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12 Types of Solid Wood Entry Doors for Your Home

Double wood front entry door in arch shape with windows.

The timeless, rustic beauty of a wood entry door is beyond compare. From their presence in colonial homes to their incorporation in contemporary architecture, wood entry doors are known for their versatility and customizability.

Every homeowner understands the importance of having a unique front door that both establishes curb appeal and complements a home’s overall aesthetic. Wood entry doors are known for their durability and elegant finish, although it can be hard to decide on the right one for your home due to their variety. They are available in various finishes, such as walnut, oak, cherry, mahogany, and more.

While you can’t go wrong with a wood entry door, there are certain designs that undoubtedly evoke a breathtaking response and are sure to stand out from the rest.

1. Knotty Alder Solid Wood Entry Door

Knotty alder arched front entry wood door with ornate columns on each side.

Knotty alder wood entry doors are perfect for achieving that woodsy look. These front doors are particularly appealing on white stucco homes for an eye-catching contrast like no other. They’re best in a speakeasy-style, with a square cutout in the middle overlaid by an iron grate in place of a peephole, allowing for easy communication with visitors.

2. Tuscan Style

Rustic Tuscan style wood front entry door with a series of glass windows.

Invite the feel of Florence into your home with this cottage-like front door that evokes the charm of the Italian countryside. Tuscan-style wood entry doors are similar to French doors in that they are laden with small windows. However, they typically come as a single door as opposed to a double like the French doors do. These doors shine on a Mediterranean home when paired with a sidelight and parallel lighting fixtures to emphasize the quaintness of this door’s roots.

3. Arched Mahogany

Arched mahogany double front door with large glass panels surrounded by brick exterior

An arched top mahogany double door signifies grandeur and luxury. These double doors are best-paired with a sidelight and transom for true luminosity. When complemented by an outdoor chandelier, they make for an entryway that can only be found in the most upscale estates. This door design is recommended for larger homes and mansions.

4. Hand-Carved (with Sidelites)

Hand-carved wood entry door on brick exterior house

The craftsmanship of a hand-carved wood entry door dazzles with its intricacy and elegance. These front doors highlight the cozy and comforting qualities of a smaller home, and fare well on their own. They do not need to be accessorized with sidelights or transoms to stand out. When paired with an antique doorbell and an outdoor wall lantern, your home will look like something fresh out of a Kinkade painting. Many manufacturers even make custom carved doors, allowing you to personalize your wood entry door with any scene you would like.

5. Olympus

Wood entry door with engraved Olympus rings

Named and styled after the Olympic rings, this wood entry door design goes with every kind of home. This kind of wood entry door is customarily manufactured with a darker finish, lending it that air of strength and stoicism. It is available entirely in wood, or with glass cutouts between, above, below, or within the rings. This is perhaps the most adaptable and affordable wood entry door design there is.

6. Tiffany

Tiffany style double wood front door with a diamond-like ring design

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this door is a close second. While it is not entirely clear why this wood entry door design is referred to as Tiffany, one can assume it’s due to the ring-shaped cutout in the middle that is reminiscent of the jewelry store’s popular stock. Understated yet tremendously beautiful, this front door embodies an effortless look. This door goes well with a more contemporary, geometric home. Its simplistic appearance is a match for the minimalism of modern architecture, while the rounded center provides contrast to a modern home’s cube-like shape.

7. Modern Wood Entry Door

Contemporary double dark wood and glass front entry door with geometric pattern

Another option for contemporary homes, this style is inspired by the mid-century modern movement. This style wood entry door is captivating both as a single and a double door. Many homeowners enjoy implementing this kind of door as a sliding door for a less-conventional look and feel. The sharp edges and clean lines of this door will give your home a sleek look, while the wood continues to make your entryway feel warm and inviting.

8. Rustic French

Rustic French style double wood door offering entry into the home

An everlasting classic and all-time favorite, rustic French doors are lauded for their versatility. These can be used as wood entry doors, patio doors, interior doors, wine cellar doors, and everything in between. Much like the Tuscan doors, they are reminiscent of the Mediterranean countryside. Unlike the Tuscan doors, they go with practically every kind of home there is.

9. Wood and Wrought Iron Front Door

Solid wood and wrought iron front door with sidelites

A popular front door material combination is wood and wrought iron. The iron adds a decorative element and in some cases additional security. Check out the custom built rustic wood and wrought iron front door above which is a great example using both of these materials.

10. Craftsman Wood Front Door

Craftsman wood front door

11. Teak

Teak wood front door


12. Wood and Glass Front Door

A very popular material combination is wood and glass. Selecting glass for your wood entry door is not easy, given there are many, many options. Here’s an example.

Solid wood and glass front entry door

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Switch It Up with Color

a. Door Colors

Arched green single front entry door made with solid wood

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The chocolatey stain of a traditional wood entry door is always charming, but many homeowners love to try out different colors. Red doors are always popular, but wood doors are also always appealing in a luminous white or contrasting black (especially on homes with white trim).

French wood entry doors are always lovely in a white finish, while traditional oak doors are beautiful in any color. For cottage-style homes, wood entry doors in a powdery blue or green with shutters to match are the epitome of small-town charm.

Modern homes can opt for dark gray, black or white.

b. Wood Shade

An important consideration when choosing a wood door is settling on a shade – light, medium or dark. Here are some examples.

i. Light Wood

Light solid wood front door for a residential home

ii. Medium Wood Shade

Medium Dark Wooden Front Door

iii. Dark Wood

Dark wooden front entry door

c. Door Trim

You should not overlook the door trim. You can opt for creating contrast such as white around a natural wood door or extend the same wood tone for the trim. Here are examples of both.

i. White Trim Wood Front Door

House wood front entry door with white trim

ii. Wood Trim on Wood Door

Wood trim on wood front door

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