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The 11 Best Bunk Bed Brands

Adorable children's room set up with bunk bed and tipi fort

Introducing the Best Bunk Bed Brands

Bunk beds were always part of my childhood. My sister and I used to share a bunkbed when we were little, and when we were old enough to have our own rooms, we both chose to have our own bunk beds (those super fun lofted kinds). 

Some of my fondest memories from childhood come from my room. My family and I moved around a lot, and so I became very good at arranging my room the way I wanted. My favorite part was always what type of little haven I would create under my top bunk. 

You’re probably here because you’re in the market for a bunk bed for your own child, and I must say I think that’s a wonderful choice. The simple act of having a more-than-averagely fun bed creates a special room for your kid. 

In an effort to extend this opportunity for creating fun and cozy memories, we’ve compiled a list of all of the best brands out there who make bunk beds – but we couldn’t do it alone. We’ve asked a wonderful group of interior designers what their opinions are on the best brands, and they came through!

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Beautiful hardwood bunk bed in young children's room

Why Choose a Bunk Bed? 

There are so many different types of bunk beds out there with different arrangements. Besides the fact that they’re super fun and bring a unique quality to your children’s room, they are actually amazing space savers! 

Have you ever thought about how much space is wasted in the top portions of rooms? Well, a bunk bed is an awesome way to utilize that space, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a bunch of extra rooms in your home.

As long as you have bed tenants who are willing to share a room, using a bunk bed is a great way for space saving. Instead of having two beds arranged next to one another or on the other side of a room, having them stacked is not only fun, but a very smart way to save space.

Or, maybe you just have one kid but they still want a bunk bed. Many brands offer bunk beds with just the top bunk, so that you can do whatever you like with the space underneath! I had an arrangement like this when I was growing up, and it was such a fun and comfortable nook, I always looked forward to returning to my bedroom at the end of the day.


The Best Bunk Bed Brands (According to Budget)

Now we can appreciate that everyone is working within a different budget, so that’s why we’ve arranged the following section according to different budgets: lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets. 

Don’t forget that if you are in the market for a lower budget bunk bed, don’t forget about looking for a used one! It is certain that your child is going to grow up eventually and will no longer fit into a bunk bed, and they have to go somewhere! Check out your Facebook Marketplace page to see if there are any used ones available! Remember, re-using is the best way to be sustainable. 

All of the following information has been graciously provided by that wonderful group of interior designers that we mentioned earlier. In the article we have linked to each designers personal website just in case you’re interested in their projects or services! 

The Best Low Budget Bunk Bed Brands 


Very cute cabin bunk bed made by Pkolito furniture

I had never heard of P’kolino before this recommendation from Samuel Grout, but I am immediately obsessed. I don’t even have children yet but I am surely going to keep this company in mind for when I do — their stuff is just to die for!

The first thing I saw on their website was the Treehouse Bunk Bed and it is so cute it’s pretty hard to handle. This is really the company you gotta know if you’re looking for fun, but tasteful furniture for your kid’s bedrooms. 

Samuel Grout has really come through with this recommendation. Samuel works for Bocote Design, and so he knows all there is to know not only about designing a room but designing furniture itself. If he recommends a brand, I know it’s a brand I can trust. Here’s what he has to say about P’kolino: 

“P’Kolino has found their target audience with this one. While bunk beds aren’t strictly for children, they usually are. Knowing this, they’ve made their bunk bed designs super playful as well as durable – after all, kids can be hard on furniture!

We especially love their muted though colorful palette used in these pieces. Fun, but not obnoxious. From their very imaginative forms to finish and material options, it’ll be tough to find a bunk that your kids won’t love- and for parents, the price point is generally very competitive.”


Amazing double and twin bunkbed in childrens bedroom made by Costway furniture

It’s not every day that you find a company that is affordable and that has items for the entire family. Let me introduce you to Costway. It is the absolute perfect furniture company for you if you want things that are tasteful, fun, well made, and affordable! 

We have a wonderful interior designer named Ahmet Can Ozkara who has provided us with this top notch recommendation. Ahmet is used to working with all kinds of different clients, and Costway is a brand that he likes to use when designing a kids room. Here is what he as to say about their bunkbeds: 

“Crafted from high quality wood and MDF, this bunk bed is super durable and stable for long-term use. The heavy-duty frame and stable connections make each bed strong enough to hold up to 435lbs.

Designed with high guardrails, this bunk bed creates a safe environment for children to sleep. And the inclined 5-step ladder enables children to climb up and down safely and conveniently.

With practical and multifunctional design, this bunk bed can be divided into 2 single beds, which can meet your requirements in different periods and places. What’s more, this space saving bunk bed is ideal for children’s room, dormitory, apartment and other limited space.”


Simple wooden bunkbed in childrens room made by Ikea

I know that Ikea has been around for a long time and it is super well known – so much to the point that we make sometimes forget about it! But we shant! Every time I am reminded of Ikea, I remember just how reliable and wonderful of a company that they can be.

I mean, have you ever heard of a bunk bed for less than $300? It’s unheard of! Now we have to be honest here and recognize that though a $300 bunk bed is not going to last for generations, it is still a great option for folks who only need one for a few years and have kids that hopefully aren’t too rambunctious. 

Andrea Zivic is an interior designer that we’ve been working with for a little while now and she is always so on it with the recommendations. Though Ikea is a super well known company already, Andrea knows a steal when she sees one. Here’s what she has to say about her preferred model, the Mydal

“When we talk about the children’s room, this is a model model that can be suitable for another children’s room, regardless of their gender or style. It can look very nice in a room with matching bedding and pine-colored furniture. It is made of solid wood for durability, and the plain style allows for the bedroom owner to decorate how they’d like!”

To give you a better indication just how popular Ikea is, it was recommended twice when we asked our group of interior designers when their preferred low budget bunk bed brand was! Mairead Belcher is a fantastic, up and coming interior designer who is not a stranger to Ikea’s amazing and affordable projects: 

“The Ikea Mydle bunk bed is super reasonable for a solid wood piece of furniture. This simple, clean, line bunk bed finished in a natural pine bunk bed is quite versatile for a creative homeowner. It can be painted and designed to fit the aesthetics of the children’s room or simply left in its natural finish, adding layers of fun pillows and throws can improve the overall look and make it feel more high-end.”

The Best Moderate Budget Bunk Bed Brands


Very cute kids room with white bunk bed made by AllModern

AllModern has been recommended to us more than once, and that is because they tread the delicate line between being stylish, well made, and very affordable. AllModern has a little something for the entire family and it could be your new one stop shop for everything for your home.

Sometimes folks who make kids furniture can go a little bit overboard with the bright colors and intense images. This can totally be your style, but if it isn’t, AllModern is a good name to know if you want a bunk bed that is a little bit more modest looking and can therefore be decorated as you like.

Samuel Grout is known for having extremely tasteful and a minimal style, and this is reflected in the preferred furniture brands that he recommends. It is not different when it comes to kids furniture. Here is what he has to say about the bunkbeds that AllModern makes: 

“Allmodern ought to be up there on overall furniture brands, as they consistently make the grade across all styles and types of furniture, and their bunkbeds are no exception. They have designs for young adults and children alike.

This especially is shown in their very luxurious and high end finish options. A lot of white and natural tones. With a modest but fair price point and the option for financing, it’s hard to say no. Easy assembly can also be found here.”

Montana Woodworks 

Gorgeous wooden bunkbed with bedding made by Montana Woodworks furniture

A lot of the time children’s furniture is designed to be very bright and colorful, and that isn’t always everyone’s style. Montana Woodworks is a great name to remember if you like to have a more rustic and organic look in your home. 

Considering the prices of the bunk beds, the quality and craftsmanship that Montana Woodworks offers is uncanny. These pieces of furniture will truly stand the test of time, and this is a bunk bed that you could pass down for generations, from your kids, to their kids, to theirs. 

I always love seeing the brands that Ahmet Can Ozkara recommends because he always recommends a brand that I’ve never heard of before, and they usually offer incredible unique and beautiful pieces. Here is what Ahmet has to say about Montana Woodworks: 

“Montana Woodworks is a great brand if you’re within a moderate budget but looking for something very well made. The products of this brand are a little more rustic in style and unusual. Both the top and bottom bunk beds have a “board bunk” mattress support.

Skilled craftsmen patiently peel the pillars of the bunk beds using old-fashioned pull knives. For safety reasons, the upper and lower bunk beds cannot be separated. The headroom between the lower and upper bunks is approximately 44”. The maximum mattress thickness for the top bunk is 8″. Their products are handcrafted in the USA using genuine forest post pine.”

Plank & Beam 

Impressive bunk bed in kids room made by Plank and Beam

Plank & Beam is another lesser known furniture company, but hopefully will receive some more recognition. If you check out their reviews, many of their customers say that they were absolutely blown away by the quality of their furniture pieces compared to the super fair price point. 

Andrea Zivic always gives us super smart recommendations. She understands that for a lot of people, a fair price point is pretty much their main priority when it comes to purchasing new furniture. Knowing which companies really provide you a proper bang for your buck is important! Here is what she has to say about Plank & Beam’s bunkbeds: 

“Bunk beds are a very functional piece of furniture when there are small rooms, homes for children, or two or more children in the house. It can be very decorative in the space because the market is really big and the selection is huge.

We chose a bunk bed, where the lower part of which can be for two people, and the upper part for one – which is an excellent solution! The gray color has become very current and fits very nicely into the interior, giving a pleasant note to the design.”

I particularly love the recommendation of the Classic Twin Over bed because it is a bunk bed that has a spot for two people to sleep on the bottom and one person to sleep on the top. That is some serious space saving! We love it! 

Crate & Barrel

Adorable girls room with nice white bunk beds made by Crate and Barrel

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to shopping at Crate & Barrel. They have everything you need when it comes to filling your home with items that are useful, beautiful, and fairly priced. Crate & Barrel is just one of those go-to companies that is reliable and is very often used by the professionals when it comes to creating beautiful spaces.

One of these professionals is Mairead Belcher, who also provided us with this recommendation! The specific model that she recommends from them is just so perfect and lovely. It’s a bunk bed that I’d imagine seeing in a doll house. It has a perfect, timeless design, and listen to Mairead tell us about more reasons why it could be the perfect one for your home: 

“The Crate & Barrel kids Babyletto Bunk Bed is an excellent modern Scandinavian take on traditional bunk beds. The white and natural wood and playful curves add soft charm to a child’s room design.

This versatile bunk bed can also separate into two twin beds, which is great if the bed is required for guests or if a change in design is needed. The access ladder works on both sides, and the solid top barrier prevents items and toys from slipping off the top bunk. This product is child-safe finish approved and green guard gold certified!”

The Best Luxury Budget Bunk Beds Brands 

Birch Lane

Incredible barn bunk bed in kids room made by Birch Lane furniture

Any time I see something described as farmhouse and traditional furniture, I just get excited. I hope that my personal sense of style will appeal to my kids one day, because the stuff that Birch Lane is so up my alley and I can’t wait to bring their lovely pieces into my home.

Samuel Grout just speaks so eloquently about furniture. He provides us with recommendations that we can totally trust. The minute I visited the Birch Lane website I found the cutest bunk bed I’ve ever seen – it’s literally in the shape of a barn. I’ve found my dream bunk! 

“Birch Lane is a serious competitor in this field. While their price point is a bit higher than the competition, they make up for this in providing seemingly more models than the rest.

These designs also seem a bit more refined and elegant and less catered towards the wild side of children. A lot of earthy tones are found in their palette. We especially love the very ergonomic ladder, which is at a cant in order to provide a bit more ease when climbing to the upper level of the bunk.”

Sleep & Play USA

Incredible cool and funky bunk bed in kids room

There are some kids out there who have a wild imagination and this is something that should be encouraged and supported! Turning your child’s room not only into a sanctuary, but into a place where their imagination can run wild is such a gift!

Shopping at Sleep & Play is a way to really enable this type of creative thinking. Ahmet Can Ozkara recommends their bunkbeds because he can recognize that the designers are really having fun when they create children’s furniture, and it is so refreshing to see! 

“Products made by Sleep & Play USA are more like playgrounds than bunk beds. There are many types with and without stairs. There are so many fun and imaginative styles that they offer, and they’re made with super high quality materials, too. All of their furniture is made from the highest quality hardwood.”

Room & Board

Lovely white simple bunk bed made by Room and Board

(I’m just right now noticing how many furniture companies are named Blank & Blank.. wonder what that’s all about. Anyway.) Room & Board is another one of those very reliable companies that has pieces of furniture that can easily fit into any room with any theme.

They offer bunkbeds that kind of act like a blank slate, allowing you and your child to decorate the sleep zone with whatever decorations, stuffies, and pillows you like. All they do is provide you with a bed that is very sturdy, well made, and will last you forever. 

Andrea Zivic has clearly worked with tons of clients in the past who ask for the absolute best kind of bunk bed. She has given us some really phenomenal recommendations, and she even gave us her favorite model that Room & Board makes. Here is what she has to say about their Fort Bunk Beds

“Blue or white shades are a non-progressive choice if you want to bring tenderness into the room. That’s why you will love this bed because both colors are available in the offer. Simple modern design and excellent quality.”

Pottery Barn

Amazing treehouse style bunk bed made by Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn! I don’t think I have met a single person who doesn’t already love Pottery Barn, and for good reason, too! Did you know that Pottery Barn had an entire kid’s section? I didn’t, but I sure am glad that I know, now. 

Pottery Barn is a fantastic company who isn’t afraid to do the fun and out-there thing. It is especially obvious how much fun they have making their designs once you take a look at their tree house bunk bed. It’s so adorable you’ll want to buy it for yourself! 

We’ve been working with Tina Martindelcampo for a good little while now, and she has never failed to give me a recommendation where I didn’t squeal when I saw the piece of furniture. I love Pottery Barn, you love Pottery Barn, and here is why Tina loves Pottery Barn: 

“By far the more superior brand for bunk bed options is Pottery Barn. They offer such a vast array of really amazing options that would be the envy of any youngster or parent alike.

My favorite is the Tree House Twin-over-Twin bunk bed. It is the most magical looking playhouse which comes equipped with an open door, 5 open windows and a ladder to reach the top bunk. It comes in three beautiful and durable color options to choose from which include weathered blue, french white or brushed gray.

The bunk bed construction is made of solid pine wood as well as some engineered panels and the paint is sealed with a lacquer to ensure long lasting durability for busy kids. Another important factor to consider, is that this product is Greenguard Gold Certified which contributes to a healthier indoor air quality.

This is a fancy term used to differentiate between products that are tested for over 10,000 toxic chemicals compared to those that aren’t. They also do extensive lead testing on all the surfaces to make sure they are passing industry standards. When you’re considering purchasing a product for your kids, these factors can be important.”

Pottery Barn has been recommended twice here, so it’s really safe to assume that this is a company that can really be trusted – especially if two professional interior designers are tell you so! Mairead Belcher is another expert who is here to tell us about why she loves the bunk beds they offer: 

“Pottery Barn’s magically tree house bunk bed will excite your kids and hopefully evoke your childhood explorer too. This beautifully crafted traditionally tree house design is used indoors to stimulate an outdoor experience within your home.

The playful addition of windows and doors will give your kids an authentic explorer experience. This piece is available in three child friend materials and colours and is also Greenguard gold certified.”


And there it is, folks! I really enjoyed researching this article because I was reminded of just how fun it was to have a bunk bed when I was a kid. I don’t even have one of my own yet, but I truly can’t wait until the day where I can get my own child a bunk bed, and they can turn it into their very own special world.

Hopefully you have found your own dream bunk bed, or at least you’ve received some inspiration and you’re one step closer to finding exactly what you’re looking for. Thank you for reading and happy hunting!