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Useful Interior Design Statistics

Interior design statistics

What do people want to see when it comes to interior design? What elements will they refuse to live without? Designing by the numbers is a smart move if you want to maximize resale value and make more profit.

This data is enormously helpful if you’re renovating with a mind toward reselling. If you’re on the fence about a particular design element or you wish to know the general trends in design, this info is super valuable.

A gorgeous mudroom can be a huge selling point when it’s got the design elements people want to see most.

100+ Powder Room Design Statistics

A great powder room can boost a home’s value because it makes entertaining easier.

100 Living Room Design Statistics

What’s going to sell a living room? The designs that stand out to buyers make all the difference.

80 Enlightening Bedroom Design Statistics

Realtors talk a lot about the importance of kitchens and bathrooms…but it’s really hard to sell a home that doesn’t have a great bedroom design. Impress buyers with the elements they want to see most.


85 Fascinating Dining Room Design Statistics

The dining room is a central feature for holiday gatherings and important events, which means this space really matters when it comes to whole home design.

75 Useful Home Entry Hall Design Statistics

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure your home entrance is going to bring the “wow” factor immediately.



80 Home Office Design Statistics

What do you people need to work in a home office? The way the office is designed makes a huge difference.

100 Helpful Bathroom Design Statistics

They say that bathrooms are one of the main rooms that really sell a home. That’s why yours need to have an amazing design that others will love.

Home Theater Design Statistics

Having a home theater is a huge bonus for any house. But having one that’s gorgeously designed, that adds a lot to the asking price.

Laundry Room Style Design Statistics

A laundry room is really a workspace. Make sure yours is extremely well designed with all the practical features people want to see.

Basement Design Statistics

What makes a basement a great space to hang out, host parties and enjoy life? See which designs make basement owners happy.

Sunroom Design Statistics

Let the sunshine in with a beautiful sunroom design.

Pantry Design Statistics

The pantry isn’t a space that’s shown to guests but it’s essential nonetheless. How can you design a pantry that’s highly practical and well-organized?

Great Room Design Statistics

A great room is a great way to make a stunning impression. However, knowing the right way to design this space can be overwhelming. What do people most want to see in the great room?

Baby & Kids Room Design Statistics

Baby and kids’ rooms are essential for many. Wow potential sellers with gorgeous design elements that are going to make these spaces stand out.