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Frank Lloyd Wright’s House in Phoenix, AZ (Auctioned for Sale on October 16)

What can you expect from the final home designed by one of history's most famous architects? When that architect is Frank Lloyd Wright, you can expect lots of curves and a blending with the environment. You get a dream home for artists, and a chance to live in a primarypiece.

An aerial view of the property showcasing the beautiful surroundings around the house.

The last home designed by architectural genius Frank Lloyd Wright, the Circular Sun House, also known as the Norman Lykes House, has become available for sale. This home is one of the finest examples of his work, bringing together his signature organic architecture style with the circular style he came to favor in his later years.

He didn’t live long enough to see its construction in 1967, just eight years after his death, but anyone seeing the 3,095-square-foot structure can feel his spirit exuding from everywhere. The 1994 reconstruction stayed true to the original plan.

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Located in the mountainous area of Phoenix, AZ, on 1.3 acres of land, the bluish-grey stone walls blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape, desert in the foreground and mountains framing the rear. The home features three bedrooms and three bathrooms and a large living room with a fireplace that was meant to bring people together.

There is also a media room, two home offices, and a circular kitchen, complete with the most up-to-date amenities of that period. The home offices both have built-in desks, cabinets and lots of shelving. The kitchen features under-cabinet windows looking out over the landscape and stainless steel counters that afford lasting beauty. The bathrooms in the home A windowed wall looks out over a crescent-shaped pool and mother-of-pearl deck that features a privacy wall.

Continuing upstairs, we find yet another office, this one circular with built-in Philippine mahogany furniture, which was his favorite. All the built-in furniture throughout the home is constructed of this same rich wood. The upstairs office has half-moon-shaped windows, looking out on a fantastic landscape. The lucky buyer will also have access to all the included furniture. Owning this piece of art is also a chance to live in a piece of history.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s creations number over a thousand in his lifetime. Of those, only 532 were ever seen in reality, yet for only 70 years, this is considered a major achievement. It is likely that everyone has seen at least one of his works of art in their lifetime. This primary of architecture designed the likes of Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, the Guggenheim Museum and the Johnson Wax Headquarters.

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His creations leaned towards buildings that blended into the surrounding environment, allowing those who occupied the structures to feel part of the larger world. As her neared the end of his life, sharp angles gave way to circles and curves, giving a feeling of continuous flow throughout. His “organic architecture” for which he was most famous, led the world to understand that man-made structures could fit into the natural environment in a way that created beauty, harmony, and functionality. He will live in history as an architectural genius.

Photo credit: Craig Root