. You will have a perfectly coordinated and a super stylish interior if you start with the wall art and move ahead from that point!

3. Intrigue

Wall art translates your personal style and taste. It should evoke a feeling that you want the atmosphere of the room to have. Wall art not only utilizes a blank wall but also adds depth and texture to any room. A beautiful piece of art adds intrigue to the interior of rooms. If you get a particular feeling when you look at the piece of art, there are high chances that this feel will be mirrored through the rest of the accessories you use for decoration of the room.

4. Complete Look

No matter how fancy your furniture is or how pretty the colors are, the room will not look complete if the walls are left blank. Wall décor completes off the look that you are trying to pull off.

5. Hiding the Household Eyesores

There are some eyesores in every household, like a thermostat, alarm panel, or even a crack in the paint. With wall art, you can hide all of it. A canvas wall art is available in many sizes that allow you to conceal both, big and small eyesores. Once the wall art is in place, no one can tell what it has behind it. And the end result is amazing too! A well-utilized wall that makes your room complete and handsome!

So the next time you are re-decorating your home, make sure not to overlook the walls. You can incorporate wall art even today if you feel that the interior design of the room looks somewhat incomplete!

Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Out of all wall art ideas, canvas wall art ideas and DIY wall art ideas are the most popular. They are available in different sizes, colors, and designs that make them versatile. From formal sitting areas to kids’ playroom, canvas art can be hanged anywhere. Let’s have a look at some super classy canvas wall art ideas that will help you make your mind up!

1. Quotes on a Canvas`Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself` Quote CANVAS PRINT Inspirational Wall Art Saying Home Decor Artwork Gallery Stretched and Ready to Hang - %100 Handmade in the USA - 12x8


Nowadays, quotes on canvases are getting popular among households. People prefer hanging motivational and inspirational quotes in their homes so that they can feel renewed energy every time they set their eyes on the quotes. Quotes on canvas are colorful, attractive, and of course, inspiring. They make wonderful wall art. Find a quote that you feel connected to and enjoy the impact!

2. Paint Splatter Wall ArtAhawoso Canvas Prints Wall Art 12x16 Inches Paint Blue Splatter Colourful Bright Ink Splat Shape Purple Splash Abstract Black Spatter Spot Drip Wooden Frame Printing Home Living Room Office Bedroom


Have you ever thought of creating your own piece of art for your home? Don’t you think it will add a touch of personalization and a feeling of love and ownership? We think so too! Just by splattering paint on a canvas randomly can create a colorful and attractive piece of art that you can hang on any wall in your home. If you think it could get messy, you can find a piece of art made through paint splattering technique in the market as well. Do you know what the best thing about this type of canvas wall art is? Even if you have decorated your room using soft colors, the brightness of this wall art can make your room look attractive and bright!

3. Flowers on CanvasPoppies Melody I Canvas Wall Art Print, 24"x16"x1.25"


Flowers are delicate yet very powerful. Incorporating flowers to the interior of any room, whether fresh or dried real flowers or a painting of flowers can bring about freshness and liveliness. They add colors, elegance, delicacy, and the beauty of nature to your home! This is the reason why flowers on canvas continue to be one of the most popular types of canvas wall art ideas today.

4. Abstract Art

Abstract Blue and Purple Clouds with Gold Leaf Accent on Canvas Wall Art Decor, 24"W x 36"H


The thing about abstract art is – everyone perceives it in a different way. You may find the painting to be giving out a particular message while someone else may come up with an entirely different perception. Abstract art gives people an opportunity to look at art closely. If you want a piece of art in your home that grabs attention, abstract wall art is the best option for you. Not just that, the blend of colors and patterns make it just the right type of canvas wall art to brighten up any room.

5. Geometric Art

wall26 Floating Framed Canvas Wall Art for Living Room, Bedroom Abstract Geometric Colorful Painting Canvas Prints for Home Decoration Ready to Hang - 16x24 inches


Geometric shapes in art have always caught our attention. Do you know why? Because geometric art acts like a magnet. It grabs your attention and draws you to it. Geometric art is a visual treat. You cannot just move past without stopping to admire the shapes, colors, and the way the shapes come together to make a primarypiece! Geometric art on canvas makes wonderful wall art for living rooms and dining areas. The variety of colors they are available in makes them great for any theme you want to pull off.

6. Cut-It-Out Art

Semtomn Canvas Wall Art Print Alphabetical Latin Alphabet Made of Letters Cut Out ABC Artwork for Home Decor 16 x 16 Inches


If you are planning to make wall art for your home yourself, a cut-it-out art is a great canvas wall art idea. All you have to do is paint the canvas with one color and paste cut outs of alphabets, shapes, or whatever design you want. Another great way to make this art more colorful is by pasting tape cutouts in particular shapes or as alphabets and stick them on a blank canvas. Spray paint whole canvas with many colors and pull out the tapes after the canvas has fried.

You will be amazed at how wonderful this piece of art will look! Not to forget the feelings of ownership and achievement you will get every time you see it.

7. Metallic Accent Art

CANVAS ON DEMAND Metallic Lines Navy 2" Wall Peel Art Print, 22"x30"


Metallic accent art may seem too simple to some people but to most people, it is one of the best wall art ideas. Metallic accent art is not too much nor is it too little. Unlike other canvas wall art ideas, this one is simpler and less loud. Metallic accent art is perfect for living rooms or for offices where you cannot add too much color.

8. Yarn  Art

If you treat a blank canvas like an open ground, there are so many ways you can play around it. A blank canvas allows you to go wild with imagination, colors, and patterns. Yarn art on canvas is an out-of-the-box wall art idea. It can be easily found in home stores, online, or you can make it yourself! It is simple and easy to do. you can get it in any color that you think would go well with your theme. If you want to keep our décor simple and subtle, yarn art on canvas is a great option for you.

9. Textured Wall ArtWinpeak Art Hand Painted Modern Textured White Flower Oil Painting on Canvas Abstract Floral Artwork


Texture creates a major visual impact. It gives any artwork a touch of reality. A painting of the same thing, one plain and one having texture will have an effect that is poles apart. Textured wall art looks attractive, eye-catching, and beautiful. Any room with textured wall art on canvas will have a royal, warm, and a classy aura. It is a great canvas wall art idea for you if you wish to make the room appear sophisticated and stylish!

10. Scenic Wall Art

LanimioLOX Wall Decor Fisherman and Dog in Fishing Boat at Sunset River Nature Scenery Art Print Canvas Wall Art Ready to Hang Frame


Nature is breathtakingly beautiful. Hanging beautiful scenery painted or printed on a canvas can bring the beauty and serenity of nature to your home. You will actually feel a freshness and liveliness lingering in the air. You will love the effect it will have on the interior of the room you decide to hang this wall art in. Most importantly, this type of wall art goes well with any theme that you have decorated your room in.

11. Funky Art on Canvas

English Bulldog Rainbow Splash by Fab Funky - 13" x 15" Black Framed Giclee Canvas Art Print - Ready to Hang


If you want to add some colors and fun to your room, especially in your bedroom or your kids’ playroom, funky art on canvas is what you should opt for. By funky, we mean something that is cool, colorful, and informal. Such a wall art can make the room look welcoming and cozy- a perfect place for the family to sit together and share some laughter!

12. Vintage Art

KALAWA 3 Panel Large Baseball Sports Flag Rustic Wall Art Canvas Vintage Prints Retro Home Decor Decals Pictures for Living Room Bedroom Framed Ready to Hang(20''W x 28''H)


Anything that has a vintage look holds attraction. Be it souvenir, decoration pieces, or paintings! If there is a picture from your childhood that you love and is very dear to you, you can get it printed on canvas and display in your home. Don’t forget to blur lines to give it a vintage look. A number of vintage-looking paintings on canvas are available which you can choose from. Vintage art will make your interior appear warm, welcoming, and cozy!

13. Contemporary Wall Art

Hobson Reginald Canvas Wall Art Prints Black and White Harlequin Great Dane Drippy -Picture Paintings Contemporary Decorative Giclee Artwork Wall Decor-Wood Frame Gallery Wrapped 16"x20"


Contemporary wall art is another great canvas wall art idea for your home. It looks pretty, attractive, and somewhat professional. A dining area or the drawing room is a suitable place for such a wall art. If you want to keep the look formal and sophisticated, contemporary wall art should be your option!

14. Mid-Century Modern Geometric Abstract

Mid Century Modern Geometric Abstract Mt. Ranier Wall Art Décor on Canvas - 24" x 36"


You must have heard a lot of mid-century modern while decorating your home. Mid-century modern is the most popular interior styles nowadays. Whether its furniture or the interior designs, mid-century modern has taken it all by waves. Mid-century modern geometric abstract wall art is an extremely powerful canvas wall art idea. it is perfect for the living room or the dining room. It is a soft, subtle, and super attractive piece of art that everyone is going to drool over for sure!

15. World Map On Canvas

Canvas Wall Art World Map Poster Nautical Decor Modern Framed Art Map of The World Vintage Artwork Canvas Print Wall Map Pictures for Wall Painting for Office Wall Art Travel Memory for Home Decor


If you are fond of traveling, you can have a world map printed or painted on canvas and display it on a wall in your living room or office. It looks amazing. You can’t actually tell what the impact will be unless you display it on the wall. We recommend that if you are planning to get a world map art on canvas, you should get it in a mighty size for an even mightier impact!

16. Animal Paintings

ZYCH Oil Painting Animal cat pro Butterfly Canvas Wall Art Modern Art Work Home Decoration Painting 20x24inch (50x60cm)


Do you love animals? Are you obsessed with animals? If yes, you should definitely get yourself an animal painting on canvas to hang in your living room or your bedroom. Animal pictures make an animal lover’s heart flutter. An animal painting on canvas can make a room come to life with playfulness and colors! Do you know what’s even better? Getting your own pet painted on canvas! Wouldn’t it look amazing?

17. DIY Art on Canvas

DIY 5D Diamond Painting by Number Kits, Cartoon Giraffe Full Drill Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Embroidery Paintings Pictures Arts Craft for Home Wall Decor (B, 30x40cm)


Like we mentioned earlier, doing something for your home yourself feels amazing. Preparing a wall art for your home would not only make you feel good but the art itself will be a symbol of your love! There are numerous easy DIY projects of wall art ideas that you can try. You can get a handprint of all family members on a canvas, use beads to make a picture on canvas, you can paint patterns randomly, and what not! Anything with colors on a canvas will be customized wall art. DIY wall art is gaining more and more popularity every day. We don’t see why you shouldn’t try it too!

18. Prints on Canvas

Sometimes, you may come across a fabric print or wallpaper print that you instantly like. How about transferring the print on canvas? All you got to do is paste the piece of fabric or wallpaper on canvas and display on the wall! A design that you liked is now hanging on your wall. Isn’t it amazing?


19. Music Wall ArtMake Your Own Kind Of Music Piano Motivational Canvas Wall Art


Do you love listening to music? If yes, your home should reflect what you love. Decorate the walls of your home with wall art that shows how much you love music. Either a painting of your favorite musical instrument, singer, lyricist or a quote related to music on canvas makes a wonderful wall art. Your home is a reflection of your taste and you should display it proudly!

20. Destination Wall Art

YEHO Art Gallery Canvas Wall Art Square Artwork Christmas Office Home Decor,The Eiffel Tower is in Paris Beauty City Painting Pictures,Stretched by Wooden Frame,Ready to Hang,12 x 12 Inch


Everyone has a favorite destination where they left their heart when they visited it or a fantasy destination where they really want to go. How about getting a painting of this destination done on a canvas and hang it on the wall so that you are reminded of things you should look forward to? Or just cherish the happy moments spent at that place? Not to mention the beautiful wall art it will make!

21. Stencil Art

Wolf Head Stencil for Craft and Home Decoration CFT0010


Stencils are a great way to produce precise and neat designs. If you think you are not a very good artist, stencils can be valuable. Chose a stencil that you like and prepare primarypieces on canvases like you are an artist! Stencil art on canvas can also be found all ready to be hanged, where you don’t have to paint them yourself. Stencil art looks delicate. They will make any room look elegant and beautiful just by their presence on the wall.


No matter how beautifully you decorate your home, it won’t be completed without wall art. We often fail to realize just how important wall art is which is why we always feel like something is missing. You will be amazed to see how instantly your interior transforms with the addition of wall art. Canvas wall art is the most popular and affordable type of wall art. All you have to do is pick the design that goes with the interior design of your home and enjoy all it has to offer.