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Jean Kerr’s Home in Larchmont, NY (Listed for $5.495 Million)

Jean Kerr's Larchmont NY home is on the market for $5.495 million. The 8,596 square feet home has six bedrooms and 7 baths. It features hand carved wood paneling, ceiling coffers, and fireplace mantles. It features a white sandy beach and views of Long Island Sound and Horseshoe Harbor.

This is a view of the house showcasing the brick exterior walls and walkways along with a full view of the courtyard that has a fountain and outdoor fireplace. Image courtesy of

If you dream of owning a home that was the set of a famous book, look no further than Jean Kerr’s Larchmont, NY home. It’s listed for $5.495 million. 

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Classic Luxury Home

The Kerr home is classy and unique. The 8,596 sq ft home has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a library, a walk-in closet, and a family room. It was built in 1901. The property includes a white sand beach and beautiful views of Long Island Sound and Horseshoe Harbor.

Breathtaking Details

The home has a striking amount of character. A concrete walkway leads to the imposing front door, flanked on each side with shrubs and flowers. The dark wood door is oversized and inset, with matching wood panels on each side. The door and panels are intricately hand-carved. It’s set against the red brick exterior of the home. 

The interior alcove features white brick walls and a rich dark tiled floor. The door continues all the way to the tall ceiling. It leads to a hallway and sitting room. 

The hallway and sitting room feature exposed wood beams and rich hardwood floors. The bottom half of the walls are carved wood panels, and the top half is white. 

The formal living room offers a stunning view with a window that encompasses most of one wall and wrought iron window panes. Carved wood panels adorn one wall. A large white fireplace with an intricate design brightens the space. The coffered ceiling is also made of hand-carved wood. 

A wrought iron staircase leads to the library. The wrought-iron balcony provides a view of the living room from the library. 

The primary bedroom is open and airy. It features hardwood floors and beige walls. A large white fireplace with an intricately carved mantle adorns one wall, across from the large bed. Large windows provide lots of natural light. 

The bedroom also features a kitchenette and minibar. Doors lead to the walk-in closet and the bathroom. 

The dining room has white walls and glass doors that lead to the courtyard. A rectangular wood table and upholstered beige chairs pair with beige curtains for a classy yet comfortable look. 

The large courtyard features a circular stonework fountain in the center. Mature trees and shrubbery provide a beautiful view and seclusion. The carillon bells from France can be seen above the courtyard. 

Claim to Fame

The residence has an interesting claim to fame. Jean Kerr released the book Please Don’t Eat the Daises in 1957. She penned the book in the home. More interestingly, the home is also the setting for the book. The book spawned a movie and a sitcom series. 

The Kerr family ended up purchasing the home by a happy accident. They were to look at a home across the street. It was unavailable, so they were shown the home they ended up buying. The Kerr’s resided in the home until their deaths. They successfully raised six children in the stunning home. 

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