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25 Living Room Wall Art Ideas That’ll Transform Your Space

Living room decorated with multiple types of wall art

The living room is an important part of the home. It is a central area where people spend most of their time. Whether you have a formal living room or an informal one where you gather with family, it should be cozy, comfortable, and warm. It should be inviting and organized. How you decorate your living room says a lot about your taste, décor sense, and the atmosphere of the house. The décor of rooms have a significant impact on the moods of people as well.

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Wall décor is as essential as furniture. If you handpick the best furniture for your living room and leave the walls empty, it will look dull, boring, and incomplete. Even if you place average, low-budget furniture, wall art can balance everything, provided that the selection of wall art is appropriate.

When you are looking for living room wall art options, it is very important that you make sure the wall art is aligned with the theme of your living room. The wrong selection can be a major décor disaster. While good wall art can bring a room to life, the wrong choice can squeeze out its life as well.

You always get better ideas when you have some sort of visualization. Wall art ideas for the living room listed below will help you get a better understanding of how to utilize blank spaces.

1. Metallic Frame

Large BIRD BRANCH PLAZA OVAL 34" Wall Mirror

A metallic frame gives anything within it a vintage look, be it a picture, painting, portrait or a mirror. Vintage décor has always been popular and it looks great. Placing a mirror or a painting framed in a metallic frame will give your living room a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Vintage items are attractive and eye-catching and that’s what you want your wall décor to be, right?

2. Pressed Plants

Red Oak - Botanical Art Print - Herbarium Fall Decor - Pressed Botanical Reproduction

Plants always bring about a natural, fresh, and earthy feeling. Whether you place fresh plants, painting of plants or even pressed plants, the feeling of freshness persists. You can place them anywhere in your house, even bathrooms, so why not use them as wall décor for your living room? Using framed, pressed flowers as a living wall décor will make the atmosphere of your living room lively and full of natural freshness. You’ll be surprised by how refreshed it will make you feel!

3. Postcard Wall Art

Postcard Set 24 cards Vintage Travel Posters Beach Holidays

If you are fond of postcards and have a sound collection, you can make use of them to design attractive wall art. You can cluster them together and display them on your living room wall. Framing it would give a sophisticated look while leaving it unframed will give a raw touch that holds another level of attraction. It will add color and spark to your living room.

4. Marbled Wall Art

Marble Abstract Acrylic. Blue marbling Artwork Texture. Agate Ripple Pattern. Gold Powder. Print On Canvas Wall Artwork Modern Photography Home Decor Unique Pattern Stretched and Framed 3 Piece

Marble paintings look elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. Marble paintings give a soothing feeling. Displaying marble painting on your living room wall will transform the atmosphere completely. They will make your living room look comfortable and peaceful. It will add a touch of elegance. Placing a marble painting on a blank wall will make it a point of focus which will leave a long-lasting impact.

5. Landscape Print Wall Art

Home Cabin Décor Country Lane Sunset by Lori Deiter 20x34 Red Barn Farm Evening Sun Fields Framed Print Picture

Landscape paintings utilize a blank wall perfectly. If you love a photograph that you at a recent vacation or a hike, get it framed and display in your living room. It will make your room look classier. Landscapes bring a touch of nature to the interior while giving feelings of freshness and serenity. A living room should be inviting and a landscape print of a beautiful scene will make it exactly that.

6. Coral Painting Wall Art

Emvency Canvas Wall Art Print Anemone Watercolor Red Corals Close Up White Sponge Artwork for Home Decor 12 x 12 Inches

If you want to add character and texture to your living room, a coral painting wall art is what you should get. The bold design and the colors will make it a center of attention, especially if the wall is blank. It will lift the atmosphere of your living room like magic. Coral painting wall art is a great idea for living room wall art.

7. Pressed Flower Wall Art

Baoblaze 22 Pieces Mixed Pressed Daisy Flowers Beautiful Pansy Flowers Collections Organic Natural Dried Flowers DIY Scrapbooking Art Floral Decors Crafts Home Wedding Decor Phone Cover Making

Using pressed flowers to create your own wall art is one of the best wall art ideas for the living room. You can use dried flower petals and arrange them on a canvas in the form of a hot air balloon, ice cream, or balloons. It will not just add color to your blank wall but will also add a spark of fun and liveliness. If you want to keep the atmosphere of your living room full of life, pressed flower wall art is the right idea for you.

8. Pet Print Wall Art

Shiba Inu Dog Wall Art Print - Personalized Pet Name - Gift for Her or Him - 11x14 matted - Ships 1 Day

Pet print wall art is ideal for pet lovers. If you are crazy about your cat or dog, you can either print a colorful outline picture and get it framed or use already available picture frames. In either case, pet print wall art would look super cool. It is a way of showing that you consider your pets like family. Moreover, your living room will appear to be a lively and inviting place.

9. Squirt Painting Wall Art

Ahawoso Canvas Prints Wall Art 16x16 Inches Blue Splatter Paint Splat Neon Color Orange Black Ink Abstract Blank Blob Art Wooden Frame Printing Home Living Room Office Bedroom

Nothing looks more attractive than colors, especially, when you display lots of colors on a plain surface. If your living room wall is blank, a colorful squirt painting wall art would look breathtakingly beautiful. It will look so attractive and eye-catching that you won’t be able to look away. It will create a stunning focal point in your living room. Not to mention the colorful and lively environment it will create. You can even create a squirt painting yourself. Just squirt in lots of colors using a squirt gun and create a primarypiece.

10. Picture Wall

2 1/2" X 3 1/2" ACEO Art Antique Silver Wood Picture Frame Assembled

One way to populate your wall to make it attractive is to turn it into a picture wall. Using photo frames of different sizes and arranging them in a non-linear, yet orderly fashion will create a superb picture wall. You can display pictures of your family, sceneries, friends, pets, etc. People won’t be able to stop themselves from coming over to the wall and looking at the pictures. Other than being an amazing wall art idea, a picture wall also adds a touch of personalization to the room.

11. Stencil Wall Art

GSS Designs Pack of 4 Stencils Set (6x6 Inch) Laser Cut Painting Stencil Floor Wall Tile Fabric Wood Stencils -Reusable Template (SL-006)

Stencil wall art is easy, simple and quick. You can make stencil art on a canvas and get it framed or you can do stencil wall art directly on the walls. You might need professional assistance when doing it directly on your living room walls. It is one of those wall art ideas for the living room that is easy to do and not at all costly, making it a doable option for most people.

12. Music Sheet Wall Art

Jennifer Pugh Solid-Faced Canvas Print Wall Art Print Entitled How Great Thou Art 16"x20"

If you are a music lover, music sheet wall art is your kind of thing. If you have a blank wall just behind your favorite music instrument, decorating the wall with framed music sheets will make an eye-catching décor. Even if you don’t have any musical instrument and you are a music fan, you can go with this wall art idea for living room. Bring some music in your life and dance to all the songs life brings your way. 

13. Colorful Wall Art

Mid Century Wall Art Decor- Abstract Geometric Canvas -"Correlation"

Psychology says that colors have a significant impact on moods. If you are feeling depressed, there are certain colors you should wear — and certain ones you shouldn’t. The science of colors is real. That is why we tell you to incorporate colors to your living room décor. Colorful wall art keeps the living room atmosphere playful, lively, and warm.

14. Map Wall Art

MARYLAND Map Art Print, Typography Map Art, State Map Wall Décor featuring city names, artist signed print from hand-drawn city typography series of maps

There are certain places that you visited but felt like you left your heart there. Some places are special. A city you met your love of life? A state where you got your first job? A place where your first child was born? Having the maps of these special places framed and displayed on your living room wall will not only keep the good memories fresh but will also make stunning wall art décor. Anyone coming over to meet you will for sure have their gazes locked on it for some time at least.

15. Black and White Contemporary Wall Art

Aland Modern Nordic Decor Black White Girl Poster Canvas Painting Wall Art Pictures 5070cm

if you want to keep your living room sober and sophisticated but attractive at the same time, black and white contemporary wall art may work for you. With our emphasis on the addition of color to your living room, do not assume even for a second that it is a must for making your living area look appealing. Black and white contemporary art has unmatched attraction and elegance. It will transform the atmosphere of your living area sophisticated instantly.

16. Decorative Mirror

Franklin Iron Works Eden Park Collection 24" x 34" Oval Wall Mirror

A large mirror on a wall of any rooms makes the room appear larger. A fancy wall mirror makes a great wall décor. A mirror does not make the wall or the living room look overdone. A mirror above a shelf or table can make your living room look complete and finished. The living room looks larger and fancier with a large decorative wall mirror. 

17. Watercolor Painting

Boxer at The Beach Art Print by Watercolor Artist DJ Rogers

One major difference between watercolor paintings and acrylic paintings is the sharpness. Watercolor paintings are soft and subtle while acrylic paintings are sharp and loud. If you want to incorporate feelings of calmness and create a soothing environment, watercolor paintings are what you should get for your living room wall. Watercolor paintings for living room wall will induce every effect you want; calmness, peace, and subtlety. 

18. Acrylic Wall Decals

BCDshop Wall Stickers, DIY Vase Flower Tree Crystal Arcylic 3D Wall Stickers Decal Home Decor

Wall decals are highly versatile wall art options. They can be used anywhere in your house, be it your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room. A huge variety of wall decals is available. You can select the one that matches your theme. Acrylic wall decals are easy to install and can be removed without damaging the wall underneath. They are available in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes. Wall art decals are the simplest, most affordable and one of the prettiest wall art décor options.

19. Washi Tape Wall Art

Holrea 3pcs 5M Washi Tape Set Paper Sticky Adhesive Sticker Decorative Washi Masking Tape Collection for DIY Scrapbooking Craft Planners Wall Art Bullet Journals Gift Wrapping Color Random

Washi tape is a tape that is used for decorations. It is available in many colors and patterns. You can make a pattern or an attractive design on a paper using Washi tape, get it framed, and hang it on your living room wall. You can even use Washi tape directly on your wall to make eye-catching patterns. Since no paint or coloring is involved, Washi tape art is super neat and tidy. Most importantly, it does not damage the wall when removed.

20. Sunburst Mirror

zenggp Pretty Gold Metal Sunburst Wall Mirror Decorative Luxe Boho Chic Girl Home Decor

Sunburst mirror adds flair to your living room. The gold color makes it more pronounced and more attention-grabbing. It is a simple piece for wall décor yet it leaves a strong impact. If you want your living to room classy, sophisticated and sober, sunburst mirror might get the job well done for you. If you are looking for wall art ideas for your living room, the sunburst mirror is on the list for sure. 

21. Family Wall Sign

Paris Loft Rustic Solid Wood Family Script Sign Decor, 16x16'' Farmhouse Family Wood Framed Plank Wall Hanging Decor

A living room is that part of the house where all family members spend the most time together. Be it for playing video games, watching a movie or discussing the next family picnic, the living room is the place to be. Adding a personal touch to your living room will be a great idea. Using a family wall sign along with framed family photographs will make personalized wall art for your living room wall. If you are looking for ways to add a personal touch to your living room, this idea is definitely for you.

22. Yarn Wall Hanging Bohemian Macrame Wall Decor Boho Chic Style Macrame Wall Hanging 40" W x 40" L

Are you looking for something chic for your living room wall? Do you want something other than paintings and traditional artwork? Yarn wall hanging is a brand new wall art idea for living room décor. It is simple, stylish and sophisticated. It is available in many colors and sizes and you can select one for your living room as per your liking. 

23. Metallic Sculpture Wall Art

TANCHEN Tree of Life Leaves Bird Wall Hanging Ornament Metal Wall Art Sculpture Home Room Decorations

Metallic sculpture wall art is a more dynamic and artistic wall art idea. It can be placed on the wall over the fireplace. This wall of the living room is usually underutilized. Metallic sculptures look super trendy and sophisticated. They sure can change how your living room looks. 

24. Large Painting

KALAWA Modern Decoration Colorful Two Running Horses Oil Paintings Prints on Canvas Wall Art Wooden Framed Animal Art for Living Room Bedroom and Office Ready to Hang (28''W x 44''H)

If you want to add a striking visual element to your living room, a large painting would do the job. The larger the painting is, the stronger the impact will be. A large painting on a plain, blank wall gives a more profound statement. A large painting utilizes the wall efficiently without wasting any useable space.  

25. Wallpaper

Murwall Floral Wallpaper, Peonies Watercolor Flowers Wall Murals

The most straightforward way of incorporating wall art in your living room is by adding wallpaper. Textured wallpapers are loud and attractive. You can play around with patterns, colors, and designs to get something that is attractive and gripping. When you can’t seem to settle on any wall art idea for living room, wallpaper is your safest bet. You can even layer wallpaper with a painting or sculpture which will make the impact even more pronounced. 

No matter what size your living room is, you should pay close attention to minor details. Sometimes, obvious things like furniture are not as impactful as minute details can be such as lighting or a flower vase on your side table.

Since the living room is used regularly, you should keep in mind not to decorate it with anything that is too delicate. Regardless of your wish to make your living room look appealing, it should also be safe for all your family members. Living room wall art is essential because with the area being in use all the time, you have little room to play around with other decorative accessories.