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The Best Home Office Chair Brands (We Asked the Experts)

Awesome home office set up complete with desk chair and shelving

Choosing the Perfect Home Office Chair 

Like you, I am one of the many thousands of people who have transferred from in-person work to at-home work, and it took me a little bit of time to understand just how important it is to have a proper office space when you’re working from home!

For the longest time I didn’t even have a desk, and I would spend my days switching from uncomfortable position to another uncomfortable position on the couch, to the kitchen counter, to laying down on my bed.

Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and realized something had to change. Getting a proper office desk and office chair did wonders for my productivity, and it also helps with dividing my home space with my living area from my working area.

We’ve written a whole article on The Best Home Office Desk Brands, so now it’s only appropriate that we provide a corresponding article for the best office chair brands. We’ve contacted a wonderful group of interior designers from around the globe, and they’ve very graciously provided the intel on all of their favorite brands they use when clients are looking for the perfect office chair. 

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect furniture for your living space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all of these different articles where we’ve consulted those same interior designers for their preferences on: The Best Sectional Sofa Brands, The Best Modular Sofa Brands, The Best Leather Sofa Brands, The Best Coffee Table Brands, and The Best Home Office Desk Brands. 

How to Choose the Perfect Chair 

Sunny and nice home office set up with desk and chair

If doing hours and hours of computer work is something new to you, chances are that you’ve had a pretty sore neck for some time now. I also went through this phase before realizing that the best way to have a productive work day at the computer was to ensure that I could be comfortable as possible while sitting at a desk. 

Having proper office ergonomics are not only good for your productivity, but in the long run it’s going to save all of those aches and pains in your fingers, wrists, shoulders, neck, and whatever else. Here are some things to consider when organizing your own personal office ergonomics. 

Right Ratios 

The key to not feeling sore at the end of the day is having the proper ratio between your chair, desk, and computer screen. Your chair should support your spinal curves and it should be either adjustable or the right height so that your feet rest flat on the floor and your thighs are parallel with the floor. 

When it comes to your desk there should be enough clearance to cross your knees if you wish to. The desk shouldn’t be so high that your wrists are at a harsh angle when they’re on the desk. The desk should be about parallel with your arms if they are bent at a 90 degree angle when you’re sitting in your chair. 

And finally, your computer screen should be directly in front of you about an arms length away. The top of the screen should be slightly below eye level so that you don’t have to bend your head down to see the screen centred. 


Now not everybody cares about this kind of thing, but I really enjoy making my work area feel lovely and serene. I have my desk surrounded by nice bodacious plants to bring some life to the space (I’m sure the extra oxygen doesn’t hurt either!) and nice little trinkets from my travels for when my mind wants to wander. 


I don’t know about you, but after a certain amount of time of living and working in my one bedroom apartment, my work and home life started to get their lines blurred. It didn’t really feel like my work day was done when I’d make dinner on the same surface I just worked on.

Having a separate area in your home could be very helpful when it comes to dividing up your work and home life. This makes it easier to have a relaxation area in one part of your home, and a work area in another. 

The Best Home Office Chair Brands (According to Budget) 

Now we understand that for most people, the first thing that they take into consideration when looking for a new piece of furniture is what their budget is. We want everyone to have an opportunity to find the perfect new office chair for them, so that’s why we’ve organized the following section into budgets: lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets

The following information has all been graciously provided by that wonderful group of interior designers that we mentioned earlier. If you’ve been on the hunt for a new interior designer for your redecorating project, head on over to The Best Sectional Sofa Brands where we introduce each of them! 

The Best Low Budget Office Chair Brands 

Branch Furniture 

Great home office set up with office chair made by Branch furniture

Branch Furniture is really the brand that you should know about if your main goal for your office furniture is being comfortable. Now it is totally valid and cool to prioritize something looking lovely, but your back and neck will thank you in the end if you decide to prioritize proper posture while working.

Branch Furniture is something that can provide this service for you. They specialize in creating office furniture that is not only ergonomic, but specifically designed to ensure that your body feels okay sitting at a desk for the vast majority of the day.

Now Samuel Grout is a fantastic interior designer (who works with Bocote Design) who has impeccable taste, but even he has put taste on the back burner to recommend this company. This isn’t to say that their office furniture is unattractive, they just understand that comfort is more important than style. Here is what Samuel has to say about their furniture: 

“Searching for a new office chair can be a pain in your back, literally. The folks at Branch Furniture seek to alleviate that pain. Their ergonomic centric line of office chairs is relatively simple, with much of their design focus being on client’s comfort rather than style.

That isn’t to say the chairs aren’t appealing, they are, however, there aren’t some of the frills you might see on Wayfair. Some of their products are even endorsed by doctors and orthopaedic specialists. And when you’re spending 3 or more hours at a time seated, that is EXACTLY what you want and need.

The design around ergonomics is I’m sure very calculated, it feels like it anyway. Branch makes up for the lack of complexity in style with finish options, offering colors like sky blue and coral pink as well as the classic blacks and grays. Materials range from leather to a very sleek woven knit cloth.

These chairs also share a level of versatility and adjustability, which is worth its weight in gold. Speaking of gold, Branch will save you some. Prices range from low two hundreds to around $600. That compares nicely to some models found at Herman Miller and the like.”


Awesome quilted office chair on white background made by Belleze furniture

Belleze is a furniture company that you gotta know about if you have a lot of pieces to purchase and your operating within a tighter budget. They’ve got everything you could need for your home from lamp shades to bed frames. 

Something that they do really well is home office furniture. Ahmet Can Ozkara is used to working from his computer, and he’s had tons of clients seeking out is interior design expertise, so we can trust that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to furniture that is affordable, functional, and lovely to look at. Here is what Ahmet has to say about Belleze furniture company: 

“Belleze design their products to offer maximum work efficiency with minimum space requirements. The ergonomic design makes this a useful chair for any room. Office chairs from this brand have a thickly padded seat and faux leather lining on the back for extra comfort and easy spot cleaning. It also features a pneumatically adjustable hydraulic lift to find the perfect position and hooded dual casters for easy movement on most floor surfaces.”


Simple black office chair made by Made furniture on white background

It is so rare to find a furniture company that is everything you want in a furniture company. Made is one of those companies. They strike the perfect balance between affordability, stylish designs, huge selection, and great customer service.

We have Andrea Zivic to thank for recommending Made furniture to us. Andrea is a wonderful interior designer who knows exactly where to shop when folks are working with a budget. This is what Andrea had to say about Made furniture, and she even recommended a specific model for us: 

“A work chair is important when considering your health and your sitting position primarily. That is why you must carefully choose the model of the chair and adapt it to your needs. We chose this brand because it has several different models of office chairs in different designs. They are affordable and offer the possibility of fitting into home offices and company offices. Our choice was the Swinton chair because of its bright yellow color and height adjustment possibilities.”


Markus office chair in home office set up made by Ikea

Now I don’t need to introduce Ikea to you but I will. Ikea is one of the most famous furniture companies out there and they are loved for their simple designs, their huge range of products and quality of products, their ease of assembly, and quick delivery.

Just because they’re well known doesn’t mean that they should be forgotten. Mairead Belcher is a fantastic interior designer who knows when to stick with something that works, and Ikea is one of those things that just works. Here is what Mairead has to say about Ikea office chairs: 

“The four factors that I look for when it comes to office chairs are size, lumbar, adjustability and cost. Ikea’s Markus chair has been around since I started in practice and is certainly balances value for money. It is not the most attractive or high-end ergonomic chair out there. Still, its comfortable seat and long back provide adequate support for a long day of work, and the mesh back material provides breathability for its users. Along with Ikea 10 year guarantee for this product, you really can’t go wrong.”

The Best Moderate Budget Office Chair Brands 


Fancy ergonomic office chair made by Autonomous furniture

“The everything to work from home store” is the headline on the Autonomous website, which makes it pretty easy for remote-work customers to be convinced that this is  the furniture company that they’ve been looking for. 

Autonomous furniture really has a focus on providing products that are going to make sure you body feels good at the end of the work day. These things are designed by comfort experts, and Samuel Grout (who we introduced in the first section) always uses this company when a client wants a chair that is focused on comfort at a reasonable price. 

“The sheer number of different products offered by Autonomous is astounding. There is no way you’ll be short on options with this group. These options come with footrests, head rests, and much more customization opportunities. Pair this with a relatively attractive price point, and you’ve got a deal in the making.

Have you ever been supremely annoyed with your cheap plastic office chair wheels? Substitute them for some rollerblading style wheels from Autonomous for a smoother than silk action. Ergonomics was also an obvious focal point for this company and their designers- who also didn’t fall short on the side of style.

Their Logifox model is particularly attractive to this reviewer. This particular model has an integrated thigh rest and an adjustable head rest as well. The white semi-gloss plastic finish on the frame of this unit is very fresh. All in all, this is the brand for selection and price.”


Lovely padded black office chair on white background made by Delacora

Ahmet Can Ozkara is not only an interior designer but he also has experience in furniture design, so he knows a good design when he sees one. He kindly recommended to us Delacora which is a specific model of chair. Apparently, it cannot be beat: 

“The Delacora desk chair design is perfect for any business or home office. Made of metal for added durability. Seat height can be adjusted using the lever on the right. An angled backrest provides comfort and comfort when sitting. It has a weight carrying capacity of approximately 250 lbs. The warranty given by this brand, unlike other brands, is 5 years. It is designed to preserve the benefits of using traditional leather while compensating for the problems.”

Cox & Cox

Beautiful brown leather office swivel chair made by Cox & Cox furniture

There’s only one word that comes to mind when I think of Cox & Cox: class. This is a furniture company that does it all. From home appliances, outdoor furniture, to everything home office, Cox & Cox is your one stop shop. 

Andrea Zivic commonly uses this wonderful furniture brand when she has a client that is focused on an elegant design. Much like myself, there are tons of people out there who require all of their furniture to have a seamless and stylish look, and this brand is the one you need if those are the qualities you’re looking for. Andrea even recommended her favorite model of office chair to us: 

“We chose the Fluted Leather chair model upholstered in leather. Elegantly designed, the chair’s high back and contoured arms provide a comfortable seat, while the solid metal frame and solid mobile base provide the movement expected from your office chair.”

Branch Furniture 

The branch ergonomic chair sitting in home office

Okay I know that Branch was already mentioned once in this article, but that just goes to show how versatile, well known, and appreciated this furniture brand is! Brand is everything you need if you’re on the hunt for something that is fairly priced, ergonomically designed, yet still flows well in a room. 

Mairead Belcher (the amazing interior designer we mentioned earlier) has plenty of experience working with people who desire a top notch office chair to help the work day along comfortably, and she hardly uses anything else but Branch’s Ergonomic chair

“Branch’s ergonomic chair is aesthetically pleasing and has premium quality at a great price. This ergonomic chair has many adjustable features: height, seat, and tilt tension, all working together to create the level of comfort and position suited to you.

It has an armrest, a deep seat pan and an additional layer of cushioning in the back support. The breathable back mesh and high-density foam cushion undoubtedly display premium quality. Branch also offers bundles ( desk and chair) and an excellent price for the quality products they produce.”

The Best Luxury Budget Office Chair Brands

Herman Miller 

Lovely home office set up with beautiful Herman Miller chair at desk

I’d never heard of Herman Miller before today, but this may be the best recommendation we’ve received for this article! We have Tina Martindelcampo to thank for that. She’s an interior designer who has had all sorts of different clients in her day, ranging from the style-obsessed to the ergonomically-pressed. 

Herman Miller treads that delicate line between style and comfort, and they do it so well! On their website you’ll find that they organize their office chair selection into “performance seating”, “mid century office chairs”, and “home office chairs”. They have something for everyone. Here is what Tina has to say about Herman Miller chairs: 

“Herman Miller has been known as the leading ergonomic chair manufacturer since the 1990’s, but they in fact have been designing furniture since the 20th century. What I love most about them is that they place great importance not only on design but on the environment, and community service. So it’s a no brainer that they rank as one of the best office chair brands out there.

Their office chairs are known for great ergonomic structure and for a sleek design and feel. The chairs can be customized down to almost every element of design such as the size, back support, tilt, arms, arm pads and casters. This information will ensure that you are receiving a product that will not only support your daily needs of sitting at your desk, but also that you are purchasing a well made chair. 

A few other notable features of the Herman Miller desk chairs is that their fabric is breathable, and the adjustable posture pads (built into chair) provide lumbar support and stabilizes the spine. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that they stand behind their product and offer a 12-year warranty on their items.” 

Herman Miller is so popular that it was recommended twice! Samuel Grout is right on par with Tina and only thinks of Herman Miller when a client is looking for something that is stylish and comfortable. Here’s what Samuel has to say about their chairs:

Sunny home office with desk and office chair made by Herman mIller

“An office chair brand review would be incomplete if it didn’t mention Herman Miller. This is the absolute pinnacle of furniture and seating.  Their staggeringly high price point is completely justified. There isn’t a morning, when eating breakfast, that you won’t think about cozying up in your Aeron chair at work, and being excited to get in the office is a serious statement.

If you’re going for an astoundingly ergonomic chair, engineered to the “t”, and won’t sacrifice style or luxury, this is the brand for you. But you already knew that, and there’s a reason for it- the brand has cultivated an image over their many years in business. They offer many finish and material options for each one of their office chairs designs.

These options are awfully similar, though the devil is in the details. Subtle finish changes can have a profound effect on your space and how a unit complements a space. Herman Miller seating, in the opinion of this reviewer, will never be out of place. Like the other leaders of this field, they also offer many accessories and additional features on their designs. Moreover, they offer personalization and size customization abilities to their catalog- which is somewhat of a rarity. A stunning collection.”

And a third professional interior designer has recommended Herman Miller, so we can be certain that this is really one of the top companies to consider when purchasing a high end office chair. This is what Mairead Belcher has to say about Herman Miller: 

“The Herman Miller Sayl chair – inspired by the golden gate suspension bridge – combines ergonomics and modern design. This striking geometric classic design chair comprises of a y-tower back, which  is not just aesthetically pleasing but provides ventilation and spinal curvature support through flexibility. This chair provides the essentials and is great for designers and gamers. It comes in an option of fun colours and has a 12-year warranty. It also hits on sustainability, with 90% of the chair being fully recyclable.”


Beautiful leather office chair sitting on hardwood floor

You know that you can take Eurotech seriously because these folks specialize in office chairs, specifically! They allow you to customize your very own chair with 36 different models to choose from, 100 different types of fabrics, and they have your chair ready within 5 days of you placing the order.

These are the Cadillac’s of office chairs, and we have Ahmet to thank for this fantastic recommendation. Though you are going to spending a little bit more, a custom chair from Eurotech will probably last you the rest of your life, and it’s going to look good while doing it! Ahmet says:  

“The product designs of this brand are modern and minimalist. It has adjustable parts to integrate laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. The back and seat parts are adjustable and suitable for all anthropometric measurements. The aluminum framed leather is completely first class and genuine.”


Elegant white leather armchair made by LuxDeco

They really weren’t kidding when they named their company “luxury decoration”. LuxDeco is the brand you need to know if you are keen on style style style, but an office chair that is just as comfortable as it is gorgeous and going along with the furniture trends. 

Andrea Zivic is particularly excited about the Big Chic Armchair for its high quality materials, its timeless and elegant design. This is a gorgeous piece of furniture that can be comfortable in your office, classy at the table, or any other function you need it to serve. This is what Andrea has to say about it: 

“The high class office chair design comes from this brand. Quality and comfort guaranteed with carefully crafted seat cushions, high back, upholstered in dream cream leather and enhanced with stitching handcrafted by expert artisans in Italy.”


And there you have it! Thanks to this fabulous group of interior designers from all around the world we have had the opportunity to compile this list of all of the best office chair brands from around the world. Hopefully there’s a little bit of everything in here, and that you were able to find the perfect office chair for your work-from-home set up!