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The Best Ottoman Brands (According to the Experts!)

Amazing selections of ottomans sitting in display room

Picking the Perfect Ottoman 

Ottomans are one of those pieces of furniture that are quite often forgotten about. If you have a couch and a coffee table to throw your feet up, then what’s the point? Ottomans actually have far more potential that we may realize, and I only learned this when I picked up one of my own!

An ottoman can serve many functions. It can work as an extra seat, as a foot rest, as a makeshift coffee table, a stepping stool, some of them even have storage! Another reason why ottomans can be a great little addition to your living space is that they are super easy to move around, meaning you can easily experiment with all the ways that they can be used! 

If you’ve been curious about purchasing an ottoman but you don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place. We’ve asked a group of lovely interior designers from around the world what their favorite brand is when it comes to purchasing the perfect ottoman, and this is what we came up with! 

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What Makes a Perfect Ottoman? 

Now to understand ottomans, you have to understand that no two ottomans are created equal (although I went out on a limb and wrote about my favorite ottoman coffee table here)! There are so many different shapes, sizes, materials, and functions of ottomans for you to pick from. So before you go buying one willy nilly, ask yourself a few questions first. 

Close up tufted ottoman cushion

How will you be using it?

Though it may sometimes seem like a – to be blunt – useless piece of furniture, an ottoman has actually proven to be quite handy at my house! I like to use my ottoman as a stepping stool, it’s a great extra seat to have to sit around my coffee table, and it’s also just gorgeous to look at. 

There are so many kinds of ottomans out there. They make for a great makeshift coffee table, it’s the perfect foot rest for a long movie, they can be used as plant stands, and there are tons out there that actually open up to reveal some extra storage space for blankets, games, and magazines! 

The way that you use your ottoman will also determine what type of material it should be made of. If you’re planning on kicking tour feet up on it, maybe a softer cushioned material will be best. If it’s going to be double as a coffee table, maybe something more sturdy like leather or wood is more ideal.

How much space do you have? 

Along with all sorts of different styles and types of ottomans, there’s all sorts of different sizes of ottomans as well. If you don’t have very much space you can always purchase one that tucks neatly under your sofa, or it can double as a plant stand when it’s not being used as an ottoman. There are huge ottomans out there that you can stuff a bunch of extra blankets into or can easily be used as a comfy extra seat.

Furniture companies are making modular ottomans that you can add to your sofa, too. Whether it’s a sofa from the same collection as the ottoman or you’re just tacking it on the end, choosing a modular ottoman can turn a regular sofa into a sectional! Who doesn’t want that! There is truly an ottoman for everyone out there you just have to find it. 

Who will be using it? 

Another factor to include is who will be using the ottoman. If you live in a house with children or pets or both, maybe you’ll want to consider purchasing an ottoman that is made with more sturdy materials and upholstery. 

Who uses it will also determine the color. Maybe avoid colors like white or yellow if it’s going to be used a lot, since the upholstery doesn’t usually come off. Or, choose an ottoman without upholstery all together! The idea behind being smart about buying furniture is choosing something that has the most longevity. 

What is your aesthetic? 

And finally, what do you want your ottoman to look like in your room? Do you want it to stand out as a statement piece or to just fade into the background from the rest and let the rest  of your furniture shine? When it comes to buying furniture I always think of aesthetic first and everything else last (though that isn’t the most practical order) but it ensures that my rooms are always cohesive looking and well curated.

The Best Ottoman Brands (According to Budget) 

We appreciate that everybody has a totally different budget when it comes to furnishing their home. That is why we’ve organized the following section according to budget, so that everyone has an opportunity to find their perfect ottoman! We have ottomans for lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets.

All of the following information has been generously provided by that wonderful group of interior designers that we mentioned earlier. If you’re curious about any of them or projects that they’ve done, you can find them all introduced in our article The Best Sectional Sofa Brands

The Best Low Budget Ottoman Brands

Duhome Elegant Lifestyle 

Lovely blue ottoman on white background Duhome Elegant Lifestyle made

Sometimes working within a budget can be tricky, but luckily there are a ton of furniture companies out there who make buying beautiful furniture attainable to all. Duhome Elegant Lifestyle is one of those companies. Their furniture is available on their main website as well as other third party sites like Amazon. 

The wonderful interior designer, Ahmet Can Ozkara, recommended this furniture brand to us for several reasons. He runs a furniture design company so he knows how to determine whether or not something is high quality. He also really knows how to pick out pieces that are funky and fun! Ottomans from Duhome or are fun, well made, and affordable. Here’s what Ahmet has to say:

“The stainless metal legs that this brand uses in its products make it more elegant and luxurious, giving the pieces a sleek look. Using expert sewing techniques made with high-quality fabric and solid feet, the product becomes very high quality for its wonderfully low price.”


Bright blue sleek ottoman in living room made by Birdrock furniture

Shopping at Birdrock is kind of a no brainer. Not only do they have options for your home, but they have outdoor patio pieces, accessories for your car and garage, and they even have pet supplies! This truly makes them a one stop shop for everything you could need for your home, pets included! 

And you know what else? Items from Birdrock are wonderfully affordable. Andrea Zivic is a fantastic interior designer who works for Infinity Designs, and she never underestimates the power of a good ottoman. That is why she’s chosen Birdrock for this specific question: 

“Decoration in the home is very important. In fact, the right design idea makes the whole room become a cohesive picture. And when that decoration can have a functional role, then that’s even better. This piece of furniture is exactly that. You can position it in any room, next to the bed, in the living room or even in the hallway, the choice is yours.

Birdrock is a brand that offers a wide range and a variety of designs. We found a number of  ottoman choices that are very popular for interior design projects. Birdrock offers classic designs and a wide selection of colors to choose from. The most popular ottomans are made of plush material.”


Cute and fuzzy boucle ottoman made by Article

It can be difficult to find an affordable furniture company that somehow still suits your specific sense of style. For me, Article really ticks all the boxes for my sense of style. The designs by Article are a rarity in that they take inspiration from mid century modern pieces, but makes them so affordable that they can fit into nearly any budget. 

I just love Article, and so does Mairead Belcher who is a very stylish interior design. Mairead understands how important and useful an ottoman can be to a space, and so she recommended her favorite model that Article makes. Here’s  what she had to say about the Gabriola ottoman

“Article’s Gabriola ottoman is a super sweet and budget-friendly addition to any space. This simple Scandinavian design works well with many design styles. Its boucle-covered cushions bring a beautiful soft fluffy texture and, contrasted with wooden legs, create a beautiful dimension to the piece.

The user experience is excellent, creating a smooth, warm sensation for your feet. This piece is indeed a shoe-off experience for two reasons, to enjoy the fabric but also because it is not the easiest to clean. You need to be careful about spillages, so I try avoiding using them in family and pet households.”

Monarch Specialties 

Beautiful brown accent chair with matching ottoman made by Monarch Specialities

Monarch Specialities is one of those furniture brands that prioritizes simplicity and function over everything else. It is important to have these types of companies around especially when nowadays folks seem to be so focused on things be aesthetically pleasing over everything else. 

Everybody deserves to find their perfect ottoman, and sometimes simplicity is king. That’s why Ahmet Can Ozkara recommended Monarch Specialities to us, because sometimes an ottoman should compliment your other furniture without completely fading into the background. This is what Ahmet has to say about this furniture brand: 

“The products of this brand attract attention with their extraordinary, unique, and distinctive details. Covered in a luxurious-feeling velvet fabric, the long sides are curved for visual and textural appeal and smooth for superior comfort.

A solid base covered in shiny stainless metal completes its modern sparkling look. As versatile as they are stylish, these ottomans can be used in the living room or bedroom as a footstool to rest your feet on and a makeshift table to place a book or mobile device, or as a pouf whenever and wherever you need an extra seat.”

The Best Moderate Budget Ottoman Brands 


Cool modern square blue ottoman made by Perigold furniture

Perigold is a furniture brand that manages to do this thing where they can make something blissfully elegant and fun and funky at the same time. This may seem impossible, but I exude that same dichotomy all the time (patting myself on the back here).

Artur Baja is an interior designer who can easily see the magic in furniture and never fails to recommend a company that isn’t afraid to be fun and colorful. Even though an ottoman is a smaller piece of furniture, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make a statement! Here is what Artur has to say about Perigold’s ottomans: 

“Perigold is furniture brand that is perfect for clients who are looking for style and a ton of color options. There we can find all sorts of different types of ottoman. Perigold combines the type of piece very well with the shape of the ottoman as well as with their additional accessories. These products can fit very well into any room in your home; the living room, bedroom, the wardrobe, even as a seat for your make up table.”


Adorable boucle ottoman on white background made by Eichholtz furniture

You know how you can just tell that a company is nice because of the font that they use? Well, Eichholtz is just one of those companies. But the great thing about them is as stylish as their designs are, their prices are totally reasonable. 

Andrea Zivic really comes through with her recommendations, and she always does us the kindness of recommending her favorite model, too. This ottoman is particular is here to show you that sometimes things just need to be cute and fluffy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

This is the ottoman for you if you’re on the hunt for something that is purely there to comfort your tired little feet after a long day. Whether you’re reading a book, doing a crossword, or just sipping on a martini, the Cordoba ottoman by Eichholtz will be there to help take a load off. 

“The Cordoba Ottoman by Eichholtz Upholstered in the most luxurious, boucle cream fabric and perfect for fitting into any space. Topped with a richly plush cushion, this stunning ottoman features X-shaped legs bringing a unique feature to the piece.”

Crate & Barrel 

Living room scene with beautiful ottoman and chairs made by Crate and Barrel

Crate & Barrel is just one of those go-to furniture companies that you’ve either already purchased from or heard of before. Why? Because they are reliable in every way. They are reliably stylish, reliably priced, and reliably good quality. 

Tina Martindelcampo loves to recommend Crate & Barrel to her clients, and so she shared this same recommendation for us when it comes to ottomans. This is because they combine both style and function, especially when it comes to their ottomans complete with storage. Tina does a great job of convincing why you need this ottoman in your home: 

“Crate & Barrel offers extremely stylish, yet practical furnishings for every home. One of their best options are their ottomans, notably the Lounge Storage Ottoman. What I love about the Lounge ottoman is that it can serve as an ottoman to put your feet up on, while channel surfing the tv, however it can also be used as additional seating for guests if needed.

Another highly desirable feature of this ottoman is that there is storage inside, which is priceless for clients who live in smaller spaces. Crate & Barrel always has a plethora of fabric options to choose from and you can order samples of the fabric, which makes your design making process all the more easier.”


Stunning green velvet sectional and ottoman made by Anthroliving

Have you ever heard of Anthroliving – the everything home counterpart to Anthropologie? If not, prepare to have your life changed. If so, you’re welcome for the reminder. This is the company for you if you like pieces that are unique and colorful.

Mairead Belcher has recommended Anthroliving to us more than once, and it is so clear why. They’ve got every ottoman option under the sun. They have ottomans that will spice up the room or tone it down, add a little flavor or just a little storage, or something so ornate that you probably won’t ever let anybody sit on it! 

“When designing, I love playing around with textiles and incorporating different textures in a space. Anthropologie’s Denver ottoman brings velvet glamour in all the right ways. Its simple design includes removable legs, perfect if you are looking for a lower flat upholstery ottoman for your space.

Additionally, the simple dark stained legs pair beautifully with the velvet. It is available in 20 hues and is made from dense foam cushioning, making it very comfortable. At 39” inches, it can be multifunctional, used as a seat, stretch out your legs or even a table.”

What’s more, is that a modular ottoman like this can even be used to extend your sofa and turn it into a sectional sofa, creating even more comfort in your room. 

The Best Luxury Budget Ottoman Brands

Lorec Ranch

Amazing cowhide ottoman made my Lorec Ranch furniture

Now I just have to be candid here. Anything, and I mean anything that is Western themed is going to just tickle my fancy. I love anything that is made from suede, leather, or fur, and it can be rare to find modern furniture companies who love this style just as much as I do. 

Lorec Ranch is one of those companies, and I am eternally grateful to Ahmet Can Ozkara for the recommendation. At it again with giving the fun and funky recommendations, Lorec Ranch is dedicated to keeping cowboys in style by creating furniture pieces that only Jesse Jackson would approve of. Ahmet’s blurb is short and sweet, but really it’s all that you need to know about Lorec ranch ottomans: 

“This brand uses real cattle, buffalo and calf skins to create their beautiful furniture prieces. It creates its weaves and fabrics with real, genuine fur. These Ottomans sit on solid pine legs, adding extra longevity to the piece.”

Dom Kapa 

Stylish and beautiful ottoman made by Dom Kapa furniture

Customizable furniture really seems to be trending these days, and Dom Kapa is definitely a brand to remember if you’re into that type of thing. Even when it just comes to an ottoman, this fantastic furniture company gives you a huge amount of color and fabric options. 

Andrea Zivic is really excited about the Elba collection for several reasons. It’s incredible sleek, modern in shape, made from nothing but the best materials, and you can choose the upholstery and color. This is a particularly stylish ottoman and really should be reserved for the cleanest and daintiest feet! 

“Achieve an authentic look with the Elba Ottoman. Designed with modern style and comfort, this luxurious ottoman doubles as a fantastic footstool, footstool or pouf. Combine this with the Elba armchair.”

Pottery Barn 

Modular ottoman piece with storage made by Pottery Barn

I’m sure you don’t need to be introduced to Pottery Barn. My love for Pottery Barn started when my mother used to bring me to the store and I was immediately comforted by the smell of the candles and amazing selection of pillows. 

You know what else they make that’s comforting? Ottomans. You can’t go wrong with supporting this furniture brand. Tina Martindelcampo has done us a solid and recommended her favorite model of ottoman that Pottery Barn makes.

This design is genius. If the size and shape is right, you can place it beside your sofa and suddenly turn it into a sectional sofa! This modular piece is also a genius design because of the extra storage within it. You can’t go wrong with this model. 

“Pottery Barn leads the way when it comes to home furnishings, because they offer classic designs paired with a smart, beautiful sense of style. They too carry a storage ottoman – similar to Crate & Barrel – that I love.

It’s their Modular Upholstered Sectional Ottoman, which opens up to reveal ample storage space inside. They offer an array of fabrics to choose from as well as sizing and cushion fill options. If you are unsure of making a purchase, they also offer free design consultants to help guide you through the decision making process.”


Amazing leather ottoman with storage made by Arhaus furniture

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Arhaus is a name to remember. This is really the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury furniture. They really take the cake (why do I always make comparisons to food when I talk about furniture) with their ottomans because they also have function. 

Mairead Belcher likes to recommend ottomans that can also have utility to them. While being gorgeous and sturdy, Arhaus ottomans can also serve as a coffee table, extra seating, extra storage, or just a really lovely piece of furniture to compliment everything else in your lovely home. Here is Mairead talking about her favorite model by Arhaus: 

“The Arhaus Butler-Tufted ottoman is a great traditional style piece for the home. It has a  sophisticated, executive look, and this versatile piece can be used as an ottoman/coffee table and works great in a living room or study.

I love how it incorporates two wooden trays underneath, to be used to avoid spillages on the leather if doubling up as a coffee table. The available colour pallet is a range of dark leathers, which work great in traditionally styled homes. This ottoman is available in three sizes.”


That’s it, that’s all, folks! I don’t know about you, but I actually learned a ton writing this article. I didn’t think much about ottomans before, but now I’m going to use my own ottoman in all the ways that have been recommended here! Hopefully you’ve learned something, too. 

I’d just like to thank those wonderful interior designers once more for sharing all of these valuable recommendations to us. Sometimes us regular folks need a little help to make something beautiful, and this group of professionals is helping us do that, one little click at a time.

Happy decorating!