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8 Different Types of Hooks for Hanging Things (You’ll Be Hooked)

A photo collage of types of hooks.

Hanging hooks are simple yet versatile household solutions that often get very little attention. Yet the wrong set of hooks for hanging things can ruin your room’s aesthetic and the wrong type of hooks can be frustrating.

It will be helpful to know the wide range of options available today for hanging hooks as well as other important considerations such as where and how to install them and how to choose the right type.

Check out our complete guide on buying hooks for hanging things in your home.

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Hook Buying Guide

Hooks are a “must-have” for every household, but there are a few things to consider before you head out and buy the first hooks you see.

One of the biggest determining factors when buying hooks is their purpose. While hooks are often aesthetic and functional, it’s important to think about how you will use the hook, where you plan to install it, and the installation process.

In addition to functionality, you have various material options that can play an integral role in the durability and the look of your hooks.

A. Different Types of Hooks

The first thing you think about when looking for a hook is how you plan to use it in your home. With several different types of hooks available, you aren’t likely to use the same type of hook for clothing that you might use to hang up a pot or cooking utensils.

The type of hook you choose matters, and while there are dozens of options to choose from, the main types of hooks for hanging things are S-shaped, over-the-door, peg style, coat, ceiling, utility, and removable.

1. S-Shaped Hooks

S-Shaped Hooks

Source: eBay

S-shaped hooks are virtually impossible to be mistaken for any other type of hook due to its “S” shape. With a long history for their use in butcher shops for hanging carcasses, S-shaped hooks are still an asset in modern kitchens. Today, they have become more versatile in homes and everyday life.

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly carries an S-shaped hook with her so that she can hang her purse from a table when eating at restaurants.

S hooks are available in a variety of materials, from forged iron to plastic. You can purchase hand-made, one-of-a-kind S-shaped hooks at various artisan online marketplaces or buy in bulk at your local home improvement store.

While S hooks are a popular way to hang pots and pans on hanging racks in a kitchen, they are also a great way to keep your utility closet organized or make better use of a smaller space. Many shower curtain connectors are S-shaped.

Since S-shaped hooks come in a variety of sizes, are versatile, portable, and relatively inexpensive, you can use as many or as little as you like in nearly every room of your house from your closet to your basement workshop.

2. Over-the-Door Hooks

Lynk Over Door Accessory Holder - Scarf, Belt, Hat, Jewelry Hanger - 9 Hook Organizer Rack - Bronze

Nearly every living space, whether you live in a studio apartment or large single-family home has multiple doors. An excellent way to utilize space is by placing an over-the-door hook on a closet door. Depending on the style of hook you choose, you have space to hang multiple items from clothing to brooms and other cleaning tools.

Over-the-door hooks are a great alternative if you are renting an apartment and can’t install permanent hooks on the doors or walls. These versatile types of hooks are as simple as a single hook to hang a wreath on your front door or as decorative and functional to hang clothing or towels on the back of a bathroom door.

Hooks that hang over your door are typically available in plastic or metal and have multiple tiers and hooks or just a few. If you plan on hanging heavier items on the back of your door, look for materials that will last and not interfere with the function of your door.

3. Peg Style HooksPack of 4,Natural Wooden Coat Hooks,Wall-Mount Vintage Hangers Organizer Peg Towel,Handmade Craft Hat Pack (Beech Wood, 2.4in)

If you search for peg style hooks online, you might come up with a variety of results such as hooks for pegboards. While we love pegboards for an organizing and storage option, the peg style hook we’re talking about is a little different.

Peg style hooks are often referred to as Shaker peg racks and play an integral role in creating order, functionality, and simplicity. Peg style hooks are available on a wall rack or as individual pegs. Peg hooks work with a variety of interior design styles from Farmhouse to Minimalist.

Although most peg hoods are wooden, you may find plastic, metal, or mixed material versions that better suit your style and needs when it comes to hanging things up.

4. Coat Hook

Wooden coat hooks

Source: Etsy

The coat hook is often lumped together in the same category with peg style hooks because it has a similar function. Although coat hooks have somewhat of an iconic and easy-to-identify design, modern coat hooks are made of a variety of materials and come in many styles.

If you live in an older home, you may have metal coat hooks in a hallway closet, and the type of hook is a popular choice for storage lockers and coat racks. Like other types of hooks, a coat hook is multi-purpose and is available as one hook or comes already attached to a rack or board.

If you have coat hooks in your home, there’s a good chance that you use it for more than just coats. Since most coat hooks are heavy-duty, they are designed to hold the weight of various items from backpacks to heavy parkas.

5. Ceiling Hooks

Ceiling Hook

Source: Lowe’s

Even though many homeowners use hooks for hanging things on their doors and walls, occasionally, there’s a need for ceiling hooks. Ceiling hooks provide an easy and secure way to hang house plants or save space and hang up lights instead of using a floor lamp.

Most ceiling hooks are metal and screw into the ceiling joists. These styles of hooks are best suited for heavier items like potted plants. If you are unable to put ceiling hooks in your ceiling, there are also removable versions that are better suited for lightweight items.

6. Utility Hooks

Utility Hook

Source: Home Depot

Utility hooks are probably the least aesthetic type of hook in our guide, but they are essential to have when hanging up heavy things in your garage, basement, or any area of your home.

Utility hooks are available in a variety of styles, but the most commonly known hook is one that screws into a wall or ceiling and has a vinyl coating. These types of hooks are suitable for hanging up heavy chains, storing bicycles, or gardening tools.

Some utility hooks have a collapsible and space-saving design, which are durable but better-suited for hanging up lightweight items.

7. Removable Hooks

tesa UK Powerstrips Large Hooks with Removable Adhesive Strips, Rectangle - White, 2 Hooks

For years, the only type of removable hook was attached to a suction cup that you could place on your window and most of the time they were unreliable. Today, there are a variety of removable hooks in a variety of designs and styles that can handle different weights and will work on different surfaces.

Removable hooks are versatile and relatively inexpensive. One of the main reasons why many people prefer removable hooks is because they are designed not to leave a mark on surfaces (if used correctly) and are easy to install. Removable hooks are a great alternative for people who can’t put holes in the walls.

Although removable hooks are often plastic, there are some with metal or made of mixed materials. Some are more aesthetic than others and are difficult to distinguish whether the hook is permanent hardware or removable.

8. Brick hooks

Brick wall hooks

Brick wall hooks are you solution for hanging stuff on brick without screws, nails or adhesive.  We actually bought a ton of these because our new house has plenty of exterior brick. We also happen to love hanging decorations for various holidays, so we had to hunt down some hooks that worked on brick.

We found this type and this one. Both are excellent. Both look good, are easy to use and at the end of the day, they work.

How do these hooks work?

They have a serrated hook that hangs on the brick ledge. It’s easier to just show you:

Brick Hook Clips - 4 Pack Bricks Hook Clip for Hanging Outdoors Wall Pictures, Metal Brick Hangers Brick Hooks Fireplace (Fit Brick 2-1/4 to 2-2/5 inch)

Brick Hook Clips - 4 Pack Bricks Hook Clip for Hanging Outdoors Wall Pictures, Metal Brick Hangers Brick Hooks Fireplace (Fit Brick 2-1/4 to 2-2/5 inch)

Pretty cool, right? Yeah, we thought so too.

B. Hook Installation Methods

Most hooks are easy to install, but some require a little more planning. Let’s take a closer look at the most common installation methods to see whether or not you need tools (or skills) to set up your hooks.

Hang Over without Screws

Kitchen hooks hang over without screws.

Source: Etsy

The hook that installs by hanging over and without any hardware like screws is typically an S-shaped hook. Due to its design, you don’t need to secure the hook to anything, just hang it on a rail, rack, or something else that is secure to a wall or door.

If you choose the right size S-hook for the item you are hanging up, such as a pot or pan, you don’t have to worry about anything fall down or off of the hook. Since S hooks are portable and “free” hanging, they tend to slide around a lot.

Even though it may seem like the things you have hanging up might come crashing down, they won’t go anywhere as long as the hook is long enough, and the rail or rack is strong enough to hold the weight of the item.

Hang Over with Screws

Hooks Hang Over with Screws

Source: Home Depot

Over-the-door hooks typically come with holes so that you can screw the hook to the door. While you don’t have to screw the hook into the door to use this type of hook, the screws can help keep the hook in place while you open and close the door.

Attach to the Wall or Door

Hooks Attached to the Wall or Door

Source: Etsy

Whether you choose hooks that are already attached to a rack or board or you plan to attach hooks individually, they usually require screws to attach to a wall or door. The most common way to attach peg style and coat hooks are by screwing them into the wall.

Most of these hooks come with hardware and specific instructions for installing them. Even if you don’t have a full arsenal of tools, a screwdriver is usually the only tool you need. For best results, it’s best to screw the hook into a stud in the wall.

Screwing Directly into the Wall or Ceiling

Hooks Screwed Directly into the Wall or Ceiling

Source: Etsy

Installing a ceiling hook is often more challenging than a standard coat or peg hooks. Since many ceilings are made of drywall or are “false” ceilings, it’s difficult to find a joist to secure the hook. Some ceiling hooks have an anchor design to prevent the hook from falling out of the ceiling after you hang something from it, like a plant.

Putting screw hooks into your ceiling is definitely a doable DIY project, but don’t attempt to install the hook until you’re certain about the placement and don’t have the right tools on hand.

If you’re using a screw hook on a wall, you should follow the same rules as you would when installing a coat or peg hook.

Adhesive or Suction

Airisoer Adhesive Hooks Wall Hooks Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hooks for Hanging Towels Key Apply to Bathroom Home Kitchen Office 6 Packs

Removable hooks are easy to install with either an adhesive strip or a suction cup. Although this installation method typically does not require any tools to put up the hook or take it down, it’s important to follow instructions to reduce the risk of damaging paint or breaking the hook.

C. Weight Capacity

Before you install a hook to hang things up, whether it’s on your wall or in the ceiling, it’s important to consider weight capacity. Stronger materials like wood or metal are likely to hold more weight than a plastic hook, but the hook’s ability to hold weight greatly depends on how and where you install the hook.

When you install a coat hook properly, such as in a stud in the wall, it may have a weight capacity of over 25 pounds. Hooks with adhesive strips typically handle around 7 pounds or less, but again the weight capacity will vary based on a number of factors.

For best results, follow the installation instructions and look for hooks that give a specific weight capacity.

II. More Details

Here are a few thoughts on durability, as well as pricing considerations.

A. Type of Hook Material

Not only does a proper installation play an important role in the longevity and durability of your hooks, but the material of the hook is also essential.

Wooden hooks used to hang a bicycle.

Source: Etsy

As we mentioned a bit earlier, metal and wood are likely to be your strongest and long-lasting options, but it’s important to remember that not all wood or metal materials are high-quality. A handcrafted wood peg rack is made of hardwood, such as the Shaker peg hooks, are likely to last longer than wooden peg rack where the pegs are glued into the rack board.

WEBI Coat Rack Wall Mounted,5 Hooks for Hanging,Coat Hook,Hook Rack,Hook Rail,Coat Hanger Wall Mount for Hats,Jacket,Backpack,Bronze,2 Packs

Lighter weight and soft metals, like aluminum, are more likely to bend more easily under the weight of hanging items and have a lower weight capacity. An aluminum hook rail has about half the weight capacity of a similar hook rail made out of cast iron.

Cast iron hooks for hanging coats and accessories.

Source: Etsy

B. Hook Pricing

The price of hooks varies as greatly as the types of hooks that are available. You can purchase a single wall hook for less than a dollar and spend a couple of hundred dollars on a row of coat hooks that attaches to the wall.

While cost doesn’t always reflect the quality of a product, your hooks are likely to last longer when you invest a little more into them. Keep in mind that proper installation and not exceeding the weight capacity plays an important role regardless of how much you end up spending on hooks.

Since most types of hooks are easy to install on your own, you don’t have to spend more on installation costs. If you feel more comfortable hiring someone to install hooks in your home, such as a coat rack in your foyer or ceiling hooks in your living room, you can expect to pay general handyman prices.

If you only need someone to install coat hooks or a hook rail, you might have better luck doing it yourself than finding someone who is willing to do the small job.

III. Where To Buy Hooks Online

Now that you know more about some of the most common types of hooks for hanging things, here’s a list of our favorite online merchants. These merchants have an extensive hook collection and have additional information to help you decide which type of hook is best for you:

IV. Frequently Asked Questions

What to hang on shepherd hooks

Since shepherd hooks are able to hold significant amounts of weight, you can choose from a variety of things to hang. Thinks like planters, signs, and lanterns are some of the most common when placed outside.  

What to hang from ceiling hooks? How strong are ceiling hooks?

Ceilings hooks are some of the stronger hooks and are meant to hold heavier items like shoe racks, fans, and other large and bulky items that rely on the support beams in the ceiling. In most cases, your ceiling hooks will hold heavy coats and large pieces of jewelry to give them their own space. 

Do I need anchors for ceiling hooks?

It is not always necessary to use anchors for ceiling hooks unless you are putting them in a place without a support beam. At that time you may find yourself in need of an anchor, or just want one for additional security. 

How high should coat hooks be? How far apart should coat hooks be?

If you are planning to hang coats on a hook on the wall, they need to be a minimum of 60 inches or five feet from the ground. If you can give the hook an additional half or whole foot, that is even better. Coats are long and do not need to be on the floor when they are hung.  

If you plan to hang multiple hooks, make sure they are at least 36 inches or three feet apart. This gives each coat enough space to be turned out and not get bundled with another coat. 

What height should towel hooks be hung? How far apart should towel hooks be?

Depending on your family dynamic, there are different heights for towel hooks. If you have toddlers in your home, then the maximum height of the towel hook should be 36 inches, allowing them to reach and grow.

If your family consists of elementary children, then the towel height should be a maximum of 40 inches, while preteens need a maximum of 44 inches. For adults and teenagers, the maximum should be 48 inches. This is the ideal height for homes without children. 

How do monkey hooks work?

Monkey honks are easy to use by first drilling a small hole in the wall, inserting the hook, and then twisting the hook tightly. It will screw itself into the wall without needing any additional tools. 

How strong are monkey hooks? How much weight do monkey hooks hold?

Monkey hooks are used throughout the home for a variety of different items. In some cases, monkey hooks can last in almost all types of walls and can hold up to 50 pounds consistently. 

Do picture hooks need a stud?

When you are hanging a picture hook, it is not necessary to place a stud. The majority of all pictures will not weigh enough to cause damage and require the reinforcement that comes with a stud. 

How many hooks to hang a large picture?

If you have a larger-than-average picture you want to hang, consider adding a second hook. This will distribute the weight evenly and allow your picture to be balanced and level on the wall. 

How high to hang hooks above the bench?

If you are ready to add hooks above your bench, you want to ensure they are at least 40 inches from the seat and have a maximum height of 46 inches. 

How do command hooks work?

Command hooks do not require any tools at all to hang. They use adhesive to stick to a surface. You first place the adhesive on the wall on one side, then peel the other side and add the hook. After a minute or two, pull on the hook so that you know it is sturdy. It is ideal to wait a half hour before hanging items. 

Can command hooks be reused?

If you want to reuse a command hook, you will have to first remove the old adhesive and then reapply a new strip. 

Will command hooks stick to textured walls? Do command hooks ruin walls?

If you have a textured wall or brick, then the adhesive on the command hook will not work and be ineffective. If there is not a smooth surface, then the adhesive will not be strong and will eventually fall, possibly damaging what it was holding. When you remove a command hook, you can easily wash off the adhesive and prevent holes and other damage to your walls. 

Will command hooks stick to wood? Do command hooks damage stained wood?

Command hooks are great for wood walls, including stained wood. The adhesive does not cause any damage and once removed, it is as though it was never there. 

Can you use command hooks in the shower?

One of the best ways to hang additional storage in your shower is with a command hook, provided the tile is not textured. If the surface is smooth, you can easily add hooks all around the shower and not have any damage from the water. 

Can command hooks be used outside?

As long as you attach your command hooks to vinyl or other smooth surfaces, you can use them to easily hang decorations and Christmas lights around your home. They can be placed anywhere, making them great for designs. You can also get them in the clear, so they are not distracting to the final display. 

Can you use command hooks on glass?

Glass is smooth and flat, making it a great option for command hooks. Also, since it is easy to clean off, there are no scratches left behind or proof that a hook was ever there. 

Do command hooks work on brick?

No, brick is not flat or smooth, making it too textured for command strips. The unevenness will not allow the entire adhesive strip to stick and the hook to sit firmly. This makes it uneasy and unable to hold items of any weight.