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Former Art Museum in Sharon, CT (Listed for $20 Million)

Outside view of the house showcasing its gorgeous exterior. The sunset view from the home is just absolutely stunning.

The most discerning of homeowners might be interested to know about the Granary, an old home in New England which was recently listed as being for sale.

The statement concerning how it is an older house is true in the sense of the building’s history after its original construction in 1840, but the building date doesn’t give a true sense of how impeccably the home has been maintained over the years and how it has been renovated and refurbished to assure it’s kept at the height of modern architectural technology with features which might typically only be expected in newer buildings.

The house is well worth the $20 million dollar price tag, set by the Whitney Museum of American Art, the company endorsed by the last owner, Melva Brooks, who ran the property as both a home and museum.

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The house proper is a 9,000 square foot five-bedroom, six-bath home on a 51-acre lot in Sharon, Connecticut. The house is a wonderful place for entertaining guests for an afternoon or for extended stays, as it has wonderful open interior design and offers gorgeous views from multiple decks and porches of the surrounding countryside. Multiple fireplaces provide a comfortable and inviting source of heat and light which is bound to impress visitors. The private primary’s suite is spacious and the perfect area to relax, whether in the evening or when first waking up in the morning.

The main house is great for guests, nut the property also includes three separate guest houses. Each of these houses is designed to be just as impressive, considerably built to exacting standards anyone used to the nicest of houses will admire. A pool is located on the acreage, a wonderful means of exercise and relaxation during the summer months.

There are also gardens on the grounds along with a greenhouse for winter planting, and yet another small home designed to house the full-time groundskeeper as a lovely benefit to the job. A further notable point is how the property is fenced and gated for privacy and security and has a carefully designed landscape that is beautiful to look at and separates the land into distinct areas that give a further sense of privacy.

The Granary is a 14,000 square foot art gallery located in Litchfield County. It was built in 2009 by Structure Works construction company after being designed by architect Steven Learner. The building includes a general seating and guest area, display rooms for art and artifacts, and has two protected storage vaults accessible with a service elevator. The building is designed with appropriate backup systems to assure the temperature and humidity remain constant so any art or antiques are assumed to be stored in the best of conditions.

The package is listed for sale through the Klemm Real Estate agency in Washington, Connecticut with Graham, Peter, and Carolyn Klemm as the contacts to discuss making an offer through. The asking price is $20 million, a fair price considering everything that comes with the property and the historic value of the area.

Photo credit: Structure Works