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The Best Bed Frame Brands on the Market – Expert Picks

Nice bedroom set up with big padded bedframe

Introducing the Best Bed Frame Brands Out There! 

Long gone (maybe not so long, for some) are the days of walking into your new crushes home and being appalled. There’s no toilet paper in the bathroom, there’s 4 different Sriracha bottles on the kitchen counter, and in their bedroom, there is nothing but a mattress on the floor. 

I must confess that this phase of life wasn’t so long ago for me. I also must confess that that type of apartment doesn’t really perturb me too much at the end of the day. But the day I got myself a proper bed frame was the day I really truly started treating myself so a proper sleep. 

I don’t really need to explain to you why having a good sleep is important, but we will go into why having a proper bed frame can really help you along with that! There’s nothing like come home at the end of a hard day to a comfy cozy bed to cradle you into a glorious sleep. 

I’m sure you’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of bed frame options available online, and rightly so! With so much to choose from it’s easy to lose sight of what might be the best option for you. That’s why we brought in the big guns.

We’ve been working with a fabulous group of interior designers from all around the world, and for this article we asked them what their absolutely favorite bed frame brands are – and they delivered! These are names you can trust, so get ready to be inspired! 

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How to Choose the Perfect Bed Frame

Lovely wooden low platform bed in bedroom

Perks of a Bed Frame

There are so many studies that have been done that go into designing the perfect mattress, but a good bed frame comes as a close second when it comes to not only having a good sleep, but to starting your day out right, too!

Studies have shown that having a good height of bed frame makes it way easier for people to get out of bed in the morning. Being able to swing your legs over and stand up is known to make you feel more ready for the day than crunching up from the floor.

Having a nice bed frame also makes it so that not as much dust and dirt is blown up into your face when there is movement (this also means you may not feel like you have to change your sheets as often), more light is able to reach your bed from your bedroom window, and it also helps with the longevity of your mattress health because it’s able to breathe properly!

Choosing the Right One

The right bed frame for your bedroom is going to depend on a few things; space, storage, and aesthetic. There are some extravagant and chunky ones available if you have a ton of space, or maybe you could even get a murphy bed if you’re really tight on square inches! 

If you’re in dire need of some extra storage space, you could get a bed frame with drawers underneath of side tables built into the side. There are beds that can be lifted up to find more storage underneath, and other methods of space saving you may have never even thought of!

Now even though I put it last, aesthetic appeal is my personal number one priority when it comes to purchasing anything. If you’re having trouble deciding what your aesthetic is, pick your favorite item or piece of furniture and build from there. That way there is a cohesive, central theme that is apparent the minute someone walks into the room!

The Best Bed Frame Brands (According to Budget) 

In a world where even heads of lettuce are starting to get inordinately expensive, we appreciate that lots of folks are working within a tighter budget. That’s why we’ve organized the following section according to different budgets so that you can more easily navigate, and hopefully find the bed frame of your dreams. We’ve got frames for lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets.

Remember that all of the information provided below has been graciously provided to us from that wonderful group of interior designers that I mentioned earlier. If you’re interested in their services, portfolio, or projects, just click on the links in the article and you’ll be directed to their personal websites!

The Best Low Budget Bed Frame Brands


Amazing bedroom set up with lovely bed frame made by CB2

I was introduced to CB2 earlier this year, and it’s safe to say that it has become my number one most favorite furniture brand out there. Considering how stylish and beautiful their furniture pieces are, I am constantly shocked at how genuinely affordable they are. It just doesn’t make any sense! 

Usually when a company has this much style, you can expect to be dishing out a good chunk of change – you really get a bang for your buck if you decide to order from CB2. They’ve got everything delicious for your home, from mirrors and lamps all the way to modular sofas and bed frames.

Samuel Grout – a fantastic interior designer who we’ve been working with – has recommended CB2 to us more than once when we ask where to shop on a budget but still in style, so you know that it’s a trustworthy company. They’ve got pieces that are timeless both in design and in being well made. Here’s what Samuel has to say about his favorite bed frame model that they make: 

“For a high-end furniture and interior publication, CB2 really does have some great lower budget pieces available to consumers. Not only that, but they also offer something that is hard to find in tandem with a low budget, selection.

CB2 offers a wide array of products, but in this review we will be focusing on their beds. The Alchemy Bed, designed by Mermelada Estudio in Barcelona, this piece Featured in a New York Times publication. It is simple yet elegant. Its uniqueness is highlighted in their use of a powder coated rectangular tubing, offered in matte black or bronze.

The product’s durability is also shown here. This bed frame is merely a glimpse into CB2’s collection. They have many other frames that fall right into the categories of stylish, durable, simple, and importantly low cost. For the bang in your buck, CB2 is an excellent choice. For under $800, you can’t go wrong.”

Ashley Furniture

Gorgeous wooden bedframe in room made by Ashley Home Furniture

If you aren’t already familiar with Ashley Home Store, today is your lucky day! This is one of those wonderful home goods companies who is extremely reliable, affordable, and  they have a huge and diverse collection of products that they offer.

You can get anything from the Ashley Home Store, from baby toys to tooth brush holders. Ahmet Can Ozkara is an interior designer who comes well equipped with recommendations according to every type of budget out there. 

He likes shopping at the Ashley Home Store because he understands the delicate balance between affordability and durability. Here he tells us exactly why the bed frames they offer are sturdy and are more than likely to stand the test of time.

“Ashley Home Furniture uses really high quality materials in their designs. They use things like solid chipboard and MDF in its products, so you know that these items are reliable. On top of that, prices are very affordable. They have various models for you to choose from so there’s a little something for everyone.”


Amazing room set up with Bahra bed frame made by Made furniture

Andrea Zivic is an interior designer who understands that sometimes things need to have function and beauty at the same time, and this is often something she looks for when she’s designing a bedroom. That’s why she often supports a brand like Made, who treads that delicate line between being attractive but still being useful. 

She’s really come through with this recommendation and provided us with a bed frame that is not only beautiful but provides you with some cheeky extra storage. Made is well known for providing products that are wonderfully well made, easy to assemble, and affordable to boot.

The Bahra bed frame that she recommends is awesome because it has a plush headboard that makes your bed space super inviting, and the frame can also be lifted for a ton of storage space underneath. Here we have Andrea talking about why she has recommended this is as her favorite bed frame model: 

“Made offers an excellent price with excellent quality. We chose a bed of modern design with a low gray headboard. Designed with rounded edges, the Bahra is soft, padded and upholstered in washed gray cotton. It’s a great choice!”


Mala bed frame in white in bedroom set up made by Ikea

Ikea is one of those furniture companies that really needs no introduction. No one can really compare to Ikea for several reasons. Ikea has an incomparable number of items that they offer, and they have something available for every type of budget, too. Ikea is easy to assemble and people trust this company so much that you can easily resell the furniture item after. 

Now that I’ve introduced them even though I didn’t need to, let me introduce you to Mairead Belcher. Mairead is an absolutely awesome interior designer who does a great job of recommending to us furniture companies that are accessible to everyone, that’s a valuable thing to know!

As you know, Ikea has an array of different quality levels according to price, so Mairead has told us about her favorite bed frame model that has a great price point, that is attractive, and will also stand the test of time. Here’s what she has to say about the Mala Collection by Ikea: 

“Ikea’s Mala collection has a few styles of beds, but I will be talking about the pull-up storage bed from the Mala collection specifically. The Ikea Mala pull-up storage bed is a great budget-friendly bed for any design that needs to incorporate a storage element.

I prefer this bed over the side storage design as it works great for small space apartment rooms where side-opening storage can interfere with the surrounding furniture or walls. This design is also great for clients needing to maximize storage in their homes.

Aesthetically speaking, this bed simple has a modern, clean-line feel and comes in two colours. The flip-up base works on a hydraulic pump and is complete with plenty of storage underneath that is easy to assemble.”

The Best Moderate Budget Bed Frame Brands


Lovely simple wooden bed frame made by Thuma

I had never heard of Thuma before today, but now that I’ve read Samuel Grout’s description of why they’re fantastic, it has not become one of the top recommendations of this article. Let’s face it, with the way that things are manufactured these days, durability isn’t always in the mind of manufacturers.

That’s why it’s so exciting and relieving to hear about a company that hasn’t forgotten that longevity is truly the smartest way to be sustainable. I truly respect a company that thinks about the environmental impact that they have on the planet. 

Thuma is also wonderfully affordable considering that they use sustainably sourced materials, a lot of the items that they have on their website are customizable, and to boot, the stuff is simply gorgeous. But enough of me talking about it, let’s hear what the expert, Samuel Grout has to say about Thuma: 

“A new face on the block, Thuma has been making bounds and leaps through the furniture industry. Their main selling point- easy assembly. I’m here to shed just a bit more light on the subject.

Yes, this product is a breeze to assemble yourself, but it also is likely to last a few lifetimes. Their castle joinery connecting the legs and perimeter frame is likely not to be seen anywhere near Ikea, or in the trash. The use of solid wood materials also ensures this.

Amazingly, they are able to provide multiple different configurations and finish options along with their simple but durable product. This includes a pillow board vs. a headboard and all of the size configurations you will ever need, including a daybed size (comes with a pillow board surrounding 2 edges.

Using bamboo, they offer this frame in a natural, walnut, and espresso stain variation. For the pillow boards, they also provide three different muted tone finishes. Thuma has notably developed their own mattresses as well, making them a one stop shop for all your bedding needs. For around $1200 on the King size, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality these products ensure.” 


Amazing low storage Minotti bed frame in gorgeous master bedroom

Minotti Minotti Minotti. How I love Minotti. Minotti and I have been in a love affair for a little while now. There is not a single furniture company I’ve ever countered before that has successfully made me gasp every time I look at a piece of their furniture.

Much like CB2, Minotti is another one of those furniture brands where you will be shocked and very pleasantly surprised at the price, considering how simply gorgeous their items are. With timeless Italian designs, Minotti treads along this incredible line of being fashionable, useful, and extremely well made. 

Ahmet Can Ozkara has recommended Minotti to us more than once, and he was the one who initially introduced me to them in the first place. And thank goodness, too. The pieces they offer will bring a level of funk and style to your room that other furniture brands wish they could achieve. 

“The prices of beds designed by Minotti are suitable according to the design and the quality of the products. Their designs are modern and contemporary. The fabrics of the products are durable like 40dns and real metal and timber woods are used in the skeletons.”

Ahmet is very to the point when he talks about furniture. He provides you with the rational reasons why Minotti is amazing, and I provide you with the flourish and fluff. 


Sunny bedroom scene with metal bed frame made by Cantori

Now I’m a believer that simplicity is King. Cantori is a furniture company that clearly believes in that, too. I like purchasing minimally designed items not only because they can be fit into any room, but I can dress them up or down as I please, and they end up being way easier to deal with if you ever have to move or you like changing your furniture around once a month like I do.

Cantori is really a triple threat. The items they provide are beautiful, affordable, and most importantly Cantori is dedicated to ensuring that their impact on the environment is minimal. Inspired by vintage Italian designers, any item you place in your home will bring a certain level of elegance and fun. 

Andrea Zivic is always so spot on when it comes to providing us with recommendations, and she’s even given us her favorite model of bed frame made by Cantori. Here is what she has to say about the Urbino bed frame: 

“The Urbino bed by Cantori is one that carries with it durability, since it is made of solid metal. This bed frame is designed so that attention was paid to every detail. This furniture brand is dedicated to quality and durability. In other words, you truly can’t go wrong with choose Cantori.”


Stunning white boucle bed frame in show room made by CB2

The fact that Cb2 is being recommended twice here, in two different budget levels, just goes to show not only how versatile they are, but also how reliable and beloved they are. You can truly find something that is overwhelmingly gorgeous and shockingly affordable, all at the same time. That’s a hard thing to achieve! 

There’s something extra luxurious about a plush headboard. And while I’ve never really liked headboards on my bed frame, I might make an exception for the amazingly beautiful recommendation that Mairead Belcher has provided for us today.

If you decide to purchase a bed frame from CB2, you can be sure that you’re going to have a piece of furniture that comes equipped with a timeless design, a bed that will probably out last your lifetime, and all of your friends will be asking you where it came from. This is what Mairead has to say about her favorite model that they offer: 

“CB2’s Diana white low-platform bed is sexy and stylish. The use of soft curves throughout the headboard and base design creates a timeless feel to this piece, fully upholstered in boucle fabric, creating a cloud-like feeling.

I like to use low platform bed in my designs as they create more space in the room and feels less bulky, which is excellent, especially when most people don’t have tall ceilings in their homes. This piece truly adds luxury to a design.”

The Best Luxury Budget Bed Frame Brands


Truly gorgeous platform Surfboy bed frame made by Doublebutter

With a name like Doublebutter, you would never know that this is a furniture company. Maybe they’re being sneaky on purpose. Elite companies tend to do that kind of thing, because when you make a product that is unparalleled in beauty you really don’t need to advertise too much.

With a name like Doublebutter, you can kind of guess that this is a furniture brand that has luxuriousness as their first priority, so it’s clear that they had to be our first recommendation in the luxury budget section. 

Samuel Grout can really do it all. He designs furniture, he designs rooms, and the way that he talks about furniture just lets you know that you should really believe anything that he says. I mean, just listen to him talk about the Doublebutter SURFBOY bed. This is totally out of my price range but I’m just gonna do it anyway! 

“Doublebutter! A brand so nice they named it twice! Its really tough to beat handmade and bespoke quality in the age of consumerism we find ourselves in. Though they only offer two products in the category of bedding, they really are something to write home about.

Easy assembly is found here, but that’s not all. This bunch really has a knack for angular modern design. The angles found at leg joinery and headboard display are just gorgeous. Speaking of which, look at those legs!

The depth here is astonishing, all the while keeping a very light feeling form- gorgeous. And not to mention the versatility in material and finish options. Something else that they’ve also accomplished and is sometimes hard to find on the market is material mixing- and they still offer all those finish options. For $2400 for their SURFBOY Bed, it might not be the easiest choice, but it is certainly one you’ll only have to make once.”

Michael Amini

Sleigh style wooden bed frame made by Michael Amini

Now a lot of the models and brands that we’ve been recommending throughout this article have been very sleek and minimal, which I understand is all the rage nowadays. So I figured it would be prudent to provide a model that had a totally different vibe to it.

This one is gaudy. And I don’t use the word gaudy in a bad way! Michael Amini is a furniture company that makes furniture that is meant to be the centre of attention. Not only that, they create furniture that is incredible well designed and well made to boot.

You can always rely on Ahmet Can Ozkara to introduce you to a company that makes items that are entirely unique. He seems to gravitate towards companies that like to think outside the box, and that’s something that I really appreciate. Here’s what he has to say about Michael Amini designs: 

Michael Amini Designs create their products with the most eye-catching and dazzling craftsmanship and workmanship, and all other furniture companies find them hard to beat in that way. Every detail amazes people and I always recommend their products to clients.

Michael Amini designers use chestnut, oak, elm and hornbeam hardwood in their products. There are marble engravings among the wooden details, and a ton of other gorgeous additions that you’ll just have to find out for yourself!”


Beautiful brown bed frame on white background made by Laskasas

Laskasas is a very interesting company. They have tons of customizable products available on their website, their items are hand crafted and designed by “the wisest Portuguese artisans”, they have tons of benefits for people who work in the trade (real recognized real) and they’re known to have incredible customer support that will be with you along your entire purchasing process. After all, when you invest in something that is expensive, you want to know that it’s going to last forever in your home.

As you may have already noticed, it is so clear that Andrea Zivic is a wonderfully well rounded interior designer. She gives excellent recommendations according to every price point, and nothing is sacrificed by means of affordability. Here is what Andrea has to say about her preferred bed frame design: 

“Laskasas truly comes through with their Harry Bed. The simple and unique design of this bed is simple and stylish. With an accented headboard, this be frame is intended to provide nothing but an elegant but still comforting look in your bedroom.”

Whitehall Restoration Hardware 

Beautiful dark hardwood bed frame on black background made by Whitehall

You know when you can just tell that a company is a really high quality company just because of the font that they choose? Well, let me introduce you to Whitehall Restoration Hardware. This company is hard to beat when it comes to furniture that is created with clean lines and durability in mind. 

Mairead Belcher is so diverse with her recommendations. She knows how to do the young and funky thing, she knows how to do the modest and sleek thing, she knows how to do the overstated and unique thing, and here she knows how to do the organic and gorgeous thing. This is what Mairead has to say about her favorite bedframe: 

“The Whitehall elegantly crafted solid oak Platform bed is perfect if you want a statement piece in your bedroom. This bed’s construction is flawless, and one of my favourite beds on the market.

The seamless construction of the platform is raised on a recessed plinth base, while the headboard is offset from the back and set at an angle. This clean-finished postmodern look works excellent in designs and is always my go-to for higher-end residential designs.”


And so marks the end of our journey together, folks. I don’t know about you but I’m not dreaming of California kings with Japanese style, low platform bed frames in my future. Searching for new furniture is so fun even if you aren’t in the market.

But for those of you who are on the intentful furniture hunt, hopefully you have managed to find either a new favorite furniture company, or maybe even the bed frame of your dreams! And if not, I’m sure you have at least found some inspiration going forward.

Again, I would like to thank those absolutely amazing interior designers who have made this comprehensive list of furniture brands possible. They are providing us secular folks with some really valuable information, and we’re so grateful! 

Happy shopping and happy snuggling!