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Pictures of Bathroom Designs

Welcome to our Bathroom Pictures where we feature our many bathroom design galleries.

Our aim is to provide inspirational bathroom design ideas to help you design the perfect bathroom for your home… whether a master bathroom, guest bathroom, kid’s bathroom or powder room.

Below you will find our bathroom photo galleries.  Some galleries are very specific while others are more general.  Bookmark this page so you can always get back to our main bathroom designs page.

Bright colors can certainly spruce up the design of any room and the aim of this photo gallery is to give you ideas for incorporating some brightness into your design, especially red which can look good. There are 2 types of red rooms: 1.  Rooms with red accents 2.  Rooms with fully painted red But, […]

Bathrooms have always been a place for comfort and relaxation. The look of a bathroom can vary, depending on wall decorations, paintings, paints, pieces of furniture or even tiling to make your stay in the bathroom as relaxing as it can be. opens the room up and creates opportunity for more natural light which is more beneficial […]

Despite all the advances in bathroom vanity designs in recent years, the pedestal sink is still enormously popular as a sink option in bathrooms, especially powder rooms (i.e. smaller bathrooms). While on the face of it pedestal sinks may seem fairly basic, the fact is the variety of options is enormous.  Pedestal sinks vary in […]

How wold you describe your bathroom decoration and design? Is it still according to what you want? Is it still on trend or perhaps it has already turned shabby and old? We are now living in a modern era and everything goes in style. Even a simple bathroom can be transformed into the most innovative and […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a collection of gorgeous bathrooms, each featuring an L-shaped vanity. While it’s commonplace for bathrooms to have more than one vanity, some bathrooms just aren’t quite large enough to accommodate two sinks with separate vanities. For these types of bathrooms, or for those with only a free corner, an L-shaped […]

Welcome to our gallery on staging bathrooms, featuring the designs of Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors! Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors focuses on providing high-quality and custom designs for designers and decorators, as well as staging services. The company is well known for their high-quality handcrafted pieces, and are popular with a variety of interior designers. […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide variety of bathroom designs with floating sinks and vanities. There are so many different ways to design a bathroom space, and you will see a large variety of these designs in our gallery. While some bathrooms are a grand space full of golden accents and seemingly fit for a king, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide variety of elegant master bathroom designs, all featuring chandeliers. Chandeliers are most commonly found in foyers and dining rooms, but they’ve seen a recent uptick in popularity for bathrooms and bedrooms. Chandeliers of all sizes add a feeling of traditional elegance to a room, regardless of the function, but […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a collection of luxury shower and shower complements from WETSTYLE. Each of these featured designs are made of WETMAR BiO™,  an eco-friendly thermo-insulating material made primarily out of soy and mineral stone. This award-winning material replaces petrochemical-based resins used throughout the industry with the first and most environmentally friendly material. WETMAR BiO™ […]

Welcome to our special gallery featuring a wide range of elegant vessel sink designs from WETSTYLE. The Canadian luxury brand WETSTYLE is renowned for their sleek, luxurious, classic and modern designs. With this gallery, we are proud to feature the full line of vessel sinks by WETSTYLE, each utterly unique and designed with precision and care for […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring beautiful and luxurious master bathroom designs from some of the most popular designers featured on Home Stratosphere! Amongst the rooms featured in this collection are incredibly modern designs with minimalist vanities and clean, smooth lines. The above bathroom is one of these open, airy, minimalist bathrooms, with glass shower enclosures, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide selection of luxury bathtub designs from WETSTYLE and W2 by WETSTYLE. Each of these featured bathtub designs is constructed out of WETMAR BiO™,  an eco-friendly thermo-insulating material made primarily out of soy and mineral stone. The pioneering recipe replaces the petrochemical-based resins most commonly used in the industry […]

Welcome to our gallery of 27 relaxing bathrooms featuring elegant clawfoot tubs! If you really think about it, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Have you ever walked into a modern day house, with a great design, comfortable settings, yet no bathroom? We didn’t think so. Every home needs […]

Welcome to a special gallery featuring the W2 by WETSTYLE. The Montreal based manufacturer creates premium bath furnishings including bathtubs, sinks, and other furniture. The award-winning manufacturer is also renowned in the design world, winning the 2012 and 2013 GOOD Design™ Awards and the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards for Glacier. Aside from these awards, […]

Welcome to our gallery showcasing gorgeous bathrooms with dark cabinetry. Here you will find some really beautiful and unique bathroom designs, all with dark cabinetry. There are so many little details that can really change the overall look of a room. Sometimes its the slightly darker hue used on the cabinetry or counter top that […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring bathrooms with walk-in showers! Walk-in showers are a great addition to any bathroom. They help break up space, add definition and function all without taking away from the size or spaciousness of a bathroom. The added fact that most of them are enclosed in glass also helps. You can tuck […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring stunning bathrooms with square sinks. Square sinks are a rather uncommon occurrence in bathrooms, but they can make for a striking contrast with many designs. Take the bathroom above for example. A round or oval sink would have been narrow and tiny on a vanity such as this. Square sinks can […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide selection of master bathrooms, each with a corner shower. Glass-enclosed shower stalls are must-haves for high-end luxury bathrooms, and these showers are most often relegated to a corner of the room, where they fit perfectly. Often, you’ll see a soaking tub next to the shower, whether it is […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide array of beautiful and luxurious bathrooms that will make your jaw drop and your heart stop. These bathrooms are each designed by one of our fantastic partners from around the world specifically for a client’s needs. You’re sure to find something that will appeal to you–or maybe everything […]

Welcome to our gallery highlighting an inspiring set of custom bathroom creations by top designers worldwide. We’ve selected only the cream of the crop when it comes to custom bathroom designs, gathering extraordinary examples to showcase the heights of creativity. Some of the best examples are not even the most expensive; it’s all about thoughtful […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring 30 luxurious bathrooms with free-standing tubs. If you’ve never soaked in a free-standing tub before, you’re really missing out. The bathtub is, of course, the ultimate relaxation place. Although as children, bath time was a struggle, we now find ourselves at the age where the bathtub is our best friend. […]