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Living room interior design ideas, pictures and decorating tips.

Welcome to today’s gallery, featuring beautiful living rooms sporting an ottoman coffee table. Why specifically ottoman coffee tables, you may ask? To begin with, these are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have at your disposal. With myriad uses and placements even within a single room, this hybrid furniture can mean […]

A family room is the large space that usually includes a sitting area with sectional sofa and chair facing the fireplace and television (which can conveniently be concealed with sliding wood doors). What’s the difference between a family room and a living room? It depends.  Some homes use the living room as the family and […]

Fireplaces are, quite literally, the warmth of the home.  The soft, glowing light creates an ambience that can’t be duplicated. From a design perspective, a fireplace can showcase what a room’s style is all about. The fire symbolizes the warmth of friendship, generosity and comfort.  Because it invites these memorable feelings – a pause, relaxation, warmth, […]

Living rooms come in all sizes, colors, materials, textures, lighting and styles.  They also serve different purposes.  Some homes have a formal living room in addition to a more casual family room, while other homes have one living room serving as both family room and living room. But, what elements make a modern living room…modern? Modern […]

Bright colors can certainly spruce up the design of any room and the aim of this photo gallery is to give you ideas for incorporating some brightness into your design, especially red which can look good. There are 2 types of red rooms: 1.  Rooms with red accents 2.  Rooms with fully painted red But, […]

Orange living rooms aren’t terribly popular, but if you like bright, orange works. The key to decorating your living room with orange is to use restraint. In our collection of living rooms with orange below, you’ll see examples of orange gone wild as well as very nicely designed living rooms with a touch of orange. […]

See the rest of the above home here. Designed by Vertex Project Management If you are thinking of updating your living room with white furniture,you’ll want to consider white’s upsides and downsides pretty carefully before making the investment. White is pure, no question about that, and it does reflect a positive, bright atmosphere. In practical […]

Why is it important to have a great looking living room? Is it because it is where we commonly accommodate guests? Accept visitors? Or take some quality time discussing any and all aspects of life with family members? Whatever way you utilize your living room, it is always important that you are keen into planning and […]

We spent many hours pouring through 100’s of mansions in the USA to come up with this collection of mansion living rooms. During our search, one thing that surprised us was that many mansions we looked at didn’t have all that grand or great of living rooms. These houses are enormous, stately and had gorgeous […]

After your home is constructed and you have selected your furnishings, it is time to make its interior walls personal with the use of various paint colors that would highlight the mood or style you want. However, given the spectrum of colors available for people to choose from, it may be difficult to select one […]

Welcome to our guide to living room planning software! Room designing software can be tremendously helpful. It can help if you are looking to remodel your living room or simply want help visualizing what your design will look like in practice. There are many different programs, each with different features that are good at different […]

Welcome to our guide to living room or family room décor ideas! Decorating your living room can be a little bit of a trying task sometimes, particularly if you are starting from scratch. There’s a lot to decorating, including furniture, accessories, and all those little things that make a house a home. But we’re not […]

Welcome to our guide on pricing the construction and remodeling of your living room. Our goal is to explore the basic costs and elements you will need to consider when you are looking to build a living room. Important elements to consider include floors, ceilings, walls, appliances, and furniture, amongst others. This post won’t give […]

Welcome to our guide to living room furniture ideas! The living room is a very important room. It’s the room where guests are hosted and where many spend a great deal of their time. It is often the heart of your home and the room where people are drawn, which is why decorating it is […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a number of incredible living room designs created by Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors. Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors has a focus on staging services and providing high quality and custom furniture for designers and decorators. They are a popular choice among interior designers and well known for their high […]