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17 Fabric Wall Art Ideas

Different stylish fabric wall ideas, collage.

Wall art is an essential part of interior design but it is often treated as an afterthought most of the time. Once the paint has dried and the furniture has been arranged, people then think of adding a little something to their walls. What they don’t realize is that wall art can artfully transform their interior with a low budget!

No matter how fancy your furniture is or how vibrant your wall colors are, your rooms would not look complete if the walls are empty. Empty walls leave the interior looking unfinished, dull, and boring. If you are looking for ways to make your interior look complete, wall art is what you should be focusing on.

A massive variety of wall art is available today. You can find something that suits your interior and the budget. Many DIY wall art ideas are also available on the internet that allows you to prepare wall art yourself. No matter what your budget is, you will always find something for your walls!

Usually, people prefer paintings, shelves, picture frames, and wallpaper as wall art. In this article, we will be talking about a very unique form of wall art- Fabric!

When you hear the word fabric, the first things to come to your mind are curtains, tapestries, bed sheets, pillows, etc. We will be talking about the ways in which you can use fabric as wall art. We are sure you never thought in this direction but don’t worry. The fabric wall art ideas that we have compiled for you will make you wonder why you never thought of them before!

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Fabric Wall Art

The use of fabric for wall art adds texture and warmth to any interior. In the 21st century, people have started to be more open to the idea of using fabric as wall art. Fabric is a highly versatile material that can be used in many unique and creative ways. Fabric wall art adds a pop of color and style to any interior instantly. It brightens up the atmosphere and lifts up the mood. Fabric wall art is one of the most inexpensive types of wall art that gives sure-shot results in transforming the interior design of any room.

Fabric adds character to your walls in way wallpaper or paint can never achieve. Whether you hang a fabric wall art in hallways, corridors, or the head of your bed, they are sure to add chic boldness and a bit of dramatization to your space.

Fabric Selection

The selection of the right fabric for your wall art is very important. Whether you opt for hand-woven, hand-painted, embroidered, or printed fabric, you should make sure that it goes well with your taste and the room. The tapestry you select should be made from a fabric that is heavy so that it hangs well. This way you will be able to add a luxurious, warm, and a rich look to your living space. Lighter fabrics need to be either framed or stapled to be held in place.

Hanging the Fabric

Hanging the fabric may seem straight-forward but it is quite critical. When you are hanging the fabric wall art, you need to be sure that the rods or hooks that you are suing are well-aligned with the type of furniture you have used in the room. For example, using a wooden beam in a room where you have metal furniture can really be a turn-off.

If you are hanging a fabric wall art in the kitchen, you should be careful to hang it at a suitable height from the stove to ensure that the fabric does not catch fire.

Fabric Wall Art Ideas

If the use of fabric as wall art sounds foreign and unusual to you and you are unsure about incorporating it in your living space, go through the fabric wall art ideas that we have listed down for you. Most of them are DIY, which means, if you like a piece of fabric, you can transform into a super cool wall art all by yourself. With fabric wall art, there is a lot of room to play around and experiment.

1. Scarf Wall Art

New trends can be seen in scarves nowadays, with painterly and photographic imagery, bold patterns, and exaggerated scale. Scarf wall art is a new thing. You can find large-size scarves quite easily in the market today. With their bold designs, they are sure to make wonderful wall art. They are available in a vibrant blend of colors and in subtle color pallets. In short, you can find something to go with your interior, regardless of what theme your room follows. So, the next time you want to add some spice to your living room, instead of going to a home décor market, go to a fashion store and be amazed by the variety you get.

2. Giant Tapestry

The use of tapestries for wall art is considered as one of the oldest forms of wall art. They can ornate your living space and would surely enchant people who visit you. The best thing about tapestry wall art is that it can match any type of interior décor.

Tapestry wall art makes the interior of any room look attractive, elegant, and graceful instantly. Tapestry wall art is as old as the times when kings lived in castles. Tapestries were hanged on the walls of castles to make them look more royal and grand. So, why treat your home as anything less than a castle?

BROSHAN Small Leaf Tapestry Green, Tropical Plant Monstera Leaves Wall Art Tapestry Fabric Wall Hanging Blanket Curtain for Bedroom Living Room College Dorm

3. Colorful Fabric on Wooden Beams

Have you ever come across a colorful piece of fabric that you instantly fell in love with? At times, you come across certain things that you totally like but are unsure of the way to bring them into use. The result is, you move past them, leaving behind a piece of your heart. Next time you see a super attractive piece of fabric, purchase it for later. You must be wondering what a piece of fabric would be good for. Well, you can use it to make unique and attractive wall art!

All you have to do is staple the fabric to wooden beams and hang it on the wall of your living room. An attractive piece of wall art is ready. Not to forget the fact that it can also serve as the focal point with all its colors and patterns. You are totally going to love it.

4. Canvas Wrapped in Fabric

Another cool way of using fabric as wall art is to wrap it around a canvas and display on the wall. Paintings on canvases can be quite an investment but for this fabric wall art, all you need is a piece of fabric with attractive patterns and colors and an old canvas. All you got to do is wrap the fabric around the canvas, secure the fabric and ta-da! A beautiful piece of wall art is ready.

You can make this wall art in any size you like. If you have a huge empty wall, a single large canvas would do pretty well and if you want to use the wall with staircase, a series of smaller canvases would look perfect!

5. Macramé Wall Hanging

Knitt World Macrame Wall Decor Hanging - Bohemian Home Geometric Art Decor - Macrame Curtain-Macrame Wedding Backdrop for Christmas & Holiday Decorations W 38" x L 39" Inch (1)

When we talk about fabric wall art, the discussion is merely incomplete without the mention of macramé wall hanging. This wall art has been used since forever. We are sure you all must have seen a macramé wall hanging in your grandparents’ room. This wall art never gets old. The beauty and the elegance of macramé are evergreens and that is why we recommend you to get a macramé wall hanging for your living space.

6. Framed Scarf

Scarves make beautiful wall art, whether framed or unframed. Just like we discussed the use of bold-patterned scarves as wall art, we now suggest that you get colorful scarves framed. If you have a scarf that connects you to some special memories or it’s just a piece that you really love and want to stay fresh, you can get it framed. Not only would your piece stay safe but it will also make for a wonderful piece of wall art as well. With the colors and patterns, it is sure to become a focal point in any room you decide o hang it in. Moreover, framed scarf wall art looks beautiful and attractive in the truest of its sense!

7. Fabric Wallpaper

Free Spirit Tanya Whelan Rambling Rose PWTW135 Granny's Wallpaper Blue Cotton Fabric by Yd

Wallpaper is one of the simplest, most straight-forward types of wall art. When you can’t think of any other way to fill up your empty walls, getting wallpaper is the best thing you can do. Although wallpaper is quite affordable as compared to other wall arts, it is still not too affordable for a lot of people. An alternate, less costly idea is using fabric as wallpaper. No, this isn’t a usual idea. It is not as common but a lot of people have tried it and they love the results.

Simply select the fabric print that you like and stick it up on the walls of your room with the help of liquid starch. After the installation is complete, nobody can tell that it’s the fabric that you have used. The effects would be the same as wallpaper—colorful, trendy, and attractive!

8. Framed Table Runner

Mexican Serape Table Runner 14 x 84 Inch for Mexican Party Wedding Decorations Outdoor Picnics Dining Table, Fringe Cotton Handwoven Table Runners

If you have an empty vertical space, like a pillar or hallway wall, a framed table runner will make for an incredible piece of wall art. It is a budget-friendly wall art idea which would add color and style to any living space. Since you have read the article this far, we are sure you are eager to find a fabric wall art idea that clicks and this might just be it! All you need for this wall art idea is a table runner that you like and the one that matches with the theme of the room you are planning to display it in.

Once you have picked a table runner of your choice, get it farmed or frame it yourself and display it on the wall. you can also display a series of contrasting framed table runners for a stronger impact. A fancy, yet affordable fabric wall art is ready in no time.

Framed table runner wall art would add color, style, and warmth to any interior. Your visitors will be surely impressed with your creativity.

9. Scrap Fabric Wall Art

DIY wall art for homes is a great way to add a touch of personalization and love to your homes. No wall art will ever be better than a wall art that you made yourself. When you make something for your home, you do it with love and emotion which is what makes it so special.

If you have any scrap fabric, lace, or ribbons at home, you can make a breathtakingly beautiful piece of wall art from it. Reusing old materials is always a great idea. You will need a canvas of the size you want your wall art to be and arrange scrap fabric on it. Stick the scraps in the pattern of your choice and see a primarypiece come to life. The scarp fabric wall art will give an impression of abstract art. It will add an instant pop of colors to your living space. If your living space consists of furniture in soft tones, adding a bold wall art will make the entire room come to life.

10. Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

Traditional Chinese Embroidery Kits Cross Stitch Needlework Sets Handmade Art Craft Wall Home Decor Gift,2,Plastic Hoop

Another great way in which you can use fabric as wall art is with the help of embroidery hoops. Embroidery hoops are available in various sizes. To make an attractive fabric wall art using embroidery hoops, you simply have to fasten a piece of fabric that you like to the embroidery hoop and that is it. It is that simple! You can either display it singly or in a series to give a stronger impact. It is a fun and affordable way to create wall art that is both, attractive and stylish!

11. Fabric Magazine Hanger

Fieans Home Over the Door Magazine Storage Pockets, Linen/Cotton Fabric Wall Door Closet Hanging Storage Bag Organizer-Blue Strip Type A

Many people like collecting magazines. However, if magazines are not arranged properly, they can be a true mess. Nobody would want magazines to be cluttered everywhere in their living room. A magazine hanger made of fabric can not only help for holding magazines in an organized manner but is also a very creative fabric wall art option. Depending on what color pallet your living room has, you can select the fabric for magazine holder.

12. Planters Made From Fabric

SuperThinker 3 Pack Gardens Hanging Planter Growing Bag with Handles Wall Planter Pouch for Strawberry Bare Root Plants, Herbs, Flowers Home Decoration (3pack)

Fresh plants do not just make any room look prettier, but they also make the atmosphere of living spaces a lot more fresh, livelier, and welcoming. If you think your living room lacks brightness and freshness, you can add some fresh plants and you can feel the difference instantly. Numerous types of planters are available in the market. However, fabric planters are unique, attractive, and stylish. Using planters made of fabric adds a touch of warmth and elegance to any living space. Fabric planters are a new idea which makes it more appealing!

13. Fabric Book Sling

Kids Book Rack Storage Sling Bookshelf Toy Display Bookcase

You can always use some extra storage space, especially in your kids’ bedroom. However, if you want to utilize a blank wall for wall art, we suggest that you look at the storage options that can serve as wall art as well. One such idea is a fabric book sling. The book holder made from fabric not only stores the books but also looks extremely cute and pretty.

14. Bold Tapestry Wall Art

Tapestry Wall Hanging, Running Horses Painting,Bohemian Hippie Psychedelic Indian Spiritual Vintage Print Fabric,Large Size Art Decorative Cloth for Living Room Bedroom,150 × 130 cm

If your living room is fairly large and you wish to go bold with the wall art, a bold tapestry wall art is something you should consider. A tapestry printed with a bold scene, including animals or scenery, or even vibrantly colored, large flowers would be the perfect addition to a boring wall. If you display a bold tapestry wall art in your home, the atmosphere would feel more electric and spiced up.

15. Woven Wall Hanging

Dream Allison Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry- Boho Chic Bohemian Home Geometric Art Decor - Beautiful Apartment Dorm Room Door Decoration, 19.7" W x 32" L (Black-2)

Woven fabric wall hangings look elegant and graceful. With a woven wall hanging, you can add elegance to any room. With soft colors and delicate weaving, woven wall hangings have been an ‘in’ thing since quite some time now. You can never go wrong with one these. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, they look equally pretty everywhere!

16. Eiffel Tower Wall Tapestry

Beisasa Home Wall Hanging Nature Art Fabric Tapestry Eiffel Tower at Sunrise from Trocadero Fountains in Paris Wall Hanging Tapestries for Living Room and Bedroom

The Eiffel Tower is a landmark that everybody knows about all over the world. Being a romantic fantasy of every couple, the Eiffel Tower is often seen printed on accessories people carry. If you love Eiffel tower to an extent of obsession, the Eiffel Tower wall tapestry is something you would totally love. Hang it in your bedroom or your living room so that you can enjoy the sight of it every now and then during the day. The serene view and the soft colors are a perfect addition to a blank wall!

17. Motivational Fabric Wall Art

Ahawoso Tapestry 50x60 Inch Alphabet Letter Good Vibes Lettering Art Drawn Hand Only Abstract Latin Wall Hanging Home Decor for Living Room Bedroom Dorm

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation every now and then to keep going. You can’t be in high spirits all the time and therefore, you should keep giving yourself assurance and motivation regularly. Hanging a tapestry with a motivational quote can really make a difference. Every time you pass it, you will be recharged with motivation. It is a great idea, especially in your kids’ bedroom or your work area!

Fabric is a very versatile material that can be used in numerous ways. Fabric wall art is something that will always be beneficial in improving the look and feel of your walls. Because of the availability of fabric in different colors, designs, patterns, and sizes, it can be incorporated in any room, whether it is a living room, bedroom, hallways, corridors, office area, the kids’ room, or even the kitchen! There are endless ways in which you can add fabric wall to your walls and each carries its own beauty and attraction.

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