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23 Outdoor Wall Art Ideas for a Stunning Exterior

Collage of different outdoor wall arts.

Imagine that you are visiting a friend for the first time. You are super excited about this visit. When you reach their home, what you find greatly disappoints you.

The lawn outside the house is unpaved, the paint job is patchy, and the house looks like a hundred years old from the outside. A major turn-off is that there are absolutely no colors.

Will the way you look at your friend change after witnessing this? That’s how strong of an impact a home’s exterior can have.

The exterior appearance of your house is as important as its interior. The exterior of your house can make it a star in the neighborhood or a complete dud. It all comes down to how much attention and effort you are willing to give.

Most people spend time, money, and all their efforts on decorating their house from the inside. They overlook the fact that the exterior of any house is what anyone sees first.

The first impression that someone makes about your decoration and style sense is from the exterior. A dilapidated exterior is discouraging for the people seeing it. The exterior should be made enticing and attractive.

The exterior is a reflection of the overall style of your house and says a lot about people residing within. It is a representation of who you are and what you like.

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Why is Outdoor Wall Art Important?

Flower pots on green window shutters on a house with bright yellow walls.

Changing the architecture of your house is something you just can’t hop into. It is a major expense that’s not within everyone’s reach. However, you can certainly spice up your exterior with simpler, easier, and affordable tips and tricks.

Outdoor wall art makes this job super easy for you. Outdoor wall art ideas can add spark and life to your exterior. The best thing about outdoor wall art is that it gives your house a major transformation without the need of you to make a major investment.

Wall art on the outside of your house has as much impact as it has when done in the interior. The dynamics of the wall art are different when doing them for indoors and outdoors. When you are incorporating wall art on the exterior of your house, you can go a little rough.

Wall art for your home’s interior has to be extremely neat, clean, and sophisticated. However, outdoor wall art doesn’t have to be that precise.

Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

If you are wondering how you can decorate the outdoor walls, you need not worry. We have compiled a list of outdoor wall art ideas for you which can be of real help to you.

1. Metallic Number Plaque

House Address Plaques Metal Address Sign Mailbox Number Personalized Address Signs for House Home Hotel Office Garden Decorative Wall Plaque

When someone is visiting you for the first time, the house number is what all their attention is on. Having an attractive number of super classy plaque makes a great impression on your visitors.

It depicts how closely attentive you were while decorating your home. A metallic plaque looks classy, sophisticated, and sober. It would go perfectly well if the architecture of the house is somewhat formal and dreamy.

Also, a plaque is a representation of your home. Hence, it deserves special attention, doesn’t it?

2. Wooden Number Plaque

WaaHome House Address Plaques Personalized Address Number Signs For House Home Hotel Office,11.8''X 5.9''

As mentioned earlier, a plaque outside your house is extremely important. A wooden plaque has an effect that is entirely different from a metallic number plaque. A plaque made of wood looks sophisticated but also warm and welcoming. It reflects an interior that is colorful, cozy, and comfortable.

3. House Number with Planter

Hanging Address Planter

Plants can change the atmosphere drastically. Plants outside your house can make your house look warm, cozy, welcoming, and bright right from the outside.

A house number plate with a planter is a great way to incorporate freshness to your house exterior. It will look pretty, elegant, and super refreshing to anyone visiting and to you when you sit and sip some evening tea.

4. Hanging Clay Pots


Adding some color to the exterior of your house is a great way to make your house look welcoming. These hanging clay pots would look cute and elegant when hanged on a plain wall.

Hanging them on either side of your door will enhance the look of your entrance significantly. It is a great outdoor wall décor idea.

5. Floral Wreath

Liveinu Summer Wreath for Front Door or Indoor Wall Décor to Celebrate Spring & Summer Season Spring Wreath Lavender with Red Flower 15.6 Inch

There is no better welcome than a welcome with flowers. Hanging wreaths is the most common outdoor wall décor. A floral wreath will bring with freshness, liveliness, and beautiful fragrance.

Your guests will love it. Flowers look pretty wherever they are used and using them as an outdoor wall décor raises the attractiveness level up by several levels.

6. Window Frame with Wreath

SmithFarmCo Window Frame Decor Large

You can bring old things from your house to decorate the exterior. Using an old window frame on a wall outside your house is a great example of reusing and recycling.

Just by spray painting the old window frame and hanging a wreath on it will transform an old window frame into something entirely new and different. Above all, it will make an amazingly attractive outdoor wall décor.

7. Window Frame with Planter

Distressed Window Frame - Planter Box - 4 Pane Vintage Farmhouse Window Pane With Box

Another great way of bringing old window frame in use is making it into a super cool outdoor wall décor. Making a planter with a window frame and hanging it on an outdoor wall will give you a unique wall décor item.

Placing bright colored flowers in the planter will make your entrance look colorful and welcoming. Isn’t that how you want your house to look?

8. Rustic Photo Holder

PHOTO HOLDER with CLIPS Rustic Window Pane Picture Frame -Reclaimed Wood Distressed *River Rock Blue Gray *Antique White Red Cream *CLIP PICTURES TO DISPLAY! *Memo Board *Mail 28.5" x 7.5" x 1.25"

Do you have old wooden planks that are lying idle in your garage? Bring them into use. Are you wondering what good can old wooden planks do? Let us surprise you.

You can use old wooden planks to make a photo holder for your outdoor wall decoration. You read that right. A rustic photo holder would look great on an outside wall.

The best thing about this creative outdoor wall décor idea is that you don’t have to spend any money! How cool is that?

9. Window Pane with Flowers

Handmade 3 Pane Window with floral milk bottles

We are not done with reusing old window panes yet. Another way of reusing your old window pane is by using them as a stand for flower bottles. You can make this wall décor yourself.

All you have to do is arrange a few milk bottles and hang them in the old window pane. Spray paint the window pane and add some colorful flowers to milk bottles. An eye-catching outdoor wall décor item is ready!

10. Hanging Planter

Galvanized Hanging Triple Planter

We can’t stress enough on how important plants are for exterior décor. Whether you use plants for indoor decoration or for outdoor decoration, they look beautiful and heart-warming. Using a hanging planter with brightly colored flowers on an outdoor wall will look attractive, refreshing, and beautiful.

11. Wine Bottle Planter

Succulent Planter Made from wine bottle - SINGLE

When you are working on decorating the exterior, you don’t have to be very conscious about the quality. Outdoor décor wears out soon as they are exposed to sunlight, dust, wind, and rain. Therefore, it is always better to spend the least you can on outdoor décor.

That is why we are talking about outdoor wall décor ideas that make use of old items. Wine bottle planter is another such idea. Re-using wine bottle as planters is another simple yet a great idea.

You can place each bottle with fresh plants on the wall using macramé or string holders or even decorate them on a wall-mounted shelf.

12. Wooden Mail Organizer

Mail Organizer Countertop - Mail Holder Countertop, Letter Holder, Mail Tray, Mail Holder Box for Desk, Mail Basket for Counter, Mail Storage Organizer, Rustic Wooden Mail Holder Wall Mount

A mail organizer is essential. An attractive mail organizer can serve as outdoor wall decor. The best way to utilize an outdoor wall is to decorate it with something functional and trendy.

What could be better than a wall organizer that is colorful, funky, and cool?

13. Mason Jar Candle Holders

Stonebriar Rustic White Wash Wooden Mason Jar Wall Sconce Set with Hanging Loop

Lighting candles outside your home at night makes your house look pretty, cozy, and soothing. Using Mason jars as candle holders is a great low-cost, outdoor wall décor idea.

You can use metallic hooks to hang these Mason jar candle holders on your walls. You would love to make your house the center of attention even when the sun goes down, wouldn’t you?

14. Chalkboard with Wreath

LILYVITA Eucalyptus Leaves Wreath 18inch,Handmade Wooden Chalkboard Wreath,Wreaths for Front Door,Door Decoration,Farmhouse Rustic Decor,Outdoor Wreath,Wreaths for Decorating(Pink)

As we have mentioned earlier, wreaths are commonly used for inventive outdoor wall décor ideas. A wreath can be used in a number of unique and creative ways. A chalkboard with a wreath is a creative way to welcome your visitors.

You can write a welcoming message on the chalkboard and a wreath will make it look fancy. Adding a wreath with chalkboard nullifies the dullness and plainness of a chalkboard.

15. Lattice Wall Planter

Pack of 2 Wooden Lattice Wall Planter- Extra Thick Expandable Plant Climb Hanging Frame Trellis Plant Support Fence Indoor Air Plant Vertical Rack Wall Decor for Room Patio Garden

If you have a large, plain, and an unoccupied wall outside your house, you can decorate it with a lattice wall planter. A lattice wall planter is suitable for plants that climb. If you are a plant lover, a lattice wall planter would work great for you.

You can also attach galvanized plant pots on the lattice frame. That will give a unique look as well. In either case, a lattice wall planter makes a great outdoor wall décor.

16. WallMounted Shelves

Wall Mounted Wood Shelf, Rope Swing Floating Shelves, Hemp Rope Hanging Screen DIY Wall Storage Organizing Rack, Retro Storage Decoration for Flower Pot, Photo Frame, Books, CD, Ornament, Decorations

Wall-mounted shelves are a smart way of utilizing an empty outdoor wall. You can place different decorative items on these shelves like small plant pots, small statues, pictures, and sayings. It would leave a good impression on your visitor.

Won’t you think highly of a person who pays considerable attention to minute decorative details outside their house? Why not impress your visitors with your thoughtfulness?

17. Welcome Sign

MarthaFox Hydrangeas Wood Welcome Sign Summer Door Decor Outdoor Summer Decor Hydrangeas Spring Door Hanger Front Door Decoration Door Sign Wood Sign

It is extremely important that your guests feel welcomed when they visit you. Nobody wants to feel like their visit is not wanted. Mounting a welcome sign on your front porch is a great way to welcome all your visitors.

A welcome sign on the wall just beside your door will not just look nice but will make your visitor feel warm and comfortable. Do not forget to hang a welcome sign outside your house!

18. Wall Masks

OMA Wood Carved Tiki Mask Wall Decor Hanging Tropical Hawaiian Beach Surf Decor - Size 12" (Set Of Three)

Are you someone who loves bold colors? Are you someone who is not afraid of taking risks? Well, these wall masks are something you would love.

They are bright, bold, and something you won’t normally find hanging on outdoor walls. Because they are a rare outdoor wall decoration, they are extremely attractive to one’s eyes. Grab the attention of your visitors with funky and cool wall masks.

19. Metallic Wall Art

Mountain Forest Metal Wall Art

The metallic wall art will never get old. It is highly popular with interior designing and an equally popular outdoor wall décor. Metallic wall art gives a vintage look that has an attraction of its own.

It is available in many designs, giving you a huge variety to choose from. Since they are vintage-looking, outdoor conditions do not make it look dull, making it all the more suitable for outdoor wall art.

20. Tree Light

The Light Garden Lighted Willow Vine

Making your house stand out even when it is dark is something that leaves a lasting impression. Tree lights look quite adorable.

They are small, elegant, and very attractive. Decorating the wall outside your house with tree lights is a fine idea.

21. Large Metallic Wall Art

Sunburst 24 Point - 24-inch - Rust

Going bold with wall décor is attractive. Decorating the wall outside your house with a large, bold, metallic art piece is a promising outdoor wall art idea. If you have a bench on the porch, a large metal wall art on the wall above the bench will make the area a perfect sitting area where you can enjoy evening tea.

22. Wall Lights

Casa Seville Rustic Outdoor Wall Light Fixture Mediterranean Inspired Dark Walnut Iron Scroll 23 3/4" Lantern Champagne Hammered Glass for Exterior House Porch Patio Deck - John Timberland

Lights are an essential part of any décor, whether it’s interior or exterior. When we talk about the exterior décor, lights are responsible to keep your house prominent even when the sun has settled.

An attractive pair of wall lights on each side of your door round up the look very nicely. A well-lit house looks warm and welcoming, which is exactly what a house should look like from the outside.

23. Paintings

Claude Monet Solid-Faced Canvas Print Wall Art Print Entitled The Luncheon: Monets Garden at Argenteuil, c.1873 30"x24"

Paintings go well indoors and outdoors. You can use a soft and soothing painting for an outdoor wall. It will look elegant and pretty.

A single painting on one large wall completes the look and you don’t need to think of any additional decorative items. It is one of the most straight-forward outdoor wall art ideas.


Outdoor wall art is not as challenging as indoor wall art. With indoor wall art, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered whereas outdoor wall art is not as tricky. You can experiment with do-it-yourself projects for outdoor wall art.

You can re-use old items to make outdoor wall art. You can even be a little careless with outdoor wall art.

There are certain things that will always make stunning outdoor wall décor, which are:

  1. Flowers
  2. Fancy lights
  3. Wall-mounted shelves
  4. An attractive number plaque

If you can’t think of any outdoor wall art décor, incorporating any of the four items listed above will serve the purpose. Using these four items in different ways can give you many unique wall art decorations.

Decorating the walls outside your house is no hard science. Just chill and experiment!

The idea of outdoor wall art is not to leave the walls blank. The exterior of the house is what anyone sees first and close attention should be given to it to make sure the first impression is not an utter disaster.