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21 Wood Wall Art Ideas for the Perfect Rustic Look

Rustic home decor with a wooden storage box, a potted plant, and a wooden background.

Wood is a highly versatile material that can be used in both the interior and exterior design of living areas and workspaces. Not only does it give you numerous décor possibilities, but it is also beneficial in many other ways. You must have always looked up to wood as a simple and convenient wall art option, but it is a lot more than just that!

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Benefits of Using Wood

  • Wood is a natural insulator which means it has excellent heat capacity. In comparison to concrete or aluminum, wood has double the heat capacity which enables it to absorb more heat than other building materials.
  • Wood has natural acoustic properties that prevent echo and noise. This means that the material very effectively absorbs sound. As you might have guessed, this is why we see concert halls are installed with wooden panels.
  • Last but definitely not the least, wood is visually pleasing. It is extremely easy to work with. It can have a major impact on the aesthetics of any room, be it at home or in your office. Visual versatility is one of the major reasons why wood makes an amazing wall art.

Wood gives us endless possibilities of décor. Whether its wooden wall panels or the smallest decorative element made from wood, wood leaves its impact that one can’t overlook. Wood has never gone out of trend neither is it going anywhere, any time soon!

Incorporating Wood in Your Home

You can use wood in various forms in your home. Some of the ideas of how you can bring wood into use for your home décor are as following:

  • Wood is an amazing building material. It is eco-friendly and healthy. You can use wood to make ceilings, floors, walls, stairs, etc. Exterior and interior décor styles may change based on trends, but wood is something that is evergreen. Using it for structural components does not just make your home a healthy place to live in, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house.
  • You can incorporate wooden furniture into your living spaces. Wooden furniture is long-lasting and it can blend well with any type of That’s the thing about the wood. It can make its space almost anywhere. It would never look out of place or out of fashion.
  • Wooden cutlery is also a great way to bring wood into everyday household use. Wooden cutlery is more popular in Asia where wooden chopsticks, mugs, and plates are used very commonly. Next time you go to a cutlery store to buy a cutting board, get a wooden one. It won’t just last for years, but it will also keep mother earth free from pollutants.
  • How can we not talk about wooden wall art? If replacing your furniture or rebuilding structures is getting way out of your budget, wooden wall art can be your savior. Using wooden decorative items for your walls is not just a full-proof wall art idea, but also super easy on the pocket!

Let’s see some wooden wall art ideas in detail below.

Wood Wall Art Ideas

Wood, as mentioned earlier, is a very versatile material. It can be adapted in numerous shapes, forms, and sizes. Let’s have a look at some super cool wood wall art ideas that you can incorporate in your home and office.

1. Welcome Wall Sign

Welcome - 5 x 10 inch Hanging, Wall Art, Decorative Wood Sign Home Decor


The welcome sign is the first thing that your visitors will see when they visit you. Hanging a wooden welcome sign on your wall, either just outside your door or in your hallway will give your guests a warm welcome that they will truly love. A wooden welcome sign looks simple, elegant, and super welcoming. Now, isn’t that what you want in a welcome all sign?

2. Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Reclaimed wood star quilt block wall art - 26 inch


If you think a wall in your living room or your dining room is too plain, you may want to add some wall art to it. What can be better than reclaimed wall art? Reclaimed wall art adds love to any wall. It looks attractive and can serve as a focal point. With reclaimed wall art, you are sure to get some compliments from your guests. The best part about a wall like this is that it would go well with any theme that you have decided for your interior and would not look out of the place.

3. Motivational Wooden Wall Hanging

American Art Decor Never Give Up 3 Dimensional Rustic Wood Metal Farmhouse Style Framed Hanging Wall Art Decor


There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a constant source of motivation. As humans, it’s easy for us to lose sight of what we must work towards. But it is the resilience that matters. Nobody can motivate you more than you yourself. And that is why suggest that you hang some motivation on your living room wall or your bedroom wall so that you are reminded to stay put every day. A wooden wall hanging with a motivational quote would also make a wonderful wall décor that is sure to bring about a rustic feel to your interior.

4. Carved Wood Wall Art

Carved Wood Wall Art- Oriental Carved Lotus Wood Plaque 24"x24"x0.5" (Dark Brown)


Carved wood wall art adds warmth, style, and class to any interior. The intricacy and delicacy that carved wood wall art carry improve the entire atmosphere of a room. You don’t have to worry about carved wood wall art not matching with the theme of your room because of how versatile wood is— it will align with any theme that you’ve chosen for your room! It is an ideal wall art idea for offices because it is sophisticated and stylish at the same time.

5. Wooden Hawaiian Tiki Mask Wall Hanging

G6 Collection 20" Wooden Hand Carved Hawaiian Tiki Mask Wall Decor Tropical Tribal Wall Plaque Hanging Accent Art Sculpture Home Decoration Handmade Handcraft Decorative Crying Face (Big Nose Tiki)


Do you want to add some colors to your interior? Well, with Hawaiian Tiki Mask Wall Hanging, you don’t just add colors to any room but also bring the entire room to life. With this wall art, you are sure to bring that Hawaiian freshness and liveliness to any interior. It will change the atmosphere instantly. We suggest that you hang this wall art in your living room so that the atmosphere stays lively and warm that is perfect for any family gets together!

6. Wooden Wall Sculpture

Hand Carved Mahogany Wood Elephant Head African Asian Wall Sculpture


The wooden wall sculpture is rather strong and impactful wall art. It is suitable for dining areas or places in your home that are meant for formal purposes. It is ideal wall art for offices. Wooden wall sculpture of animal heads is something that has been in trend since ages. In older times, hunters displayed the preserved heads of their hunts in their homes but today, animal heads made of wood are popular wall art.

7. Personalized Picture on Wood

Personalized Picture on Wood, Pyrography picture, Custom Wood Photo, Photo on Wood, Wood Wall Art, Rustic Home Decor, Wood Burned Picture, Customized Wood Print (8.3" x 11" Inches (210 x 280 mm))


The best wall art for a home is anything that has a personal touch to it. A family portrait is one of the most common wall arts. However, a family portrait that is unique and classy is something that is sure to bring a stronger effect. A personalized picture printed on the wood would give the interior a rustic, lively, and a fresh look. This unique wall art will definitely grab some attention.

8. Wooden Mosaic Wall Art

Colorful Wall Art, Reclaimed Wooden Wall Decor, Wooden Mosaic, Futuristic Decor, Abstract Wall Art, Wooden Wall Art, Gift For Family


Do you want to decorate your wall with a wooden decorative item but are worried that it would look boring? Well, wooden wall art can never look boring but if you still have your doubts, you can opt for a wooden mosaic wall art. Wooden mosaic wall art is simple, elegant, and colorful. It is bright but not too bold. It is perfect to make any room feel warm, cozy, and comfortable.

9. Wooden Wall Hanging

WorldBazzar Set of 2 Nautical Oar Paddle Flamingo and Pelican Wooden Wall Art Decor 20"


Sometimes, a minimalistic look is all that is needed. People may overdo the décor of their homes in an attempt to use ’everything’ they think is on fashion which is not the right way to go about interior décor. If you think your furnishings are good enough to complete the look of any room, a simple and minimalistic wall art would be the best option to give the final touches. A wooden wall hanging like this one not only brings a plain and blank wall into good use but also keeps you from overdoing wall décor.

10. Moroccan Wood Wall Art

Moroccan Decoration Mirror Wood Colorful Painted Wall Bathroom Dresser Handmade Black 14 inches Diameter


Moroccan art is known for its bold colors and patterns. Incorporating Moroccan art in any interior not just makes the room look bold but extremely classy as well. A Moroccan wood wall mirror will be a great addition to the décor if you want to add a touch of art and class to your interior. the mirror will make your room look bigger and the colors and patterns of the Moroccan wooden frame will bring the level of the décor up.

11. Small Wooden Sculptures

WorldBazzar Beautiful Unique Set of 3 Angel Wooden Fish Hanging Wall Art Hand Carved Statue Sculpture


Hanging a single piece of wall art is not necessary. You can always play around with wall art. Decorating your walls with small wooden sculptures adds a feel of continuity. It makes your walls look alive and more attractive. Moreover, small wooden sculptures are ideal for smaller rooms. Single, large wall art is more suitable for larger rooms while for smaller rooms, you got to be a bit more creative.

12. Wooden Photo Frames

Eosglac Wooden Picture Frame, 8 x 10 (2pk) Rustic Finish Wood Plank Design, Handmade


A photo gallery is an ideal and the best wall art for any living space. It adds a personal touch and makes a room look warmer and more welcoming. It showcases the bond and love in a family. Transforming one wall of the living room into a photo gallery is a great idea. Using wooden frames for this photo gallery is an even greater idea. Wooden photo frames will bring uniformity to the wall, making it look more organized.

13. Wood Slice Wall Art

Fine Art Wood Slice Flower Wall Art Nests And Burrows


Who knew you could use wood slices to make a breathtakingly gorgeous wall art? It is something you might have never come across. Wood slice wall art is super attractive, cool, and a perfect wood wall art idea! It utilizes a blank wall in the best way. Larger pieces of this wood wall art would look best in spacious rooms while smaller ones would make the perfect wall décor for smaller rooms.

14. Wooden Map Wall Art

U.S. Map Wooden Cut Out For You To Make Memories of Your Travels On, United States Wooden Map


Another great wood wall art idea is a wooden map. You can get your state map carved from the wood and display it in your living room. It is more appropriate for an official setting, maybe in your office or your workspace at home. It looks sophisticated and super classy. If you want to transform the environment of your space into something formal, sober, and warm, a wooden map wall art is what you should get! You can even display a wooden world map on the wall of your living room and mark every country that you have visited. This one is for travel lovers. Are you one? Get it today.

15. Wooden Mounted Shelves

MVPower Floating Shelves Industrial Wall Mounted Rustic Wood Wall Storage Shelf Set for Picture Frames, Hanging Shelves Set of 3 Display Ledge Decorative Shelves Ideal for Home and Office (Retro)


You can merge décor and usability to get a more practical wall art. Wooden wall-mounted shelves can be mounted on the walls which can then be used to display decorative items, family portraits, shields of your achievements, or even for storage. A number of stylish wooden shelves are available which will not affect the look of your room.

16. Wooden Scrabble Wall Art

Large Scrabble 5 x 5 Tiles, Wooden Wall Ready to Hang Tiles, Wall Decor, Farmhouse Style, Scrabble Pieces, Personalized Sign, Wooden Letters


Do you want wall art for your home that is unique, stylish, and cool? A wooden scrabble wall art is one way to achieve your desired look. The wooden scrabble wall art looks attractive and adds a spark of fun and excitement to the room.

17. Wooden Wall Planter

Home Oniship Art Deco Indoor Wall Planter -Wood Grain Horizontal Mount


Plants can make any room feel alive and fresh. Fresh plants can have a significant effect on the mood and atmosphere. Addition of colorful flowers or bright green plants in your living room or kitchen will automatically make the rooms appear lively, bright, and warm. You won’t believe it but fresh plants can cheer you up too, without you even realizing. So, use wooden wall planters in different rooms of your home to keep everyone in the house feel alive and joyful, while also making the room look lovely.

18. House Rules

Custom Grandparents Sign, Personalized Canvas, Grandparent Names/Nicknames Of Choice, Grandparents House Rules, Perfect Mother's Day Gift


It is always a challenge to make the kids around your home follow the rules. Kids today live by “rules are to be broken” attitude. How about impose your rules in a fun way and not in the usual authoritative manner? A house rules wall décor can help you deliver your message in a colorful and fun way. The kids would actually show some attention to it. Moreover, displaying them on the wall will be a constant reminder of your house rules for them, and eventually, they will fall into a habit of following them. not to mention the cute wall art it can be!

19. Wooden Arrow Wall Art

Rustic Wall Decor,Wooden Chevron Arrow Sign Wall Decor-Decorative Farmhouse Home Wall Hanging Decor-Set of 3 Arrows


Wooden arrow wall art is a very popular wood wall art idea that looks great. It is simple yet stylish. It gives your interior a rustic, homey, and a warm feel. Yes, wall art can really make the interior feel different. Wooden arrow wall art looks pretty and decent and is perfect for almost any room and any theme!

20. Wood Pallet Wall Art

CELYCASY Standing Buck Deer Rustic 18 x 17 Wood Pallet Wall Art Sign Plaque


Wood pallet wall art is one of the most common DIY wood wall art ideas. It puts old wood pallets to great use. You can paint the pallet in different colors or patterns and hang it on the wall. You can even hammer some hooks on a wooden pallet and make a wall hanging with a purpose; for hanging keys, mugs, or jackets! They are simple and offer a minimalist look to your interior.

21. Wooden Birthday Calendar

Family Friends Birthday Calendar DIY Wood Crafts Wall Hanging Plaque Board Reminder Special Dates Planner Calendar Home Decor Gift


Keeping track of birthdays of family and friends is always difficult. You always miss out on one or the other. How about hanging a birthday calendar in your living room so that you do not forget any birthdays? A wooden birthday calendar like this is not just super useful, but a very unique wall art idea! It looks cool and trendy while helping you remember all the birthdays.


There are endless options of wood wall art ideas. You can always find something new and creative. With wood wall art, you don’t have to worry about it matching with your interior décor or even the cost. Incorporating wood wall art in your home is an affordable, convenient, and easy way to revamp your interior. You won’t know how impactful wood wall art can be until you give it a shot. We assure you, you are going to love the effect it has!