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20 Kids’ Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

A kid's bedroom with space-themed wall art.

Decorating our homes is a very important process for all of us. It defines who we are, what we like, and what things we like to be surrounded with. It is the things and the effort that we put in decorating our home that makes it a ‘home sweet home’. But did you know that this doesn’t just apply to adults? Kids’ bedroom décor is equally important. It has a significant impact on the development of their self-confidence and self-esteem.

When you decorate your kid’s bedroom according to their interests and liking, it develops a sense of involvement and a sense of ownership in them. By decorating their room around their character, their likes, and interests, you tell them how important their opinion is, how important they are, and most importantly, what they are matters! Your child feels valued when their likings and wishes are taken into consideration. Your child feels encouraged to pursue their interests confidently.

There are many ideas for kids’ bedroom décor. The options are endless. You just need to analyze what your child likes and go about decorating their room around them!

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Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Tips

Decorating your child’s bedroom is very challenging. Not because making your kid happy is a difficult task but keeping him happy sure is. A child grows fast and with that, their interests change as well. They may not like the things they like now a few years from today. They can easily outgrow the style. What does that mean? When your child grows to be a bit mature, you will have to re-do the entire room again! Now that is a major cost, isn’t it?

To make sure that the style of the room is something your child does not outgrow, and that even if they do, making appropriate changes is not very costly, we have listed down some tips for you.

Flexible Furnishings

When you are choosing furniture for your kid’s bedroom, always remember that the simpler it is, the more flexible it is. Simple furniture goes well with any color theme you may want to use. A bed with a princess theme or a race car shaped bed may be loved by your 7-year old child but when they turn 12, they may find it too childish. They might ask you for new furniture.

So it is always better to go with simple furniture that goes well with the current theme and any future theme your child wishes to use.

Give Them Enough Space

When you are designing your kid’s bedroom, keep in mind what your child likes to do at that age. If you have a toddler, he would need a lot of floor space to crawl around while if your child is a teen, he may want appropriate seating where he can sit and study. Children need plenty of space to play around and store their things. The room you design for them should give them enough space to actually have fun!

Take Your Child’s Opinion

Let your child voice their opinion when you are decorating their room. Ask them what kind of furniture they want, what colored walls would they want to have, and what accessories they would like to use. This way, they will feel as if the space really belongs to them and you will be amazed at how well they take care of this personal space!

Kids’ Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Walls are like a canvas. You can paint them whatever way you like. They give you a lot of room to experiment. Most importantly, when your child asks for a revamp, walls are the easiest things to replace. You can simply change the wall art to bring a major renovation to your child’s room without the need of spending hefty amounts of money! Below are some super cool wall art ideas for your kids’ bedroom.

1. Painted Walls

Neartime Kid Bedroom Wall Sticker, 2018 Jungle Animal Baby Nursery Child Home Decor Mural Wallpaper Decal (90X30cm, White)


The easiest, simplest, and foremost thing you can do to your kid’s bedroom is to paint the walls. The usual colors that you use in the rest of the house are not the ones that will go well in your child’s bedroom. Use bright colors that will attract your child. If your baby girl loves pink color, paint the walls pink. If your superman loves superheroes, paint the walls with bold colors like blue and red. Painted walls can enhance the appearance of the room and set the mood for the theme that you have in your mind.

2. Wallpaper

HANANei Clearance Sale 12pcs Sticker Art Design Decal Wall Stickers Home Decorations 3D Butterfly


If you are of the opinion that simply painted walls are too sober and dull for a kid’s bedroom, you can opt for wallpaper. The wallpaper will add just the right amount of excitement in your child’s room. An endless variety of wallpapers is available. You can pick whatever suits your child’s interest. With wallpaper, you don’t have to boggle your mind for ideas to utilize the walls because wallpapers make the perfect use of plain walls!

3. 3D Wall Stickers

Glow4u Peel and Stick Colorful Polka Dots Pattern Wallpaper Self Adhesive Non-Woven Decorative Contact Paper for Kids Room Drawers Shelves Crafts 20.83 Inches by 9.8 Feet


3D art is amusing, even for adults. Imagine how much your child would love it. 3D wall art adds depth to the wall and warmth to the room. It not only looks attractive but it can be a great focal point. You can use 3D wall stickers in your kid’s bedroom to create a scene around which your child would love building stories. 3D wall art is a great wall art idea for kid’s bedroom.

4. Neutral Colors

decalmile Colorful Unicorn Wall Decals Princess Castle Rainbow Wall Stickers Baby Girls Nursery Kids Room Wall Decor


It is not necessary that the walls of your kid’s bedroom have to be bright and vibrant all the time. You can keep the walls a neutral color and add in brightly colored wall stickers to make them stand out. Polka dotted wallpaper in a neutral shade would look super attractive when you add brightly colored, eye-catching wall stickers to it. Not just would it look elegantly beautiful, but it would be loved by your child even in their teens.

5. Chalkboard Walls

Self Adhesive Chalkboard Wall Sticker, Magnetic Receptive Blackboard Thick Contact Paper with Chalks, Peel and Stick Chalknetic Chalkboard Roll for School, Office, Home, 36x24 inches


It is no secret that kids love doodling. Not to forget the fact that they love doodling so much that they can do it anywhere, on the floor, on the walls, on tabletops, and anywhere they feel like it. Why not give them a proper place to do that? A chalkboard wall is a great option for it. Allocating one wall of your kid’s bedroom for doodling will allow your child to doodle to their heart’s content. It would not just boost their creativity but will also ensure the rest of the walls are kept doodle free.

6. Moon Wall Lamp

DSHBY Moon Light, Hanging Lamps16 LED Colors Moon Light Lamps Night Lights 3D Printed Moon lamp Mother's and Father's Day,15CM


A moon lamp on the wall will give the room a feeling of space at night. It will not just look pretty but it will make your kid’s bedroom look cozy and comfortable. If the theme of your kid’s bedroom is space related, the moon wall lamp is the ideal option. You can surround the moon lamp on the wall with stickers of other planets to give complete space-feels to the room. Your little astronaut is going to love it!

7. Rope Grid

CqmzpdiC Durable, Parrot Toy, Cage Hanging Decor Parrot Climbing Net Rope Ladder Chew Bite Toys Cage Pendant Decor Pet Supplies - Wood Color


There is no doubt about the fact that every child’s room has many stuffed toys. Stuffed toys look cute and they are safe for small kids. They don’t hurt the child neither can a child swallow them. Moreover, they look nice in a child’s room. However, they can look pretty messy lying around on the floor. A rope grid on the wall makes a perfect storage space for stuffed toys. Not just that, it makes amazing, unique, and attractive wall art for the kid’s bedroom.

8. Cute Shelves

Pueri House Shape Wooden Wall Storage Shelf Display Hanging Shelving Children's Room Decoration (Pink)


Another great way to utilize walls in your kid’s bedroom is by installing some cute shelves. A child’s bedroom needs a lot of storage space. You should try to incorporate as much storage space as possible. Cute looking shelves not only serve the purpose but make cool wall art as well.

9. Colorful Inspirational Quotes

cfmour Rustic Wood Wall Sign - Choose to Be Happy - Colorful Wooden Pallet Wall Art Signs for Home & Office Decor, 11.8x11.8 inches

What better idea than to use wall art that also serves an important purpose? It is important to keep your child motivated from a young age. Building confidence and making them understand the importance of staying encouraged and focused is significant in their character building process. Displaying colorful inspirational and motivational quotes on the walls of your kid’s bedroom is a perfect way to remind them to stay confident. These colorful quotes make eye-catching wall art while serving a very important purpose.

10. Colorful Alphabet Wall Stickers

ViewHuge Animal Alphabet ABC Kids Wall Decals Wall Stickers Peel and Stick Removable Wall Stickers for Kids Nursery Bedroom Living Room


Adding a touch of personalization is a great way to make your child feel connected to their room. Adding something personal in your kid’s bedroom will bring about an overwhelming feeling of belonging in them. Using colorful alphabet wall stickers on to spell out their name on a wall will build a sense of ownership in your child. They will feel that they own the room and they will treat it just that way. Colorful alphabet wall stickers also add color to the otherwise plain walls.

11. Colorful Paintings

Little Pig Studios Giraffe Safari, Jungle Animals Nursery Wall Art, Decor. Kids Bedroom Wall Art Collection ((6) Set of Six, 8"x10")

You can always add color to your kid’s bedroom walls by paintings. Paintings are an age-old wall décor. However, paintings for the kid’s bedroom should be colorful, funky, and cute! They should be related to something your child loves. It could be animals, cars, princesses, or anything you know your child is going to love. You can ask your child about their favorite character; you can even get its pictures framed and hanged on the wall!

12. Animal Wall Decal

SAFARI Animal Wall Art Animal Nursery Decor Zoo Jungle Theme Baby Boy Nursery Decor Boy Bedroom Wall Decor CANVAS or Prints Set of 6


Jungle themes are the most common themes for kids’ bedrooms. Almost all children love animals. What better way to decorate the walls of your child’s bedroom with colorful animal wall decals? They look cute, are easy on the pocket, and make super cute wall art. The best thing about them is that they are easy to remove. So when you think your child is getting bored with it, you can conveniently take them off and replace with something more mature.

13. Customized Name Wall Decal

Nursery Rainbow Custom Name Wall Decal Sticker, 28" W by 16" H, Girl Name Wall Decal, Girls Name, Personalized, Girls Name Decor, Girls Nursery, Girls Bedroom, PLUS FREE WHITE HELLO DOOR DECAL


As mentioned earlier above, adding your child’s name in some way in their room creates a sense of ownership which is very important. A child should feel the place belongs to him and that he owns it. If you are not willing to give them that, there is no point in giving them a separate space which they can’t call their own. A customized wall decal with your child’s name is the best way to add a touch of customizations and personalization to your kid’s bedroom. It is also one of the most loved kid’s bedroom wall art ideas!

14. Rock Climbing Holds

WayToStore 20 PCS Textured Climbing Holds Rock Wall and 40 PCS 8mm zinc Plated Bolts & Nuts


Kids love adventures and that is exactly what you should let them do. Letting your child free to experiment and adventure makes them strong, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kids love to be left free. One great kids’ bedroom wall art idea is to use one wall in your kid’s bedroom for rock climbing activity. You can install rock climbing holds on one wall so that your child can enjoy the activity at home.

Just make sure to keep the surface below soft and the maximum height not too high. You can even install shelves for toys storage a little higher on this wall so that your kid has to climb the wall to get the toys he wants. This sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

15. Child’s Art Display

Every Child is an Artist Decal - Children Artwork Display Decal - Picasso Quote Wall Sticker (34x15" Black)


Children love appreciation. They feel encouraged when they are appreciated. If your child loves art, let them create primarypieces with their little artistic fingers. Display these primarypieces on the wall of your kid’s bedroom to show them their work is valuable and worth the display. It will do wonders to their self-confidence. You never know, they might end up becoming a famous artist! Not to forget, this makes for a great kids’ bedroom wall art idea.

16. Wall Hooks

 Orcbee _Cartoon Over-The-Door Hook Rack 5 Hooks Hanger Storage Holder Hanging Coat Hat (A)


Wall hooks are a necessity in every room, be it an adult’s room or a kid’s room. Hooks can be used to hag toy storage baskets, clothes, bags, and what not! For your kid’s bedroom, cute, colorful, and funky hooks should be chosen. These minor details can have a major impact on the overall décor of the room. Plain walls look boring anyway so why not use some funky hooks and make the walls look not-so-boring?

17. Colorful Growth Chart

Trendypie Kids Flamingo Growth Chart Baby Roll-up Wood Frame Canvas Fabric Removable Height Growth Chart Wall Art Hanging Ruler Wall Decor for Nursery Room Bedrooms 79"x7.9"


Making a child eat healthily is nothing less than a challenge. You have to keep running after them to make them eat something that is healthy. Kids nowadays love snacking which is not healthy. But what if you give your child some real motivation? A colorful growth chart is one way to go about it. By displaying a colorful growth chart in your child’s bedroom, you give them a reason to eat healthily. Trust us when we say your kid will run to see how much they grew after every meal! This also makes a unique kids’ bedroom wall art.

18. Cute Storage Bag

HIKO23 Over The Door Closet Organizer, Wall Door Hanging Storage Bags with 3 Pockets for Bedroom & Bathroom


A kid’s bedroom can never have enough storage space. There would always be things lying around. Too many storage cabinets in a kid’s bedroom would leave no space for your child to play around. The best option is to use the walls. A cute storage bag hanging on the wall will not come in the way, serve the purpose, and make a great kid’s bedroom wall art!

19. Funky Wall Clock

Colorido Nordic Kids Room Decor,Wooden Wall Clock Cloud Raindrop Shaped Hanging Clock Nursery Bedroom Decoration,Novelty Battery Operated Clock Pink


A wall clock is essential to any room. Your kid might be too young to tell the time right now but he will learn as he grows up. A funky wall clock not only completes the room but also utilizes a plain wall. Adding color to plain and boring walls is very important to make the room look lively and fresh!

20. Rainbow Wall Hanging

Kraska Rainbow Wall Decor 14 x 17 inch Yarn Wall Hanging Room Decor, Wall Art Home Decoration for Living Room, Apartment, Baby Nursery Bedroom Decor - Hand Made in USA - Best Rainbow Home Decor


Color is the most important element for a kid’s bedroom. A colorful rainbow wall hanging is the easiest, cheapest, and a very effective way of incorporating colors to a boring wall, and eventually to the room. Kids love colors and a colorful wall hanging will grab your kid’s attention. Not only this, it will serve as a focal point if the remaining walls are kept simple.

Kids’ bedroom wall art is challenging yet a fun activity. It lets you be creative. It allows you to get to know your child better. Above all, wall art can make your child’s bedroom look warm, cozy, and welcoming!