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The Best Leather Sofa Brands (According to the Experts)

Lovely leather sofa sitting in home library

Choosing the Perfect Leather Sofa 

There’s just something special about a leather sofa. I always used to hate leather sofas when I was young because I would always slide right off, but now I realize it’s just because I wasn’t ready for the majestic experience that is sitting on a leather sofa. 

Sitting on a leather sofa does something to you. It makes you want a scotch. It makes you suddenly think that you could write a poem. It helps you realize that it’s completely inappropriate to have a leather sofa without a fireplace sitting in front of it. 

Now there are so many different types of leather couches out there, so it can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick the right one for your living space. That’s why we’re here. We’ve contacted a fantastic group of interior designers who are in the know of what leather sofa brands are the best. 

This article is going to go through all the best brands according to budget, as well as some little tips on how to pick the perfect one for your space. So get ready to shop, then you can finally open that book of poetry and actually read it all the way through.

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How to Choose the Perfect Leather Sofa 

Now leather sofas aren’t you average every day fabric sofa. Some people may think that a leather sofa is more of a special-occasion piece or the type of furniture that you can only put in your library or office, but that is certainly not the case! There are a few things you can ask yourself in order to determine what the best type of leather sofa would be for your living space: 

Gorgeous tufted leather sofa in a dark living room

What room will it go in? 

Now, not everyone wants a leather sofa to be the main feature of their living room, but there are some who do! If this is the case, chances are that you’re going to want a couch with some deeper seating so that you can watch a whole movie and get really comfortable.

If you’re getting a leather sofa for your office or maybe a waiting room, it will have different dimensions. Since the sofa isn’t meant for lounging, it will probably have slightly smaller dimensions – seat cushions that aren’t a deep, arms that aren’t as tall, etc. 

The room it is intended for will guide you towards the right size, depth, shape, and even color! You’ll want to make sure it goes with the rest of your furniture, too. 

Who will be sitting on it?

If you live all by your lonesome, you have full control over how much use the sofa gets, how much it gets cleaned, what damage is done, and so forth. If you have pets, maybe you’ll want a more sturdy type of leather, or you’ll need to put a blanket on the sofa to protect. 

If you have a big family or you just like laying all the way down when you binge Netflix, maybe you should look into getting a sectional leather sofa. If you like to rearrange your furniture a lot, maybe you should look into getting a modular leather sofa. 

What is the leather sofa mainly for? 

Different sofas serve different functions. Some are meant for waiting rooms, some are meant for your home office, some are meant to get some good reading done, and some are meant purely for you to sit upon while you get your portrait painted by an 18th century artist.

The reason for you getting a leather couch will totally determine everything about it. It will determine how deep the seats are, because if it’s in your office, you don’t want it to be so comfortable looking that every day you just decide to lay down and take a nap. 

Should you go for faux leather or real leather? 

Whether you go for a faux leather couch or a real leather couch is totally determined by what your morals are. Folks who don’t want to invest in animal derived products totally have the right to do so, and folks who appreciate a well crafted piece of leather furniture have the right to that too! 

Real leather products are fantastic because of their longevity. Leather just seems to get more beautiful and soft as it ages and develops its unique patina. Real leather can really withstand the test of time and pieces can be passed on for generations. And my goodness, that leather smell. Longevity is really the most sustainable choice you can make. 

Faux leather products are fantastic too. A lot of faux leather is now being made with recycled material which is also a very sustainable choice. The product looks wonderfully similar, it’s more reasonably priced, and they aren’t damaged very easily. 

The Best Leather Sofa Brands (According to Budget) 

Now around here we appreciate that everyone has a different budget. Some of us are Facebook Marketplace trolls (me) and others like to switch up their sofa every couple of years for a fresh look! Everyone deserves their perfect leather sofa, so we’ve organized the following section into: lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets. You’re welcome! 

All of the following information has been graciously provided by a fantastic group of interior designers from all over the world. They’ve kindly clued us in on their favorite brands. If you’d like to meet the designers, check out their small bios in our article: The Best Sectional Sofa Brands on the Planet.

The Best Low-Budget Leather Sofa Brands

Baxton Studio 

Lovely caramel colored Baxton leather sofa

I had never heard of Baxton Studio before, but I am so glad that I’ve heard of them now! Being on a low budget can be hard, and shopping online shows you just how expensive things can get! If you’re not keen on buying used furniture, Baxton Studio is for you.

Ahmet Can Ozkara is a wonderful interior designer who runs his own furniture design shop, so he appreciates when something is well crafted. He recommended this company because he recognized that quality was not sacrificed in way of affordability. 

“The leather sofas from Baxton Studio are more affordable and easier to supply than other brands. The fabrics he uses in his products are artificial and easier to procure, hence the wonderful pricing. The designs of the sofas are suitable for more everyday designs and can be easily integrated anywhere. The wood used in the skeletons of the sofas is spruce and is easier to find. It does not need to be dried for days like other quality wood.” 

Using more common materials is a great way to cut back on cost, but not on quality or design. Baxton Studio does this super well. They are sure to show you the leather sofa you never knew that you could have! 


Lovely brown leather loveseat made by Abbyson Furniture

Abbyson seems like a rather deceptive company – there’s no way that furniture can be that nice at a price that affordable! Andrea Zivic is a fantastic interior designer that knows a good deal when she sees one, and this is what she had to say about Abbyson: 

“Abbyson is a brand that provides really decent quality at a reasonable price.With each brand we have listed, there is a price range from the lowest to the highest. The difference between the brands is whether they offer models that will be accessible to people with lower budgets. That’s why we chose this brand for the lower budgets, because in addition to their selection of medium and higher class furniture, their offer also stands out for low-class furniture that is very elegant and aesthetically appealing.”

Andrea was also gracious enough to share her preferred model of leather sofa: the Holloway Mid Century Leather Sofa. It’s simply gorgeous in its classic shape and style. Not to mention, such a stunning color! 

Pottery Barn 

Three seater brown leather sofa made by Pottery Barn

Tina Martindelcampo is based in the United States and has had many clients over her successful years of interior designing. Her main priority is ensuring the client gets precisely what they want, and that includes pricing! She didn’t even hesitate when choosing Pottery Barn as the best brand for your low-budget leathers sofa needs. Hear what she has to say: 

“Hands down, the best leather sofas are from Pottery Barn. I have searched high-and-low for the softest, most comfortable and durable leather sofa and always come back to Pottery Barn. Specifically, the Turner Leather Sofa, which comes in a square or roll arm option. With multiple widths and a plethora of leather color fabrics to choose from, these durable sofas are constructed with high-backs and down cushion inserts.

The Turner leather has a classic look to it, made with heirloom quality leather that just gets better over time. I picture Earnest Hemingway seated on a roll-arm Turner leather sofa, writing one of his many novels with a pipe sticking out of his mouth. It doesn’t get any more classic than that! 

Leather tends to soften and burnish over time, which is a good thing because I think the more worn the leather the better it looks and feels. The best thing about a leather sofa, is that it can lend itself to any design style.”

Tina is so excited about Pottery Barn sofas that she not only provided one favorite model, but two! 

“I love the look and feel of the PB Chesterfield sofa, it has a great European vintage vibe to it and like the Turner sofa, it can be paired with any design style. It has that traditional button tufted back but with all the modern comfort that you need in a leather sofa. I also love that there are 4 size options starting at 65”width, which is great because if you live in a smaller space, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style.”


Gorgeous two seater brown leather sofa made by Allmodern Furniture

AllModern is really a fantastic company. I find that a lot of furniture companies are more inclined towards minimal, structured, and sometimes stuffy items, so it’s so exciting to encounter a company that isn’t afraid to be a little bit fun with it!

Mairead Belcher is a young, up-and-coming interior designer who really has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the current home design trends. She didn’t stop at providing her favorite brand, but she told us about her favorite model of leather sofa as well: 

“All Moderns Palermo 67” Leather Loveseat combines design, quality and comfort at a reasonable price point. The design incorporates clean lines combined with an outer box trim to create an extra dimension to the piece, while an exposed walnut frame matches the tapered legs giving this piece its mid-century modern look.

Additionally, this sofa is finished with genuine leather upholstery and solid wood trim. The foam-filled cushions with sinuous springs give it enough needed movement without being too soft,  and of course, the leather becomes more supple over time. This piece is perfect for small apartments used in foyers and studies. It conveys class and comfort to the space at an affordable price.”

The Best Moderate Budget Leather Sofa Brands 


Dark brown leather sleep sofa made by Homelegance

Homelegance is incredibly impressive when it comes to the amount of items in their catalogue. There isn’t a single thing you couldn’t find on their website if you’re starting a home from scratch. Homelegance is like the new Ikea in terms of being the one stop shop for all your housing needs. Ahmet Ozkara, who we mentioned earlier, recommended this wonderful company, and this is what he had to say about them: 

“The leathers used in the sofas produced by Homelegance is 100% genuine leather. The foam and cushions are very soft and just get softer over time. The wooden skeletons used in the sofas are durable trees such as hornbeam. Weight capacities are approximately 75o-800 pounds (so keep that in mind if you have a steep set of stairs!) The warranty period of these sofa brands is as little as 1 year, but their products are so high quality you likely won’t need the warranty!” 

Loft Design 

Display room of leather sofas made by Loft Design

Loft Design has got some serious style. I’ve got to be a little bit biased here and say I go nuts for anything that is even a little bit vintage here. There’s something extra special about a vintage look but without the risk of vintage smells from previous owners! 

Andrea Zivic knows how in-vogue vintage pieces are, and that’s why she recommended this awesome company. They specialize in pieces that are minimal, comfortable, and to-die-for prices. Here’s what Andrea had to say about Loft Design: 

“In addition to brands from the American market, we decided to reveal European brands that are just as good and affordable. The Loft brand is something completely innovative and offers a different style of furniture than what most companies offer. The combination of vintage, modern and industrial furniture is something that this brand is known for (which is very in style at the moment). Another key detail is that the materials they use are largely natural, such as wood and stone.” 


Living room furniture featuring Sven leather sofa made by Article

This isn’t the first time that Article has been recommended, and it’s so obvious why. This is a wonderfully successful company that has something in every price range, every style, every shape, and every color. They have especially lovely leather sofas, and Mairead Belcher (aka the queen of style) has shared her favorite model of leather sofa that Article offers: 

“Articles mid-century modern Sven sofa is perfect for small apartments and living spaces. Its overall sleek and sexy design makes it a great focal point. Its one-piece tufted bench seat, matching round bolsters and walnut legs execute that mid-century modern look and feel. 

Magically, this versatile sofa isn’t just stylish but also purveys comfort, providing excellent support for reading a book and being soft enough for a relaxing mid-day nap. The design uses a high-density foam and polyester filling in its cushions, and the beautiful nature of this soft, supple leather means it will develop vintage characteristics over time. Clients have said the sofa is durable and has only improved with time. Unfortunately, it comes in only one size, but a great range of colours and is super easy to assemble, making it very client friendly.”

The Best Luxury-Budget Leather Sofa Brands 

Hooker Furniture 

Beautiful dark brown leather Chesterman sofa made by Hooker Furniture

Hooker furniture is what you’re looking for if you’re looking for luxury. Their website makes it clear that this company cares about creating furniture that is gorgeous to look at, lasts a long time, and brings happiness to their owners for years and years to come. Ahmet Ozkara recommends this product to his clients who like to splurge, and this is what he had to say about Hooker furniture: 

“The sofas made by Hooker furniture are almost the highest quality sofas ever produced in my opinion. The leathers they use to create their furniture is leather produced from 100% genuine natural objects.

Unlike other brands, the Hooker Furniture brand uses walnut and chestnut wood in its skeletons and visible wood parts. They only use the highest quality hardwoods. It has a modular frame held together tightly with bolts. The seat cushions are made from urethane foam that is padded with felt polyester fibers, assuring the important qualities of comfort, loft, resilience, and good recovery. The polyesters they use are 100% pure.” 

It is clear that the greatest thing about Hooker furniture is the materials they are sourcing to create these gorgeous pieces. It goes to show that much like a good meal, the finished product will be fantastic as long as the ingredients are of the best quality. 


SImple living room set up with lovely Muuto leather sofa

Muuto is a really really cool company. They’re being innovative with classic Scandinavian designs, making them fresh, and shipping them right to your door. The coolest part about them is that they are super dedicated to sourcing sustainable materials, so that you can feel good about your purchases. Muuto was recommended to us by Andrea Zivic:

“Their Scandinavian roots enable them to create functional, well-crafted pieces with lasting aesthetics and honest expression. Their design is elegant and gives the interior a note of comfort and luxury.”

Not much needs to be said about how wonderful the designs are, you really just have to go look for yourself to understand what all the hype is about. 

Pottery Barn 

Caramel colored Jake leather sofa made by Pottery Barn

We’re recommending Pottery Barn twice in this list! The fact that this company can fall in both the low-budget and luxury-budget sections just goes to show that they can really do it all. They provide stylish furniture for the every-day man, and they do the same for the lavishly living ones. This is a super well known company, so of course Mairead Belcher is the one who shared this valuable intel. She even told us about her favorite high-budget leather sofa model: 

“Pottery Barn will always be my go-to when it comes to sofas, and the Jake Leather Sofa is no different. Even though they are at a higher price point than other vendors, they are completely worth it in my opinion. The sofa design says it all. The Jake leather sofa is sophisticated, sexy and classy!

The square arms, clean lines and elegant leg detail creates a refined look with a modern feel. In terms of comfort, this 39” dept with down-bled wrapped cushion provides the perfect environment for relaxation and entertainment alike. This couch is finished in top-grain aniline-dyed leather and will wear naturally over time, giving oodles of character to the piece.” 

Ms. Belcher is obviously a person who appreciates a good, weathered piece of leather, and it’s clear by her recommendation. The higher quality the leather, the longer it will last you, and the better it will look over time. Though it’s a big investment, that leather sofa will be able to be passed down from generation to generation. 


And there you have it! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling completely inspired and making a little row in my monthly budget to save up for my very own leather sofa. I’ll be reading those cheesy poems in no time on my very own Chesterman!