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The Best Modular Sofa Brands (According to the Experts!)

Gorgeous modular sofa in modern living room setting

Choosing the Best Modular Sofa Brand 

Nowadays, us consumers are just spoiled for options. There are so many different types of sofas out there that you can buy: recliners, sectionals, leather sofas, sleeper sofas, loveseats, giant L shaped sofas, and lately, modular sofas have been all the rage! 

We’re spoiled for options in more ways than one when it comes to purchasing a modular sofa. The whole point behind a modular sofa is that you can choose how you would like it configured on any given day.

It’s a wonderful option if you’re the type of person who is constantly re-arranging their home depending on your mood, the day of the week, the type of dinner party, or if you’re just procrastinating. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect modular sofa, you are in for a real treat! We have contacted a fine group of interior designers from around the world and they’ve shared with us all of their favorite modular sofa brands. So you don’t have to take my rambling word for it, take theirs! They’re the pros! 

If modular sofas aren’t your thing, we have asked those same designers about their favorite Leather Sofa Brands, Sectional Sofa Brands, Coffee Table Brands (we all need accessories!), and Recliner Sofa Brands. In this handful of articles, you are sure to find precisely what you need to complete your space. 

Why Purchase a Modular Sofa? 

Now, if the term “modular sofa” is a new one to you, you are not alone! This type of sofa is a pretty new adaptation, and I only heard of them within the past couple of years. Before I can convince you to purchase a modular sofa, let me explain what it is! 

Aerial view of living room setting with chairs, coffee table, and modular sofa

What is a modular sofa?

A modular sofa is a specific type of sofa where each individual piece that makes up the entire thing can be arranged into different configurations. Each side of the sofa is completely covered with upholstery, whereas you’ll notice that with a regular sofa, if the arms come off, you’ll notice that upholstery isn’t covering all sides.

This allows for you to take apart each piece and arrange it however you like. Each modular piece attaches to another using crocodile clips. These are inconspicuous little clips that have a zig zag bracket on one side, and a triangle post on the opposite piece. 

Modular sofas are very modern looking and are usually quite minimal. Being able to take the couch apart kind of demands for each piece to be more or less identical, and the minimalism comes from creating a seamless look no matter how you configure them. 

What are the pros to a modular sofa?

A modular sofa is an excellent option if you like change. The thing about furniture, is that once you choose a piece, the only way it can be slightly altered is by throwing some throw pillows on there or a big blanket. This is not the case with a modular sofa!

Modular sofas – depending on how many pieces you purchase – can be arranged into an L shaped sectional, a one-sided sectional, a super long sofa, or you can even do a loveseat with ottomans. The possibilities are endless, and this also allows for you to be able to fit the sofa in all sorts of different places in your living space as well. 

What are the cons to a modular sofa? 

Now all of that sounds very appealing, doesn’t it? When it comes to appearance and ease of use, there are absolutely no cons to purchasing a modular sofa. The only thing that buyers may take issue with, is the price of a modular sofa.

Because each individual piece of the modular sofa has to be covered in upholstery, this requires much more material, time spent creating the piece, and superb craftsmanship. Additionally, because they are not permanently held together, the mechanisms used to keep the sofa together must also be of the highest quality. 

Now, if price isn’t an issue for you, then you should be well on your way to purchasing a modular couch. But if you’re on a tight budget, it may be challenging to find one that fits within your budget.

If you ever see a used modular sofa on Facebook Marketplace, swipe it up! Because they’re a much newer type of sofa, it is quite rare to find a used one, so take advantage of that opportunity. 

The Best Modular Sofa Brands (According to Budget)

Now for the good stuff! Around here, we appreciate that every person is on a completely different budget, but that shouldn’t prevent you from finding the absolutely perfect sofa for you. That’s why we’ve organized the following section according to budget: lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets. 

All of the following information has been graciously provided by that wonderful group of interior designers that we mentioned before. If you’re interested in getting to know them and their projects a little bit better, you can head over to The Best Sectional Sofa Brands where we introduce each interior designer with a link to their website! 

The Best Low-Budget Modular Sofa Brands


Lovely brown leather modular sofa set in living room made by Belleze furniture

Belleze introduces itself as an “Affordable Modern Furniture Company” and that is exactly right. We’re starting this list out strong with this furniture company, and we have Ahmet Can Ozkara to thank for this recommendation.

He’s a fabulous interior designer who is dedicated to sourcing furniture for his clients from companies that are mostly family owned, lesser known, and provide customers with some funky and unique furniture pieces.

Belleze is a wonderful company because they make having fabulous furniture attainable to people from all budget points. They have managed to strike the perfect balance between providing affordable pieces without sacrificing style. This is what Ahmet Can Ozkara has to say about Belleze: 

“Products made by the Belleze furniture brand are very inexpensive. In general, modular sofas consist of 2 or 3 L-shaped pieces. They have a traditional style while maintaining a contemporary look. Belleze manufacturers uses special space cotton backrests that are soft and fit back. They also use quality springs with high flexibility and moderate comfort. These modular sofas are very easy to install.”


Amazing modular sectional sofa on white background made by Allform Furniture

Allform is like the new Ikea! It’s basically your one stop shop for everything homeware. It’s an amazing company to know about if you’re just moving into a new place and need to get a bunch of things for your home, and this includes modular sofas!

Andrea Zivic (who works at Infinity Interior) is used to working with all sorts of different clients, and Allform is her go-to furniture company for people who are operating under a tighter budget. Allform is  fantastic because on top of all of their established furniture products, they also have options for customization as well! This is what Andrea has to say about their modular sofas: 

“Comfort and aesthetic appearance is something that first attracts us to the chosen sofa. That is why modular sofas are a piece of furniture that we often encounter in interiors. Whatever the design and materialization, modular sofas look very nice in any living space you put it in. Prices always vary depending on the seat number, the size, the material…but Allform has something for everyone.”

Rove Concepts 

Absolutely gorgeous white modular sofa on white background made by Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts is quite the company to beat. Once you visit their website, you’ll understand. Considering how cool, modern, and unique their designs are, we find that you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by their semi-affordable pricing. 

This isn’t the first time that Rove Concepts has been recommended to us, and I’m sure that it won’t be the last. Artur Baja is an interior designer that has shared that Rove Concepts is one of his absolute favorite furniture companies, and he tries to use their products as often as he can.

Not only because of the modern style, but because they are dedicated to providing high quality products at attainable prices. Artur loves Rove Concept’s modular sofa collection for this reason: 

“This brand is one of my favorites. They have so many choices, especially in the modern style which is very popular right now.  I use RoveConcept products in those projects that require me to be careful with the price.The prices are reasonable and affordable by the majority of people.”


Gorgeous orange corduroy sectional modular sofa made by Article furniture

I’m starting to notice that there are a few big names that all of the interior designers seem to be using lately, and Article is usually at the top of the list. Article is a fantastic brand that takes a ton of inspiration from the mid-century modern design movement, but brings fun little contemporary twists to them.

This is my exact ideal type of furniture, and that seems to be the case for Tina Martindelcampo as well, who is a wonderful interior designer from the United States.

Article is super cool because they sell each modular piece individually on their website, so you can mix and match colors, fabrics, and whatever else you’d like if it fits your fancy! Here is what Tina has to say about Article’s modular sofa collection: 

“Not only does Article stand out in the world of modular sofas, but their price point can’t be beat. The modular sofas from Article can be more flexible with organizing your space because the pieces can be moved around to create the desired look depending on room size.

The pieces can be arranged in an L-shaped or U-shaped design or even as a sofa. Another bonus is that you can use the chaise piece as an ottoman for your sofa, if you choose not to create a sectional with it. When you have visitors over, you have the ability to change up the design of the sofa for that night depending on the size of your crowd. 

The Article modular styles tend to be more modern or mid-century, but because they are so streamlined, many of their sofas can be used with multiple design styles. They offer versatile options for fabrics that are extremely durable that you can kick back and relax in.” 

PB Teen 

Sweet fuzzy white modular sofa made by PB Teen

We’ve been working with Mairead Belcher for a few weeks now – a fantastic interior designer from Ireland who recently moved to Vancouver, BC – and she just cannot get enough of Pottery Barn, and neither can we! But did you know that there was a teen section for Pottery Barn?

(See, I’ve used this method before because I’m a bit of a smaller person, but sometimes I’ll shop in the kids clothing section and get an XL in a t-shirt, because the pricing is so much better! It’s like ordering from the kids menu at a restaurant.)

Mairead has introduced this wonderful hack, and has encouraged to check out the Pottery Barn Teen section! Not only has she introduced to the site, but Mairead is recommending a specific model of modular sofa. Here’s what she has to say about the 3-piece Baldwin Sectional by PB Teen: 

“PB Teen is not just for teens. This three-piece Baldwin sectional can be brought as a set or individually so you can configure your unique modular design to fit any space! As well as being super flexible, each seat contains storage underneath, making it perfect for clients looking to increase storage within their homes.

The overall modular design incorporates traditional elements to meet modern design. The Baldwin’s robust boxy shape, upholstered in a beautiful Carmel vegan leather with a square tufting design, makes for a feature piece in the home. This product is also green guard gold certified to help with the ongoing want to create a healthy indoor lifestyle for ourselves.”

The Best Moderate-Budget Modular Sofa Brands 

GDF Studio 

Gorgeous backyard patio set up with modular sofa made by GDF Studio

Ahmet Can Ozkara is the first person to recommend to us a company that specialized in modular sofas but for your outdoor space! Genius! Now that I think about it, when I’m about to have people over, I spend far more time rearranging my patio than I do arranging my furniture indoors.

If you’re the type of person who loves having barbecues, getting a modular sofa could be the way to really step up your bbq game! GDF Studio makes really beautiful outdoor patio sets, and they have an extensive modular collection.

It’s important that your patio furniture can withstand weathering, and GDF ensure that it will. This is what Ahmet had to say about GDF Studio: 

“Products of this brand have a long-lasting woven coating. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it also has a contemporary look. Made of lightweight aluminum that creates a durable frame. This material makes it rust-resistant which will further extend the life of the product.

This brand’s modular tables feature tempered glass for a smooth, glossy look that offers a stable surface for drinks and food. This glass is made to be stronger and safer than regular glass, making it more resistant to shattering and cracking.”


Beautiful living room scene with lovely cream modular sofa made by Joybird

Joybird is a truly incredible company that is bringing customizable furniture to the next level. A lot of the time when I visit customizable furniture sites, the prices feel very unattainable to me, but that is not the case with Joybird, and we have Andrea Zivic to thank for that recommendation! 

“Joybird has a very large selection of colors and materials.Need more space? Simply add another chair or armless seat and you have a customized place to relax.”

Once you visit the site, you’ll understand what we mean. They have a huge handful of colors and fabrics to choose from, you can decide the depth and height of your modular pieces, and you can even choose the fill of your cushions! 

There are so many different sizes to choose from. If you thought that a designed modular sofa was already brimming with options for your space, getting a customized one really brings that to the next level. Joybird is awesome, Andrea Zivic is awesome, and modulars are awesome! 


Incredible multicolored modular sofa set on white background made by Minotti

Ugh, I’m so happy that I get to talk about Minotti again. I was only introduced to the Minotti furniture company a few weeks ago, and the photos they have on the site are so gorgeous that I could cry. Seriously. Go to their website and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s like all of those interior design shows on Netflix blended up and spat out by the interior design Gods. Whatever that means.

Artur Baja suggested we look into Minotti for their modular collection. These folks really know what they’re doing. They’ve taken the modular idea and really just go off the rails with it. These items are just so fun, so chic, so unique, you can’t afford not to get one! This is what Artur Baja has to say about Minotti modulars: 

“For all types of sofas, Minotti takes the first place for quality, their design is unique and worked in detail. I try to use it as often as possible in my projects because Minotti sofas fit very well, especially in large spaces. Another favor that Minotti gives us is that we have a lot of choice, and we can easily find Minotti products in 3D format to import into our project.”


Gorgeous forest green modular sofa in living room scene made by Anthroliving

So you’ve heard of Anthropologie and their perfectly boho-chic collection of clothing and accessories, but have you heard of Anthroliving? Basically take all of your absolute favorite Anthropologie dresses, stuff them with down feathers, and you have the most gorgeous sofas of all time.

Anthroliving makes absolutely gorgeous homeware, available for every budget type. Mairead Belcher loves using Anthroliving for those clients of hers that have a little bit more of a kitschy taste in their home, and it’s obvious why!

These designers aren’t afraid to bring some fun to their designs and they are also trying out really gorgeous and unique textiles for their upholstery. Mairead Belcher recommended the 6-piece Bowen Modular sofa for this list: 

“Anthropologie’s six-piece Bowen modular sofa brings flexibility and class all under one umbrella. Its flexibility in design allows you to create a layout to suit any space. The Bowen Modular has clean lines and simplistic leg details that give this piece elegance while executing that minimalistic modern design. Not only does this piece have flexibility in its layout, but it also comes in various upholsteries for you to choose from.”

The Anthroliving modular collection is awesome because you can mix and match between different colors and upholsteries if that suits you! The beauty about modulars is that you can make them as big or small as you like, leaving room in any type of living space. 

The Best Luxury-Budget Modular Sofa Brands


Amazing light gray modular sofa in living room display made by Homeroots furniture

Homeroots is the epitome of home comfort. This is a classic brand that prioritizes providing high quality products, high quality customer services, and they prioritize longevity of products as well. What’s not to love? Ahmet Can Ozkara recommends this furniture company because more than anything else, clients want something that is going to last. 

The modular collection on the Homeroots website is absolutely enormous, and you are sure to find the perfect indoor or outdoor modular sofa that will fit your needs. They’ve got minimalistic and chic, they’ve got gaudy and ornamental pieces, and everything in between. Go check it out!

“The Homeroots furniture brand uses first class materials and genuine fabrics in all of its products. Modular sets work seamlessly with each other and their designs are beautiful. It can be used comfortably in any outdoor area because the products are resistant to water and harsh weather conditions. This modular includes thick and comfortable cushions with removable/washable covers. It is easy to maintain and suitable for year-round use.”

Maiden Home 

Gorgeous small modular bone colored sofa made by Maiden Home

Maiden home is just one of those super dependable, classic, family directed furniture companies. They’ve got style, they’ve got class, they’ve got some really high quality furniture on their website but not at a price that is so outrageous it would deter you from shopping there.

Andrea Zivic loves having the opportunity to use Maiden Home with a client because she knows that this is a furniture company this is going to deliver. Their designs usually scream luxury and comfort at the same time, which is a hard line to balance on! Andrea says:

“Maiden Home always delivers with a contemporary look; this brand exudes luxury. Carefully selected high quality materials will give your home a special shine.”

Short, simple, and sweet. I usually believe a recommendation when it comes in a small package. Just the other day, someone told me they read a book that changed their life and I said “no more!” Maybe this modular sofa will change your life, too! 


Beautiful white modular sofa in sunny living room made by Arhaus furniture

Everything that you see on the Arhaus website looks like it could be a still life painting. Do you ever just see something so beautiful that it makes you groan a little bit? Well, maybe you should consider going to a private room for your first Arhaus online viewing. 

Arhaus designers really understand style, they understand comfort, they understand longevity and durability, they understand how to make a furniture item timeless. We have Mairead Belcher to thank for this wonderful recommendation, and she has even provided us with her favorite model of modular that they provide: 

“Arhaus’s Beale modular sofa interconnects design, flexibility, comfort, durability and sustainability and executes it with a modern chic sofa that does not disappoint. Although this sofa comes with a high-end price tag, there are many factors to consider.

This stylish design factors in the sustainability of each piece, from the frame to the core of the cushions. Arhaus uses stain-resistant high-performance fabrics, so you don’t need to worry about any spillages! Cushions and seats are constructed of memory foam fibre,  foam and flexible webbing, padded with down, providing cloud-level comfort. Making it my number one option for sexy chic furniture!” 

If you’re operating with a more flexible budget, Arhaus could be the ideal company for you. Because they have a higher budget to use the absolute best materials, an Arhaus modular sofa could very well be that last sofa that you ever have to buy. Think about it! 


And voila. There you have a wonderfully comprehensive list of the best modular sofa brands from around the world. Hopefully you have been inspired to find your perfect modular couch, and now you see that there’s something for everyone in every price range! 

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to add a new line to my monthly budget spreadsheet so that I can eventually afford one of those gorgeous modular sets from Minotti. To die! Happy shopping and get modular, baby! (Ew, I’m sorry for that last bit.)