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25 Patio Step Ideas (Photos)

Patio with a covered area, a trellis, and a firepit.

Patio steps are often the functional quick access point between the house’s tall patio structure and the backyard. Instead of stepping down and risking stumbling on the grass from your patio, having accessible steps eliminates the dangers and completes the transition from home to nature. They are also helpful for access from the lawn to the front.

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The backyard boasts a large swimming pool, directly across the large patio from the home. We see the glass openings fully retracted, blurring the line between indoors and outside.

Here we are on the vast patio, looking into the home through the full height glass that surrounds it. The kitchen can be seen at right, a simple space defined by a large white island with dine-in seating.

A modern brick outdoor fireplace adds textural interest to this poolside patio. The fireplace has a built-in sofa with pillows.

This covered patio features a rectangular coffee table and rustic color sofas. This area is lit by recessed ceiling lights.


This patio features a gorgeous brick fireplace in front of the wooden comfy sofa. It also highlights the brick walls and a swimming pool.


This backyard patio features a fireplace and an outdoor table with an umbrella.

There is a little outdoor dining area in the patio with beautiful outside furnishings and stone-ground flooring.

A glance at the home’s open-air living space highlighting a pleasant couch set with a brick chimney.

Here’s a focused glance at the chateau’s outside area highlighting a pleasant living set and open-air eating, alongside a pool.

The outdoor area flaunts a huge custom pool with sitting parlors and a few tables with bar stools.

An outdoor patio with tasteful seats and an inside table set in the center. The flooring of this outdoor area looks completely dazzling.

The hexagonal terracotta flooring tiles of this outdoor patio is differentiated by the white round firepit with broadening stone edge.

This is a simple terrace yard that has a few outdoor seats confronting a firepit decorated with concrete.

This charming patio has three relaxing territories encompassing a little half-court ball region.

This is an outdoor dining area directly outside the white outside of the house matched with numerous white pruned plants and greenery of the arranging.

This beguiling and comfortable patio see has a feasting territory with a wooden table and fashioned iron padded seats next to a flawless sitting region.

This area has a ruddy stone ground surface that reaches out to the roundabout firepit and the encompassing implicit semi hover seat with earthy colored pads.

This simple outdoor dining area has a rectangular wooden table matched with wooden brace sponsored seats that contrast the solid floor.

This outdoor patio has a warm white chimney bested with trellises that cast lovely designed shadows over the woven wicker couch and easy chairs with beige pads.

This elegant patio features an outdoor dining table set on the red brick flooring and cozy padded seats on the side.

This backyard features a circular metal table paired with metal white chairs on the red brick flooring.

This gorgeous patio has an outdoor small dining table paired with wooden chairs.

A stunning covered patio features a living area with a comfy grey sofa set in front of the mounted TV on the wall and a swimming pool.

This covered patio features a grey comfy sofa and a couple of wooden chairs on the side and it has gorgeous plants surrounding.

A stunning patio area with a ruddy stone ground surface that reaches out to the roundabout firepit and gorgeous garden.