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The Best Reclining Sofa Brands (According to Experts)

Close up of leather recliner sofa sitting in a living room

Choosing the Perfect Reclining Sofa 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or movies are just getting better and better (come to think of it, I mostly watch the classics) but I find that I spend a wonderful time on the couch! I nap on my couch, I’m currently writing this article on my couch, I watch an inordinate amount of Gilmore Girls on my couch, and now after writing this article, I realize that I need a new couch. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new couch, may I introduce to you the wonders of the reclining sofa world. Now be warned, reclining couches are only for the serious loungers out there. We’re talking a big family that has a movie night almost every night of the week. 

This article is going to go through some of the best reclining sofa brands on the planet, but don’t take my word for it! We’ve asked a fantastic group of interior designers from around the world to share what their preferred reclining sofa brands are. Hopefully this valuable information will provide some guidance while you embark on your very own reclining sofa journey. 

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Why Purchase a Reclining Sofa? 

Couple sitting on reclining sofa on moving day

Now a reclining sofa isn’t idyllic for everyone! They require a fair amount of space due to their extension, and so you need a bigger home to fit one. They can be less sleek looking that other types of sofas. Recliners are incredibly heavy as well, which may be tricky if you live in an apartment that’s only accessible by stairs. 

Despite those specificities, a reclining sofa could really improve your home life! I believe that one doesn’t need to earn rest, and if kicking your feet up with a tv dinner at the end of a day of doing nothing is what you want to do, all the power to ya! 

A reclining sofa is a wonderful purchase to make if your goal is to be as relaxed as possible on your couch. Whether you live by your lonesome, with a partner, a friend, or a whole big family, there are so many different sizes of recliners you can get. Imagine having a movie night where everyone gets their very own lazy boy! Incredible! 

The Best Reclining Sofa Brands (According to Budget) 

We understand that everybody has their own budget that they’re working with, and so we’ve organized the following section into three parts: lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets. That way, everybody can hopefully find that exact perfect reclining sofa for their living space. 

All of the following information has been graciously provided by those wonderful interior designers that we mentioned earlier. If you’re keen to hear a bit more about them and their services, head on over to The Best Sectional Sofa Brands where you can read all about them! 

The Best Low Budget Reclining Sofa Brands 

Monster Furniture 

Lovely dark gray recliner sofa made by Monster Furniture in a living room

Ahmet Can Ozkara is a fantastic interior designer from Turkey who has worked with all sorts of different clients. Something wonderful about Ahmet is how dedicated he is to finding a brand that provides a funky piece of furniture! 

Monster furniture is just one of those companies that wants to make sure that everyone can get the type of furniture that they want! They’re a company that prioritizes functionality, affordability, and longevity over anything else. You’re sure to find a super comfy recliner here. This is what Ahmet Can Ozkara had to say about Monster furniture: 

“This brand’s products are surprisingly affordable, but their designs are very eye-catching. With its zippered design, you can easily remove the fabric cover and wash it. Since the headrests are adjustable, they can be adjusted to the desired extent according to all anthropometric measurements. The weight capacity for a reclining sofa is approximately 300 pounds. Installation is also very simple, which is a plus for new furniture items!”


Nice gray two seater reclining sofa in living room window made by Abbyson furniture

When it comes to reclining sofas, sometimes style can be sacrificed in the way of comfort, but that’s doesn’t always have to be the case. Andrea Zivic made a very practical choice with choosing Abbyson as her preferred low budget reclining sofa brand. 

Abbyson furniture items are very reasonably priced, they have wonderful styles, they’re known for having fantastic customer support and delivery services, and Andrea has introduced us to the Trevita Fabric Reclining Sofa that can fit all of your needs: 

“We have already talked about the characteristics of this brand. That’s why we will now select a piece of Reclining Sofa that fits into this category.The sofa that we selected was made so that it adapts to your lumbar area and provides comfort when sitting. In addition to the fact that it can be adapted to your living room, you can also combine it in rooms for other purposes, such as a room for a home cinema.”

Benchmade Modern 

Awesome mustard yellow recliner sofa on white background

Artur Baja is a very practical person when it comes to picking out the right furniture piece for a client. Though it is not very common for someone to want a reclining sofa (let’s face it, a lot of them can be a bit out of style) Benchmade Modern is there for the people who do. Artur recommends this brand for a multitude of reasons, but we’ll let him tell you about it: 

“The reason why I like this brand is because there are some unique styles of these sofas. I don’t use this brand very often in my work because I don’t have many options to choose from, I only use it on special occasions. The prices found here are average to low, which is something clients love.”


Pulled out gray La Z Boy recliner on white background

La-Z-Boy! What a classic company. I can still hear the La-Z-Boy jingle in my head. I used to see so many La-Z-Boy sofas and chairs back in my childhood, but never had a chance to sit on one! Tina Martindelcampo is based out of Florida and always uses La-Z-Boy when she has a client who is seeking out a recliner. And it’s not hard to guess why, these guys are the OG’s! 

“La-Z-Boy has always been my go to for reclining sofas as they are known for their practicality and ultra comfort. They offer 3 power options for reclining, the headrest and power lumbar. You can customize depending on your height and also the width and depth of any sofa and there are 5 arm styles to choose from depending on your design style or needs.

They also have numerous fabrics and new contemporary styles to choose from on their website. Many homeowners are installing tv or theater rooms in their homes these days, and a recliner sofa is a perfect option.

I realize that maybe not everyone is a fan of owning a reclining sofa, however if you are looking for extra comfort and improved health then consider a La-Z-Boy sofa. Keep in mind that there are many health benefits to using a recliner sofa such as relieving stress from a long day, improving circulation and reducing back pain. Research has shown that sitting in a reclined position is actually better for the spine over a period of time.”

Ashley Home Store

Stylish recliner sofa set up in living room made by Ashley Home Furniture

Ashley Home Store is one of those classic furniture companies that is incredible reliable and consistent. They’ve been around for a while with loyal customers. Mairead Belcher is an up and coming interior designer who is used to all sorts of different requests from her clients, and she is ready to go for whenever someone asks for a stylish and comfortable recliner with Ashley Home Store. This is her favorite model: 

Clonmel is a three-piece sectional sofa with a chaise. This budget-friendly recliner is zero-wall powered and is remarkably comfortable. Back seats and arm cushions are sufficiently padded with High-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fibre and finished in a microfiber upholstery which is soft and gives a luxurious feel to this piece. The pull-back design makes it easy to achieve a reclining position. Alternatively, you can plug in and use the one-button control.”

The Best Moderate Budget Reclining Sofa Brands 


Brown leather sofa recliner loveseat on white background

Ahmet is really good at recommending lesser known companies for the folks out there who like to support the little guy rather than the big furniture companies. When you buy from the little guy, you are guaranteed to receive wonderful customer support coupled with a piece of furniture that has a lot of care put into it. This is what Ahmet had to say about Lexmod Furniture

“The products of this brand are in the middle class in terms of price performance. Stainless metal details in the designs of this brand make the products more modern. The sofas have a weight capacity of approximately 1323 lbs. Products come fully assembled and customer service is very good.” 

West Elm 

Very sleek gray leather reclining sofa in living room made by West Elm

This isn’t the first time that West Elm has been recommended to us, and it’s obvious why. It’s not even the first time that the fantastic interior designer Andrea Zivic has recommended West Elm to us! Now we can all be honest here and admit that recliners can be incredibly ugly. West Elm manages to make a functional and durable recliner that is also wonderfully lovely to look at. That is a hard balance to strike! 

“You are already familiar with an American brand that leaves you breathless, that’s why it is once again on our list of favorite brands.The Reclining Sofa that we selected from their collection is something totally different and maximally functional.We liked it because of the possibility of storing things like blankets, blankets and other things.”

This is a really special item. You can lift the arms to reveal areas for storage. The model is also amazingly chic and sleek looking considering that it’s a recliner. This is probably my personal favorite model out of all the recliners that have been suggested, and it’s at a totally reasonable price! 

Design Within Reach 

White recliner sofa on white background

This is the first time that I’ve been introduced to Design Within Reach, and I’m so thankful to Artur Baja for introducing me to them! Now this is an incredibly impressive company that really understands what beauty is. Their furniture pieces are not only functional, but wildly pleasant to look at. Artur says: 

“In this brand we can find a variety of different products. The sofas of this brand are special, they are very unique and made in detail, the style is mainly modern and they are very elegant.” 

And I totally agree. They have super unique pieces. Be warned, there are some items on there with a price tag that is quite shocking, but if you dig a little bit you can absolutely find something that is within your personal budget. 

Crate and Barrel 

Lovely white crate and barrel reclining sofa and sectional on white background

Mairead understands what goes into the making of a functional piece of furniture that also have longevity. Crate and Barrel is a really phenomenal company. They have products that are amazingly stylish, and that design skill goes into their recliners, too. As we know, recliners can be rather difficult to be made attractive, but they did an absolutely excellent job. Mairead recommends a specific model for you here:

“This modern-designed Leisure Power Recline sofa is an excellent update for a modern home aesthetic. Its clean, sleek design with modern controls is neatly located at the inner side of the arms. The controls work independently to control the back and footrest, offering endless positions for the user. In terms of comfort, the padded seats and cushions are filled with high-resiliency polyfoam wrapped in fibre wrapped in soft upholstery.”

The Best Luxury Budget Reclining Sofa Brands 

Jorge Kurczyn Furniture

Custom reclining chair on white background made by Jorge Kurczyn

It is so clear from their website that Jorge Kurczyn furniture is nothing if not dedicated to providing their customers with a top of the line product. They’re a family owned furniture design company that has been in practice for over 25 years, and there are real people who really care about their products behind the scenes, making sure that you receive the absolute best. 

Ahmet Can Ozkara is a unique interior designer who is always recommending lesser known, family owned companies because he understands that sometimes the best stuff comes from the store next door. This is what Ahmet had to say about Jorge Kurczyn furniture: 

“The leather and fabrics used by Jorge Kurczyn furniture brand in their products are 100% genuine and natural. Leather is of the best quality. The products of these brands are double stitched for extra durability. Products stand on solid wood legs for optimum stability and are 100% customizable. The reclining mechanism is easy to use and works with a fluid, sliding action.”

Another really cool thing about this company is that they do customizable projects, where you can request pretty much any design you can think of and they will produce it for you. Just go check out their website, and you’ll see photos of some totally unique custom projects! So fun! 

Bradington Young 

Lovely gray recliner on white background made by Bradington Young furniture

Now this is home furnishings done right. Bradington Young understands that there are tons of people out there who are seeking out luxury, and for many, luxury is a reclining sofa. This is a company that will provide you with something that is marvellously comfortable, gorgeous to look at, and made with nothing but the best materials. 

Andrea Zivic is another person who understands that having a company like Bradington Young in your contacts is a valuable thing to have! This company is all about providing luxury using high quality materials. This is what Andrea has to say about this lovely furniture brand and their reclining sofas: 

“Meet the luxury brand Bradington Young. They have a quality selection of luxurious leather upholstery, top quality comfort. Apart from leather materials, they offer an extremely diverse range of styles and fabric covers. With the Reclining Sofa, the frames are carefully constructed from only the finest multi-layered laminated hardwood, making for a truly fine piece of furniture.”

Pottery Barn 

Awesome reclining cream colored sofa made by Pottery Barn

We all know and love Pottery Barn already, but let me just provide some more reasons for your to love Pottery Barn! Maybe Pottery Barn was the place you knew you could always get really affordable and wonderful smelling candles (or maybe I’m just speaking for myself), but did you know that they also make fabulous recliners?

Mairead Belcher knows that you’ve all likely heard of Pottery Barn before, so she wanted to provide her most preferred recliner sofa that they make. This is an excellent option if you just so happen to live in a smaller living space. Recliners historically are quite large, but this is a stylish and comfy option that won’t fill up the room: 

“Pottery Barn’s Ultra Lounge Roll Arm offers everything when you’re looking for an excellent recliner. Most recliners take up a significant amount of floor space in the living area when in the reclining position. The ultra lounge is designed to save on space. The recliner pulls forward as it tilts back so the back won’t touch the wall. The comfort level controls are non-comparable to the options above. They again work independently to control the back, footrest, and armrests, offering endless positions and dream-level position comfort in mind for the user.” 


And there you have it! No matter the type of recliner you are: the full Game of Thrones series watcher recliner, the occasional TV dinner recliner, the read an entire book in one sitting recliner, the graze the sports section recliner, or whatever beautiful and unique model of recliner that you are, hopefully you have found the perfect one or at least gotten inspiration to keep searching for yours! Happy hunting!