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Bedroom interior design ideas, picture and decorating tips, including master bedrooms and kid’s rooms.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a number of incredible bedroom designs created by Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors. The company focuses on providing staging services and selling custom, high-quality furniture to interior designers and decorators, among other customers. Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors has been sought out by popular interior designers as a source of […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a stunning arrangement of bedrooms with a desk or office space. While the bedroom may seem like an unsuitable place for a workspace, we are impressed by the elegance of these rooms with working areas included. The benefit of having a working area right in the bedroom is that you can […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a huge collection of lovely rooms that are perfect for both young children and teenagers. These bedrooms run the gamut from utterly traditionally feminine or masculine to more gender neutral, for those siblings who need to share a room with the opposite gender. These rooms are colorful and personalized for […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring master bedrooms with the exquisite luxury of French doors. One way to take a comfortable, luxurious master bedroom up a notch is to give it direct access to the outdoors. French doors add both utility and beauty to any master bedroom, taking things up a notch in both style and livability. The […]

Welcome to our gallery of beautiful master bedrooms without headboards! Many people consider headboards a bedroom staple, defining the look of the room. Without a headboard the design of a room looks incomplete and lacking true design. Well, we are here to prove that misconception wrong! We have made a gallery of designs that work […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring 24 Comfortable Bedrooms with engaging accent walls! Accent walls are simply walls in a room that are unlike the others, made to stand out and truly accent a space. Some accent walls are very bold and stand out prominently, while others can be more subtle and naturally fitting in a room. […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring 42 stunning and lavish bedrooms from top designers worldwide! What is a bedroom to you? Is it a room where you go to relax, breathe, and find peace? Bedrooms are the most private room of the home. Their textures of often soft and delicate, bringing peace to those who enter them. Having […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring stunning master bedrooms from top designers around the world! Bedrooms can inspire many different feelings but one thing should always be true – bedrooms should be comfortable. Whether it’s a subtle elegance or boasting a luxurious design, all of these bedrooms keep that comfort in mind. Minimalist bedrooms, with their […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring gorgeous bedrooms with white furniture! This collection of stunning bedrooms shows off a great combination of bright and beautiful rooms in a multitude of different styles, but they all manage to have one thing in common, the use of white furniture. This unifying element leaves a lot of wiggle room […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a variety of bedroom by top designers around the world! Bedrooms are an essential part of every house, so it’s of paramount importance that a bedroom be a place of peace and relaxation. It needs to be somewhere that the homeowner will truly enjoy spending time. We’ve brought a little bit of everything to […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring dazzling bedrooms with soft upholstered headboards. The fabric headboard is an alternative to the traditional wooden headboard. This look allows designers to give color and personality to a bed, beyond mere frame work. Headboards were historically created for much more than a pretty sight. The footboard, however, was created for […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a number of master bedrooms with four poster or canopy beds. The difference between four-poster and canopy beds may be slight, but it’s a detail that can’t be missed when you’re talking about designing a bedroom. These beds each have the same basic shape, and have four large posts on each corner […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring luxurious bedrooms complete with flat screen TVs. There’s nothing quite like relaxing in bed at the end of a long arduous day and catching up on the nightly news, your favorite sitcoms, or even some “guilty pleasure” reality TV! The big, heavy console televisions of the past are no more, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring luxurious bedrooms that take full advantage of gorgeous dark furniture. While light furniture in bedrooms can create a bright, airy atmosphere, dark bedroom furniture should not be overlooked when planning your design scheme. Dark furniture has a reputation of making a room feel smaller, but as you can see from this collection, […]

Welcome to another special gallery featuring some of the most amazing bedrooms from some of our more recent partners. The above bedroom is an elegant master bedroom in neutrals. The layered textures, including corduroy and suede, provide visual interest without bright colors. You can see more of this home here, which is by one of our […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a little girl’s room full of wonder and whimsy, designed by Candice Olson Design and photographed by Brandon Barré. Brandon Barré is a North America based commercial photographer who is most passionate about shooting food, interior designs, and portraits. Candice Olson is the host of Divine Design on HGTV, and describes her design […]

Welcome to our gallery of incredible master bedroom designs by more of our fantastic designer partners. The above bedroom is designed by McClean Design, and features an enclosed fireplace in a stone accent wall, sleek, smooth lines, and light hardwood floors. You can see more of this home here. The bedrooms in the collection are spacious […]

Welcome to our special gallery featuring a large collection of beautifully designed master bedrooms, each with a fireplace. This collection of fifty-odd master bedrooms is varied in color palette, layout, and design style, ranging from clean, simple and contemporary to ornate and traditional. Each of these master bedrooms features a fireplace. Some are open, others […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a selection of comfortable, relaxing and fantastically designed master bedrooms with carpet. No matter which side of the carpet versus hardwood floor debate you fall on, it’s easy to see why waking up to a soft, plush carpet under your feet can be preferable to wood (particularly in the winter). A […]

Today we proudly feature a selection of beautiful, functional walk-in closet creations by Lisa Adams Closet Design. Lisa Adams creates wardrobe and storage spaces that balance function and aesthetics in equal fashion, emphasizing the potential value added to any home. The closet is where many folks spend the first and last moments of a day. Oftentimes, one has to deal […]

Zebra bedroom décor doesn’t sound like the best idea… until you see tasteful examples of zebra print furniture, wall art and rugs in a tastefully decorated bedroom. That’s the aim of this photo gallery – to show you several examples of beautiful bedrooms that incorporate one or several zebra print items in décor. While the black […]

Today we present our collection of contemporary bedrooms created by Reeva Design. Based in London, UK, Reeva Design crafts interiors with character, luxury, and a progressive ethos. Their striking designs are ultra modern, futuristic even, yet grounded in natural or environmentally friendly materials. Their manufacturers use solar panels, making the entire production process carbon neutral. Wood agglomerate panels […]

Today we present our gallery of exciting, richly appointed, spacious bedrooms filled with the unique touch of custom design and spectacular bedroom furniture including queen and king beds, dresser drawers, night stands, loveseats (sitting areas) and more. When a bedroom is large enough, it becomes more than merely a space to rest your head. It can be […]

Welcome to our gallery of smaller, cozy bedrooms that have been richly decorated with a fine attention to detail. Proving that you don’t need a bedroom the size of a castle to enjoy the luxury of one, these rooms are decked out in beautiful textures and colors, flush with opulent design ideas. Some make the most of their space with […]