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35 Patio Border Ideas (Photos)

Garden patio with landscaping border.

Borders are significant in any hardscape as they arrange the plan by separating enormous spaces and separating different outdoor ‘rooms’. Without clear differentiation between various outside spaces, furniture arrangements and different highlights can appear to be inadequately anchored and out of space. Borders are also excellent tools with which to make variety and differentiation, or feature central highlights inside the landscape. Borders come in different structures, from slick foliage to low walls and paver designs.

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This backyard area features a rectangular glass table paired with metal white chairs that matches the beautiful trees.

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This backyard area features brown chairs with a wooden table in front of the beach view.

This backyard features a small wooden bench that matches the house wooden walls.

This backyard features a pebble patio over dirt and gorgeous hanging chairs.

This patio features an outdoor fire pit stand out even more by the built-in wooden bench.

This backyard patio with an outdoor sofa and long rectangle natural-gas fuelled patio fire pit.

This backyard terrace features a small wooden coffee table paired with wooden chairs on the concrete flooring.

This stunning section of the backyard features a cozy sofa with a stylish trash can on the side and a coffee table in the middle.

This patio features a dining space imitates a customary indoor space, packed with sconces on the plaster divider, flanking an enormous brightening mirror.

This patio with a natural wood dining table surrounded by wicker seating on the pool house porch, just as a view clear away from any open design living room.

The extensive patio and pool area plays host to an enormous pool house, worked in a similar moderate style as the barn home.

The stone patio at the rear of the home, with a fire pit located in front of the large windows in the great room.

The open-air unwinding space stretches out past the covered areas, including this brick patio at the center point of a little patio.

This patio offers rich wood panels bisecting the solid field. A one of a kind outdoor gas fireplace strip remains across structure the pool, at left.

The back patio shares a large group of novel seating alternatives, with white easy chairs and wicker tables tucked away in rich greenery behind the home.

This patio looks so gorgeous with a built-in stone table paired with a stone bench on both sides. It has a sliding glass door that leads inside the house.

This patio with two padded comfy seats and a garden boasts many kinds of plants and mature trees.

This backyard patio features a padded sofa and two green wooden chairs with a coffee table near to the built-in stone firepit.

This backyard patio has a white table with a built-in umbrella paired with white chairs and red brick flooring.

This backyard patio features a gorgeous style of fireplace and a cozy L-shape sofa. It also has a wooden dining table paired with chairs.

This covered patio features an outdoor living area and an outdoor dining area. It has a dining table set and a comfy sofa set in front of the fireplace.

This is the flawlessly covered patio with a tall designed white roof with recessed lights. This is supplemented by outside tiles and open walls.

This patio features a stone section flooring supplemented by the tropical plants on the sides that fill in as a lovely background for the sitting region.

This covered patio has a comfy outdoor living set up with a comfy sofa set and a wooden coffee table.

There is a little outdoor dining area in the patio with dazzling outside furnishings and stone ground surface.

A closer look at the sitting wooden lounges encompassing the fire pit on the home’s garden.

This balcony area features a gorgeous view of the surroundings and a wooden padded sofa with an outdoor coffee table.

A look at the home’s large modern cabana with multiple seats and is lighted by a stunning chandelier.

This view of the house exhibits its beautiful outside and its yard prompting the house’s entrance. It also has a comfy sofa set with a coffee table.

Here’s the open-air area highlighting outside dining and kitchen along with a jacuzzi and sitting lounges.

A focused look at the porch set underneath the deck placed on the lovely walkway encompassed by the delightful garden.

The home’s outdoor enhancements are outdoor dining including a round dining table set on the of the garden.

This is a flawless outside eating territory underneath a white roof with recessed lights enlightening the beige stone floors fixed with lovely arranging as an afterthought giving a pleasant foundation to the fashioned iron eating set.

This open-air patio has a brilliant mien due of its white stone ground surface that supplements the light-dark wooden rocker seats.

The white trellises are upheld by the splendid white columns that remain interestingly with the all-around manicured garden alongside the trees framing it.

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