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39 Wall Art Ideas for Your Home (Photos)

Living room with large wall art paintings

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to decorating your rooms’ walls. You can either leave your room wall with the normal paint that you see in every other household or you can decorate it the way that you want through the use of different wall art options. As Henry David Thoreau said, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Thus we need to broaden up our minds in case if we want to decorate our rooms and homes in the best possible way we can.

There can be different ways in which you can decorate your room with wall art. Each will differ from each other and will have its own pros and cons. Not only this, wall art is different according to different rooms and configurations and lighting. A particular type may be perfect for small rooms, but it may not go well with bigger rooms. Similarly, if you are selecting any wall art, you need to ensure that what sort of lighting in the room will go with it. Whether the lighting is too dim or too bright also needs to be determined.

Here’s a huge list of wall art ideas for your home.

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How to Select the Best Wall Art for your Room

Choosing colors for a roomThis particular process is easy and difficult at the same time. it is just the thing that you need to know what is best for you and your room if you are looking to set it out in the best possible way. Being an expensive art, you need to think twice before making any decision of going for a particular wall art. While selecting you to need to take care of different things like color scheme, matching artwork, and other stuff so that the wall art that you choose goes perfectly well with your room as well. Here are some steps that you can take in order to get the best wall art for your room.

Get a Matching Color Scheme

This particular thing is quite important as it will set the tone of your room. If you have a different color theme in your room and your wall art is of a different color theme then it won’t go together. You will then have to change the color of your entire room and its things just to match it with your wall art. So rather than changing that entire color scheme of your room, what you can do is get a matching color scheme wall art that can go perfectly well with your room as well. In this way you will be saved from all the hassle of changing things for your rooms and you will end up getting the best color scheme wall art that goes perfectly well with the room.

Get an Artwork According to the Room

This is another thing that you need to take care of and take care of really well. All your work should be revolving around your room only. Your artwork should be the one that should go perfectly well with your room. So if you have designed your room in a way that it gives a wildlife look then you should be going for a wall art that is of the same kind. There is no need to deviate from this as you will then have to change the entire room all over again just to suit your wall art. So getting the wall art according to the room and its requirement is another additional thing that you need to look at when you are getting a new wall art.

Wall Art Size

This particular thing may sound stupid to many but this is the one thing that people often end up having major problems. And this is none other than the size of the wall art. People like a wall art and end up purchasing it without having a check on the measurements of the wall art. Either the wall art is too big for the walls or the wall art is too small for the wall. Both the cases are a bit of a nuisance for the people in the end as they don’t have any option what to do. This particular thing happens when you are looking at a wall art and like it seeing it in its original condition. This means that you saw a big wall art which won’t fit on your wall, but since you liked it you buy it. You realize it later that this thing is not meant to be on your wall as it won’t fit the dimensions. Hence you lose out on the case. To avoid this it is better to have proper dimensions of your wall so that you don’t end up getting things that are not meant for you.

Get Your Style

Another thing that you have to be quite thoughtful about is the style that you are going for in your room. The wall art should be perfect that depicts the personality of your room in one go. It not only will depict your personality but it will also be a savior for your room. So make sure that whether it’s the panels that you are going for or for any other canvas wall art, the wall of your room should be depicting the entire thing in one simple glance and nothing else in it. This is where you will be able to get the best out of your wall art.

Types of Wall Art

1. Self-Made Wall Art

Abstract paining for wall artThere are people who don’t even get to find a single wall art that will be perfect for them just because they believe that there is nothing such as perfect. For people like these, there is only one and only one answer and that is to make their own wall art and be happy with it. If you can’t find any wall art than you can make one for yourself and get started. It will have all the ingredients you want as you will be designing it yourself so you can put in whatever you want. You will have the option of selecting the size, the design and the color scheme of the wall art. So it all ends in your hand without any issue.

This was a brief overview of how you can get the best wall art according to your different requirements. There will be challenges in it as you won’t be getting anything easily but the thing here to note is that you will find it easier to filter out the options once you start following these steps. Rather than having a huge chunk of data in your mind that you cannot filter out, you can use this small process and start filtering out the options according to your requirement. And if you just can’t figure out what you can do with it than there is always that one option of going for your own self-made wall art so that you can go ahead and start doing it on your own. We will now take you through different types and options of wall arts that are available to you and what will be the best rooms for these wall arts to be placed. Not only this, we will also let you know what will be the best sort of lighting options that you can choose for the particular wall art.

 2. Photography

This is something that is quite common and ancient and is nothing new. The photograph wall art has been in the history for quite some time now where people often take images and get them on their walls as a wall art. But now the art of photography has changed and so has the photograph wall art. You need to get the best wall art with the help of your photographs so that your room has that attractive nature and pulling force towards itself. The best photographs that are doing the rounds are of Mother Nature where you will see people go mad at pictures of sunrise, sunset, or waterfalls. These particular things in wall art go well in rooms that are huge and have a lot of space. The reason for this is that bigger walls will depict the true nature better than any small wall and the quality will also improve. Hence these types of photograph wall arts are the best on walls that are bigger in size as compared to walls that are smaller in size. Photographed gray and black wall art.

Another thing that you have to take care of is the lighting issue. Lighting may be a simple thing but it is the main thing that catches your attention if there is something bright or something shiny. This is what lighting does to you. Thus in order to get the best possible result out of photography wall art, you need to ensure that it has the best lighting possible. The good thing about photography wall art is that you don’t need to put in a lot of bright lights in your room in order to make it glow. The picture itself is of a thousand words and thus what you can do is to get in gentle lights on the room that will work as reflectors for you and won’t put you through a lot of hard light. The gentle lights on the room will help you in creating a gentle image of the room as the photograph of nature itself are gentle and quite so you need to keep the room lights to gentle and quite as well and nothing as bright and shiny. Also, there is one thing to note that this type of photography wall art will go perfectly well with rooms that have a light textured color scheme only and there is nothing else on their part apart from this.

3. Paintings for the Wall

While photographs may seem to be quite an old idea of wall art, it cannot beat the ancient history of painting that has been in existence for hundreds of years. People have been painting for a long time now and thus mulling that art into wall art is not a difficult job at all. You just need to put your paint art to wall art in order to get going. This particular wall art is the best for those who celebrate art and are willing to do anything to save it. Paintings are now getting obsolete with the advancement of technologies hence it is difficult for people to shift to it as things are now getting old. But this particular art is still the best in the world and a good painting can get your thousands of dollars in auction. And then using that type of painting as your wall art is the thing that you need to kick in and get going. Paintings just like photographs are best suited for rooms that are bigger as there are quite a few things going on in the painting so you need a bigger picture to understand it well.Colorful painting wall art.

And paintings even look good on bigger canvases so getting a painting wall art is better on a bigger room wall rather than a small room wall as you won’t be able to understand what is being done in the painting. Another thing is that paintings are usually there in bright light conditions hence the lighting of your room should be bright with led lights being the most favored. You can get the best result out of these painting wall art if you can put them on bigger room walls and get brighter lights for them as it will be all glow and will give you a feeling of freshness once you arrive in your room. The color coordination in painting wall art is not that important but it is good that you get a painting that can go well with your color scheme of the room. Similarly, it will be easier to find out if you can get a painting that can go well with the tone of your room so that you don’t have to change a lot of things in your room, something that we discussed previously.

4. Wooden Wall Décor

While paintings and photographs may be a bit old and popular, there is one particular wall art that is slowly and gradually picking up the pace and is now the talk of the town with some brilliant designs. It is none other than Wooden wall décor. We have been using woods only for making furniture like beds, cupboards, dining tables, chairs, and other things only. But now you can use woods to get your own wooden wall décor, something that previously no one would have thought. This particular wooden wall décor revolves around the concept of bringing nature to your rooms and houses. Nature that is there in the outside world will now be at your fingertips because it will be in your room only. There are different ways where you can use this wooden wall décor by using woods to create some sort of puzzle stuff on your wall or some sort of painting that is created by woods only. These are the things that will keep you close to nature as something genuinely natural is in your room. People often use wood tree trunks as a lampshade or coffee table or other stuff. It just gets getting better and better with wood and nature along.Wooden wall decor.

While using wood is not quite common but the good thing about it is that it brings you closer to nature and all. Thus there is no way that you can use it in only smaller rooms or bigger rooms. This particular wall art can be used almost anywhere in any type of the room. All you need to do is to just have it in your room and use lighting that will purely depict the value of these wall arts. Ceiling mounted lights can be the best for the room if you can use them as the main purpose is of making the art and not the light. This particular light way is a great source of illuminating the art work without the creation of any issues and problems. It covers the entire thing and not only the small part of it which helps you in highlighting the wall art. You need lights at the perfect angle in order to get the best out of them without any issues and in case there is any violation of degree than you can get reflective glare that will not get you the best look of the wooden wall art that you may be looking after.

5. Wall Decals

This particular thing is something very new and very exciting. Not a lot of people have heard about this particular thing but just to clear it has nothing to do with nature like our previous wall art. This particular wall art is relatively new and is gaining popularity quickly and is totally made up of different designs. The good thing about this particular wall art is that it can be stuck on any wall without any issue. These are designs and prints that you can just take and paste it on your wall. You can get quite a few options in it in terms of designs or in terms of colors. The best thing about this type of wall art is that it has covered all the categories of different Custom canvas Prints that you may find like ocean waves, jungle theme, natural scenic views, and other stuff. This particular type of wall art has got it all and is available in different colors and sizes. And with different sizes available you can totally see that there won’t be an issue of what type of wall you are putting it in your room. You just need to make sure that the wall decal that you are choosing goes perfectly well with the theme and color scheme of your room. Nothing else will matter the most in this kind of wall art.Stylish wall decals.

The lighting for this type of wall art will depend on the type of wall decal that you are choosing. If the wall art was chosen is of some dark color than you might want to go for brighter lights but if the color scheme is a bit gentle than you might want to go for lighter lights as well. There is nothing such as only one kind of option available. It all depends on what you will choose with this kind of wall art. You can also put different wall decals on different walls of your rooms and then put track lights on it that will continue to change its display from one way to another. This will help you in getting better views and will be something unique that a lot of people have not yet done till now. This is why wall decals are now getting popular amongst people as you can get different ideas out of it and you can get on different types of lighting options as well. Another key added advantage of wall decals is that you have an option to easily take down and replace them with another one without any hassle. The wall decal wall art can be easily changed and put on another one without any issues making it easier for people to do so and thus gaining more popularity in the meantime.

6. Abstract Wall Art

Just like some of the other wall arts that we have discussed above, this particular wall art has been the heart of many people for long times. Abstract wall art is that wall art that will be totally different from what other wall arts we have talked about. With the help of abstract wall art, you get an option of choosing from different shapes, forms, materials, and other stuff that will give you the best art that you could see. Abstract wall art gives people an option to choose and play with different options. You can try out a different number of things thousand times and when you are satisfied with a particular thing then you can go ahead with it. This is why abstract wall art is different from all other wall arts as you can play with it for as many times and as many ways as possible. The more you play with abstract wall art the better it is for you and the best will come out of you. Some of the examples of the best abstract wall art that you can see include rolling waves, different pieces wall art, mythology wall art, copper canvas wall art, and others.

Abstract wall art.

Now coming on to what will be the perfect room for this particular wall art. And the answer to it is that any room that has big walls will be the best for this particular wall art. You can get all the answers to it if you can see an abstract wall art on a big wall. The impact it has on the room is unimaginable as it can totally change the look of your room without doing much. All you got to do is to change the room and get abstract wall art on the biggest wall of your room and then just see the magic. The lighting for the room has to be bright and gentle at the same time. For some point, the light can be bright but then they have to be gentle as well. This way you can get the best out of the wall art and the lights and the room will be the one that you can look out for during the years to come. Not many people will be able to understand this type of canvas wall art as there is nothing substantial in it, but the design and look of it will keep everybody engaged in it without any problem.

7. Wall Clocks

The last wall art type that we are now going to discuss is none other than the old school type wall clock. There are different types of wall clocks that we have seen over the time but we may not have seen the wall clocks that are being used as wall art. They may be old fashioned but still, they are very much part and parcel of the game and thus every household still has a single wall clock at least in their house. The trend may be diminishing due to the arrival of technology as you can have date and time in your phones but the thing is that wall clocks still hold an integral space in the lives of the people. Getting those big wall clocks that can cover the entire wall is still difficult as they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. You go to museums and you see big wall clocks that are more than 6 feet high and 4 feet wide, but they still have that charisma in it and even you will watch the time in it for once because that is something totally different and outclass.

Wall clock wall design.

This art may be diminishing but the importance of it still remains and you have to feel for it when you getting a wall clock as a wall art. These can go on any time wall whether big or small but the lighting effect has to be the same. If the wall clock itself is of dark color then you may go the opposite way of light gentle colors and vice versa. It also depends what type of room setup you have made and what color scheme you have conducted in order to get the best out of the room and the wall art. It is necessary that we are starting to keep hold of this wall art or it may well soon diminish rather quickly than expected as a lot of things have diminished in the past due to the arrival of technology.

8. Digital Signage

A sleek digital picture frame with a charcoal black frame in a matte finish.Source: Wayfair

Yes, techorating is indeed a thing. It is basically the union of technology and art as a decoration. While digital signage is known to dominate business advertisements, it probably is one of the coolest and most modern way to decorate your home today. It displays digital images and arts in an electronic medium such as LCD, LED, projection and E-paper. The best thing about this wall art decor is that you can change its display the way you like it and from time to time. It is quite expensive compared to any other room decors but if you want to upgrade the modernity of your home, then why not invest to something as contemporary (or as techy) as this one?

9. Murals

Mural Painting painted on cotton.

Source: Etsy

When we talk about wall arts, murals are always on the list. It is basically a work of art executed directly on the wall so why would we even miss it? This type of large-scale, artistic decor has been very popular since the late 19th century and in fact, mural paintings are still catching a lot of attention on spacious, public walls and areas as of today. Murals also look divine at home. If you are that artsy type of person and you want an artistic and personalized touch on your walls, then a mural painting will suit your taste. With the right choice of  artist and a proper preparation of budget (it is quite expensive, good art ain’t cheap), you’ll definitely achieve the “museum feels” for your house. But actually, there are also peel-and-stick murals available on the market today, this might work if you’re not too particular about the design. Just pick the right one that will complement your interior and you’re good to go.

10. Map Wall Art

A world map wall art on the living room.Source: Etsy

Whether you love geography or not, a map wall art is surely an iconic one! There’s something about the world’s blueprint that makes it truly remarkable in terms of designs and layouts. This art will fit well on large-scale walls on your living rooms or even on your bedrooms to make it more personalized. Most travelers love this as a wall decor where they can mark the countries or the places where they have already been. Another great thing about this art is that it can go well with any sorts of styles and colors. A multi-toned map art looks lively and colorful while a monochromatic one looks so classic, it would definitely go well with you minimalistic interior.

11. Signs

A street sign, graphic wall art in the dining area.Source: Wayfair

If some people prefer simple and plain wall arts for their homes, other wants to be extra. Different types of signs can be used for the walls of your home. Street sign arts will make your home extra colorful and fun since it involves realistic layouts from the outside world. While other signs have this minimalistic aesthetic that you can see on social media posts as decors tagged as design goals. This work of art is surely instagram and tumblr-worthy, don’t be surprised if your visitors will photograph them!

12. Metallic

Metallic, heart-shaped geometric wall art in gold.Source: Etsy

Metallic wall decors look classy and artistic at the same time. Different designs are available in the market, some are abstract while others resemble a definite subject. Some can be displayed as a single decoration while others come with a set or pair. Whatever your choice of design is, one thing about  metallic wall arts is that they are all oozing with elegance and modernity. It’s sleek finish goes really well with a contemporary type of interior that promotes a minimalistic type of aesthetics. Metallic decors are also available online, Etsy and Wayfair offer a lot trendy metallic wall arts that might suit your style.

13. Floral

 A series of floral arts displayed on the wall of a living room.Source: Etsy

Floral wall arts may be too common because you can find it almost anywhere but mind you, this design never loses its spotlight. Probably one of the oldest art there is (it is used by Greek and Romans during the ancient times), the floral pattern is still as refreshing and appealing as it is long time ago. Walls with floral patterns are usually seen on bedrooms and comfort rooms, basically on areas where relaxation is much needed. Floral wall arts come in different types and tones. Some have this repetitive pattern of the same flowers while others have an assorted design. Some have this light and pastel palette while others have this bright and colorful range of shades. It’s finish is so light, it goes well with any interior whether you have a traditional home or a modern one.

14. Farmhouse

A wooden wall art in a farmhouse style.Source: Etsy

A farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity that provides a comfy and cozy atmosphere for your home. This style looks a bit old school with its distressed and vintage finish. With a color palette that includes gray, cream, navy and sage tones, this style surely has a warm and welcoming vibe in it. Some wall arts that would go well with this style are wooden decors with earthy colors and textures. Wayfair sells farmhouse wall arts that exhibit the lifestyle, people in rural areas have. It also has designs of farm animals printed in technicolor.

15. Animal

Faux animal heads as wall art.Source: Etsy

Animal lovers will definitely love the concept of an animal wall art. This wall design may be in the form of painting, photograph, sculpture or any other type of art as long as it portrays the animal of your choice. Some have watercolor paintings or charcoal sketches of their pets because in this way, they can achieve that so-called “personal area” in a different level. Some prefer a more realistic finish so they tend to frame high-quality photos of animals on their walls. Animals on the woods or the jungle will be best displayed on these photographs where the wildlife is captured with crisp details. On the other hand, some choose to be a bit extra by displaying animal sculptures and hanging it on the wall as a form of decor. Wild animals are usually the subject of this art and it has been very popular especially to those who live in rural areas near the woods.

16. Textual

A textural wall art on a gradient background.Source: Etsy

While others love a visual concept on their homes, some prefer to have a more interactive style. Textual wall arts have become very popular nowadays as we can see it oftentimes on social media posts, blogs and other platforms of advertisement. Most people appreciate textual wall arts because they like the concept of having something to read, instead of just having something to look at. This type of art may involve watercolor or ink calligraphies on paper, framed to the wall. It can also be some texts or phrases sculpted into a wooden or metal medium, creating a 3D effect. The first one goes well with any type of lighting while the latter one looks better on rooms with a single source of light since it creates a good shadow effect.

17. Canvas

 A large canvas in landscape with a painting of a green scenery.Source: Etsy

Whether you like it blank or not, a canvas is one good thing you can add on your wall. Canvas is made out of strong and unbleached cloth stretched on a rectangular (or square) frame. The cloth may be made out of cotton, flax, hemp or others with similar texture. It’s smooth and stretched finish makes it a great surface for painting especially with oil paint as the main medium. If your interior is plain and simple with enough amount of light, a painting on a canvas with colorful shades and flattering details will be good enough to complement your single-toned walls. On the other hand, if your walls are of different colors and textures, a blank canvas will be an effective way to balance out the whole look.

18. Kids’ Wall Art

A wall art made for kids.Source: Wayfair

Kids’ wall arts look fresh and light! It doesn’t follow any serious rules of art making it truly carefree and easy-to-appreciate. This kind of wall art suits children’s bedrooms and playrooms, making it a personalized area for the kids. Children can create their own works but an actual wall art with a playful concept can also be achieved. This type of art uses colorful shades, cute layouts with safe contents and children-friendly concepts. Typical kids’ arts are consist of nature in bright colors, cartoon characters, cutely-drawn people, figures, animals and more. Kids’ wall art with bright colors are great for medium to large-sized walls with a great lighting and spacing. Too much drawings or details on the walls will make your space look much smaller so if your area is not that big, might as well stick to a plain wall with a single color.

19. Pallet Wall Art

Painting of a sunflower in a distressed pallet.Source: Etsy

A pallet is a wooden platform where goods can be moved, stacked or stored. Besides from being functional, a pallet can also be rearranged or re-designed in order to produce an artistic decoration for your homes. You can paint and add some nails onto it so that you can place your small picture frames in a creative manner. You can also write words, phrases and quotes into it and hang it on your walls. Some even use it as a replacement for a cork board where they can pin notes, pictures and stamps. The things you can do with pallets are limitless as long as you use your imagination. It wooden finish gives a nice and warm and welcoming ambience to your home.

20. Rustic Wall Art

A rustic type of wooden wall decor.Source: Etsy

A rustic wall art has this eclectic look that emphasizes natural and unrefined elements. It is usually consist of items that are handcrafted, timeworn or distressed. This style has a color palette with natural hues of browns and oranges in it., basically warm colors oozing with the nature feels. Rustic wall arts may include decors made out of woods, lumbers or stones. These materials embrace the nature-inspired textures with earthy colors that create a fresh and light atmosphere. Dim lights complement the style’s warmth very well.

21. Christian Wall Art

A bible verse in a wall.Source: Etsy

Christian wall arts can be of different forms. Actually, it can be of any form (it can be one of those mentioned above) as long as it can portray the gist of Christianity that you want to share. This type of wall art is usually seen on churches and worship houses regardless of the type of interior, amount of space and lighting. It may be in the form of visuals such as paintings (watercolor, oil paint, acrylic), sketches (pencil, charcoal) or textual forms such as bible verses, quotes, worship lyrics and more. These words and phrases are commonly written in calligraphy and typography. You can choose a colorful concept if your walls have neutral tones and vice versa.

22. Fabric

Handcrafted fabric wall art.Source: Etsy

Fabric wall arts come in different colors, designs and patterns. It can be readily available in the market or if you want, you can create one so that you can personalize your own wall art and express your creativity at the same time. This DIY art can be achieved by having a blank cloth of your preferred size and some fabric paints. Fabric wall arts are commonly made out of finely-woven textile. The designs are either printed or handmade. Printed designs are more defined, consistent and organized while handmade ones are much more customized. Hand Painted designs have this unexplainable yet artsy finish that you cannot see on printed ones. Some of the most popular designs of fabric wall arts are flowers, geometric shapes and colorful patterns.

23. Family Tree

A printed and customized family tree wall art.Source: Etsy

Home is where the heart is, they say. So how else can you make your house feel a bit more “homey” than to decorate it with arts that portray your own family. If you are a family-oriented kind of person, or you are away from home and you want a sense of family love in your apartment, then you would want to have this art for your home. Photos will give you a flashback of good old memories and it will make your home, more personalized. Hanging their photos on your wall might also save you space on your desk and tables, you can now replace picture frames with books, magazines and other essentials that will help you entertain your guests. A family tree wall art doesn’t necessarily need pictures of your family members, some write names in a fancy manner. This type of wall art looks better on wide and plain walls with any sort of lighting.

24. Industrial

A minimalistic, industrial wall art.Source: Etsy

This style is inspired with the vibe exhibited by old industrial spaces and factories. This type of aesthetic has been popular since 2000 up until now. And industrial wall art can be achieved by sticking into a palette with a mixture of grays, neutral tones and rustic colors. Neutral tones make the area look bigger and wider, so this type of wall art is great for rooms with a small space. Wall art may include bricks, pipes and other attributes that can give that “warehouse” ambience to your home. Raw materials can also be incorporated to give your space the unfinished feels.

25. Modern

A black, gold and white modern wall art.Source: Etsy

A wall art creates a big impact in a modern house aesthetics. From abstract design to landscape views and building architectures, modern wall art gives a refreshing sense of style in your living room, bedroom or in your office space. You can incorporate it with your modern furniture and match it with its interior design. It also goes well with any frame size, theme and mood. It gives your space an artistic approach with respect to your own sense of style. A modern wall art gives you that sense of creativity in the most sleek and elegant manner. The latest generation will agree that a modern type of wall art will suit the finish of any furniture and appliances that are available on the market today, so no need to worry about the house components not getting along together because they surely will! Regardless of the space and the amount of lighting your home has.

26. Beach

A set of simple beach wall art.Source: Etsy

Tropical and beach-themed wall art is perfect for people who loves nature and adventure. It gives a cool vibe on your personal space and will transform any room to a perfect environment. A view of an ocean gives a meditative effect on our well-being and creates a sense of calmness, peacefulness and unity. With that, it is best to put Beach styled wall decors close to your personal desk as it relieves stress and tension, while giving your place a cool and relaxing ambience. A beach wall art goes perfectly well in a room with a bright lighting, mimicking the impact of the sun.

27. Chalkboard

A chalkboard wall art with a beautiful typography.Source: Etsy

Artistic people always have creative ideas under their sleeves, and a chalkboard on your wall is a perfect way to brainstorm those imaginative thoughts. From a handwriting design, doodle and draft portrait, a chalkboard wall art is the best avenue for creativity. It varies in sizes, and can complement the minimalist style of your room. And the best part of it is that you can change the design and color of your strokes from time to time. This type of wall art is best displayed on your children’s rooms, it may be of great help if they want to do their homeworks or solve their math problems. It can also be a functional work of art for your office if you wish to take down notes regarding your work progress. A chalkboard wall art is both creative and significant, it is not just a display but also a relevant tool for your own sake. It might look too old school but it surely is beautiful.

28. Mirror Wall Art

Sun-shaped mirror wall art in Gold.Source: Etsy

A mirror wall decor is a must if you want your room to look much larger and more spacious. It creates an illusion of a a more airy and light-filled environment. Mirror wall arts are perfect for small living rooms as it gives a stylish  ambience especially when aesthetically framed, plus it makes it appear much bigger and wider. Besides the fact that it is truly trendy, mirror wall arts are also functional when displayed especially on bedrooms or even powder rooms. It varies on shapes and sizes but you can personalize it  into your own sense of style. It can have a circular, rectangular or any other kinds of shapes with a finish of your own choice (wooden, metallic, silver, etc.). A mirror wall art, paired with the best type of lighting, will make the space appear much tidier because of the effect made by the light reflection.

29. Mid-Century

A colorful mid-century wall art of canyons.Source: Etsy

If you want to give your space a retro and a classical vibe, you can never go wrong with a mid-century wall art. This type of wall art aims to recall the distinct art from the past that can be incorporated with a contemporary house design. From framed patterns and woods to distinct materials that can be hanged on your living room, mid-century wall decors will simply transform your place into a more elegant and creative space. With the proper amount of lighting, this type of wall art will surely be your favorite.

30. Vinyl

Vinyl wall art in blue with texts and symbols.Source: Etsy

Using a vinyl is one of the most versatile way to decorate your wall since it comes with a wide variety of designs, patterns and colors. It is flexible, durable and easy to install plus, it is reusable so none of your money (not even a cent) would go to waste. The great thing about this wall art is that you can decide whether to buy a pre-made one or you can actually create your own design based on your own taste. It is a synthetic material that creates a smooth finish on your walls making it look sleek and artistic at the same time. When it comes to lighting, a vinyl wall art is not that particular when it comes to the amount of light it needs. Just pick the one you prefer and you’re good to go!

31. 3D Wall Art

Metallic 3D butterflies as wall art.Source: Etsy

If you think framed wall decors are too mainstream, then switch to 3D wall arts! You can create handmade decors by yourself with just enough amount of creativity, patience and of course, time. There are many kinds of 3D wall arts you can create on your own like 3D butterflies made out of colored papers, sculpted figures out of wood and/or timber with different color accents and some other types of art made out of metal frames with distinct sizes and styles. But if you’re not really into DIYs and self-made handcrafts, 3D wall decors in different mediums are available in the market today. Furthermore, some homes are architecturally planned and engineered to have built-in 3D designs, now that’s what we call extra.

32. Tree Wall Art

A 5 pc. set of tree wall art.Source: Etsy

One unique way to show your love for the environment is to decorate your walls with tree wall arts. This type of wall art comes in different forms. Others want to stay low-key and choose to have trees or silhouette of trees directly painted on their walls. But if you are feeling a bit extra, then why not accentuate your walls with real tree branches as decors? These decorations are available on physical or online markets, it’s not too pricey like other decors made out of gold, silver or any other type of metal. A tree wall art gives this refreshing atmosphere to your home and you’ll definitely love it if you’re that nature lover type of person.

33. Nautical

A dark gold, metallic compass as a wall decor.Source: Etsy

Nautical wall decor is something that will never go out of style. It gives your home a relaxed atmosphere by setting up a mood associated with the sight of the ocean or the sea. You can decorate using nautical wall decors such as starfish, anchors and other things associated with the sea to match your natural room textile and theme. Nautical wall decors also includes framed sailing maps, stripes, fish-shaped decors, etc. Woods are also associated with the nautical style so make sure you also have natural timber interior to match the nautical atmosphere that you want to achieve. When we talk about lighting, a room with a bright lighting will complement this type of art very well.

34. Music

Musical notes in a plain white wall.Source: Etsy

If you are musically-inclined person, a music wall art is perfect for your home space. It is easy to incorporate a musical vibe to your room by choosing different decors that represents your preferred music style. whether it’s punk or refined classical. You create harmony by using music art decors such as songbooks and promotional materials, band posters, and iconic jukebox CD and musical instrument. We usually see this type of wall art in old movies or indie films where the hippie, teenage characters hang poster of their favorite bands on the walls of their bedrooms. Doing so can create a lively ambience to your personal space but if you’re more of a serious type of person, then you can just decorate your walls with some musical notes; simple and plain yet artistic and expressive.

35. Large Wall Art

Large, abstract wall art in the living room.Source: Wayfair

If your wall is wide enough, then your home is capable to showcase this type of wall art. Large wall art looks extravagant on living rooms and guest rooms. Think of your wall as a big, blank canvas that needs to be painted with a concept that will fully express your home’s style. If your house has a minimalistic interior, then one way to balance it is to have a large wall art full of details and colors, just be sure that your room has indeed a wide space because a large wall art with too much components will create an illusion that will lessen the “wide appearance” of your room. On the other hand, a room with a lot of extra attributes deserves a large wall art with less colors and details, just to prevent a chaotic finish.

36. Narrow Wall Art

Narrow wall art stretched horizontally.Source: Etsy

The shape and size of the wall art greatly affect the overall finish of your home. A series of tall and narrow wall arts with a vertical orientation will create an illusion of length to your wall, making it look much more taller than the actual. On the other hand, a long and narrow wall art oriented horizontally will make your wall look much more wider and longer. Moreover, the type of wall art still depends on your choice, it you think it would look excellent with your overall style and interior, then go grab it. Wayfair usually sells narrow wall arts with nature, trees and flowers as the main concept.

37. Vintage

A set of vintage wall arts in gold.Source: Etsy

Some people are naturally in love with vintage-related stuff. Vintage things are too old to be modern but then, not old enough to be considered as antique. Honestly, some vintage things are more expensive than the actual modern thing because we actually pay for its story and value to the history. With this being said, some manufacturers produce materials that are not actually “vintage” but look like one. A vintage wall art may consists of old things that are framed to preserve, old stamps and other symbolic stuff that represents the old age such as vinyl discs, old telephones, polaroid films, retro cams and more. If you want to achieve a vintage vibe for your home, then a dim lighting will actually support the concept.

38. Mosaic

Mosaic wall art made out of colored tiles.Source: Etsy

Mosaic is a work of art made out of small details arranged in order to produce a bigger picture. These details can be glass, stones, gems, egg shells, tiles or any other type of mediums as long as it has different colors, sizes and shapes. During the ancient times, mosaics are commonly used in churches in order to create religious portrayals on the early Islamic art. But today, modern mosaics can be seen on public establishments or even in hotels and homes. These are created by professional or even street artists in order to express their passion for art. A mosaic wall art will create a lively, bright and colorful atmosphere to your home. It can also give this artistic vibe that can feed your eyes and calm your soul, well if you’re into arts and crafts. Be sure to have a good lighting that will accent the mosaic’s colors, details and of course, its texture.

39. Corner Wall

Geometric corner wall art.Source: Wallums

The corner of your walls can be the best area for your wall art. This space, whether it’s big or not, can accommodate simple works of art that has something to do with perspective. This is the best area to draw murals of roads, pathways or some sort scenic views that involves the horizon skyline. Some geometric arts fits very well on the corner of the walls too. A continuous painting, drawing or lines from one wall to another via its corner create a nice illusion of movement within the whole art. Moreover, some wall decors are literally made to be displayed in the corner of your room. Just choose the proper design and color that will fit your interior and you’re good to go.


These were some of the wall arts that we discussed along with the lighting and the rooms that will be perfect for them. Not every wall art that we discussed is perfect for you but if the scenario fits in your situation you can definitely go for them and these wall arts will turn out to be a treat to watch. There are still quite a few wall arts that are left and can be used in your rooms with different lighting options and stuff.

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