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12 Excellent Tiny House Bathroom Ideas (Photos)

A collage of tiny bathrooms.

It’s not easy designing a bathroom for a tiny house. It must be small, but also accessible and usable. It needs to include a toilet, sink and shower. Storage, while optional, is important.

As part of our extensive tiny house series, we put together this collection of tiny house bathroom ideas in a series of photos from many of the nicest tiny home designs we feature on this site.

What I find amazing is that some include full tubs. Some clever designs include a washing machine and dryer turning the bathroom into a laundry room as well (a very nice feature for any tiny home).

Check them out below. I suspect you’ll be very impressed with how much and how nice a tiny bathroom can be in a tiny house.

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1. Gorgeous Tiny House Bathroom With Tub and Storage

Photo of the toilet and trough-style bathroom sink. This tiny house bathroom includes plenty of storage as well.

Small freestanding bathtub with shower attachment in a tiny home bathroom.

Notice the clever sink design how it's built into a wall of bathroom storage cabinets.

It’s not often you get a full tub in a tiny house bathroom by Summit Tiny Homes, but this is one example. You also need to check out the extensive and clever storage built into it. Finally, the design and attention to detail is second to none.

See the entire home here.

2. Spacious Bathroom and Laundry Room Combo in a Tiny House

Here's a spacious tiny house bathroom with built-in tub, washing machine, dryer, toilet and sink.

Here’s a spacious bathroom with subway tile used on the walls above the built-in tub/shower designed and built by Summit Tiny Homes. The sink is built into a nook with floor-to-ceiling shelving on the right.

This room doubles as a laundry room with washing machine and dryer. I love the rustic ceiling beams and extensive light wood along with the overall white color scheme.

See the entire home here.

3. Walk-in Shower

Close-up photo of a rustic modern tiny house bathroom with spacious walk-in shower (with wood floor).

Here’s a tiny house bathroom with an incredible gray-tiled walk-in shower designed and built by Backcountry Tiny Homes. I also love the modern sink against the natural wood wall.

See the entire home here.

4. Tiny House Bathroom and Laundry Room Combo

Another example of an efficient tiny house bathroom with a tub as well as a washing machine and dryer. The dark wood floor contrasts very nicely with the white wood walls as well as the subway tile walls surrounding the tub.

Here’s a gorgeous tiny home bathroom with plenty of white subway tile, toilet, tub and laundry room facilities designed and built by New Frontier Tiny Homes.

See the entire home here.

5. Contemporary Bathroom Design in Tiny House

Walk-in shower in tiny home bathroom with black and white color scheme.

Stylish modern floating sink in white bathroom. Includes floating shelves above the toilet.

Here’s an example of a contemporary style tiny house bathroom with black and white color scheme. Facility includes shower, toilet and sink. It’s fairly small and compact, but does the job. This particular example was designed and built by

See more of this home here.

6. Simple Tiny House Bathroom

Simple tiny house bathroom with bench toilet, tiny floating sink, window and shower.

Here’s an example of a very simple bathroom design in a tiny home. It includes a bench style toilet, tiny shaving mirror, window, floor-to-ceiling shelving and a shower with shower curtain. You can buy the plans for this tiny house here.

See the rest of this home here.

7. Subway Tile Shower

Tiny house bathroom with floating white sink, toilet and full walk-in shower.

Here’s a mid-sized tiny house bathroom with full shower, sink and toilet. It offers sufficient room so that you’re not too tight but doesn’t take up too much space that takes away from the other spaces. The example above was designed by Brian Crabb of

8. Comfortable Tiny House Bathroom

Comfortable and beautiful tiny house bathroom with wood wall paneling, wood flooring, full tub, small sink and small toilet. The room is nicely lit with recessed lighting.

Tiny house vanity and sink with round wood-framed mirror next to large tub/shower combo.

I like this bathroom designed by Brian Crabb at The vanity and sink look good with the wood paneling and the recessed lighting is a nice touch.

See the entire home here.

9. Stunning Contemporary and Spacious Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny house bathroom with glass-shower, vessel sink with modern faucet, wood trim on the ceiling and stylish built-in shelving.

I love the dark wood paneling on the shower wall which looks great with the white tile on other shower walls. Shower includes a window which emits plenty of light into the bathroom - hence the glass shower door.

Check out the modern design features of this stunning tiny house bathroom with vessel sink, glass-shower, modern vanity and much more. It’s designed by Summit Tiny Homes.

10. Pink and White Bathroom

Cozy white and pink tiny house bathroom with tub/shower, large vanity, sink, nautical mirror and coffered ceiling with recessed lights.

Cozy white and pink tiny house bathroom with tub/shower, large vanity, sink, nautical mirror and coffered ceiling with recessed lights. Designed by Summit Tiny Homes.

11. Rustic Bathroom in a Tiny House

Rustic bathroom in a tiny house with distressed wood walls, custom wood vanity with concrete vessel basin next to a white toilet.

Walk-in shower with large window and wood floor with dark gray tile. This particular shower enjoys a rain shower head.

Walk-in shower with large window and wood floor with dark gray tile. This particular shower enjoys a rain shower head. This was designed and built by Wind River Tiny Homes.

See the rest of the above home here.

12. Fabulous Bathtub Alcove in a Tiny House

The above designed and built by Wind River Tiny Homes. Photos by Dillan Forsey

See the entire home here.

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