8 Terrific Small Dining Tables

Small round white dining table.

Here's a terrific collection of 8 small dining room tables. Whether it's in the kitchen, a nook or small dining room, these are excellent options.

This collection of small dining tables offers a variety of options including round, square and rectangle options.

Whether you need a compact dining table for in-kitchen dining, a nook or small dining room, the following will do the job nicely.

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A. Small Round Dining Room Tables

1. Bonenfant Dining Table

Small round table with a matte and water-resistant finish.With a diameter of 42 inches, this little dining table may be a great choice for kids who enjoy holding tea parties with their friends. It’s 29.5 inches tall, so it offers just enough space for most adult legs. You get a choice of six color configurations too, ranging from linen white to a nice and dark cappuccino color.

It only weighs 45 pounds, so you can easily test out all sorts of placements without tiring yourself out. Small dining tables like these are a great choice for limited apartment spaces too, as you can use them to break the room up.

It seats four people, though you may find that’s a slightly tight squeeze given its size. The pedestal base has four little legs, which lend it some added stability, plus it has a matte finish. It’s all made using MDF, meaning it can take a beating, though you may find the surface scratches a touch too easy.

The table is also small enough to use as a centerpiece in larger homes. You could pop a vase of flowers on top to really catch the eye and impress any visitors to your home.


  • Comes with a choice of colors that are varied enough to suit most interior design choices
  • Ideal for small apartment spaces
  • Attractive and stable pedestal base
  • Water resistant


  • MDF scratches easier than you may like
  • Though you can fit four chairs around it, you may not fit four people

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2. Belham Living Round Carter Dining Table

Traditional round dining table in an aesthetical walnut finish.With its four-legged base, this is one of those small dining tables that’s practically impossible to tip over unless you lift it off the ground to physically topple it. Weighing in at 55 pounds, it is indeed easy to lift, so you can enjoy trying it in different places until you find the right spot. Each of the four legs has little slats attached at the top too, lending the table even more stability.

It has a 5-inch diameter, making it one of the larger small dining tables around. You won’t fit a bunch of three-course meals on it, but it’s ideal for sharing a small brunch or a glass of wine with a couple of friends.

It’s made using a combination of engineered wood and rrubberwood which have been given a nice walnut finish. Traditionalists will love how easily it slots into a wood-based interior design. It seats four people too, though it may be better suited for more intimate dinners with a loved one.

Unfortunately, you don’t receive any chairs as part of the package. It also requires a little bit of assembly. Still, it comes with a 30-day returns policy, so you may be able to return it if it frustrates you too much.


  • Elegant wooden design makes it a hit in traditionally designed homes
  • Combination of rubber wood and engineered wood give it a certain strength
  • Perfect for couples who enjoy sharing intimate meals together
  • Four-leg design really improves stability


  • It does require some assembly upon arrival
  • No choice of colors

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3. Coaster Home Furnishing Three-Piece Dining Set

A dining set that comes with a round table and two padded chairs.As round small dining room tables go, this may be one of the most complete sets on the market. Not only do you get the table, but this also comes with a couple of chairs. All of that comes without costing the Earth, making it a great choice for people who don’t want to search for the perfect chairs to go with their tables.

It has four legs and a rounded finish, with leaves on either end that you can drop down if needed. It has a 35-inch diameter when the leaves are raised. The chairs feature the same cappuccino finish as the table, and have a bit of cream padding as well.

The hardwood construction ensures the table will last a long time if it’s treated well. It is on the heavier side, at just over 57 pounds, but that only lends more to the stability of the structure. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a breakfast table, but you may also find it suits a sitting room as a decorative piece.


  • Comes with a pair of padded chairs
  • The two leaves offer you some choice when it comes to style
  • Nice dark cappuccino finish
  • Solid and sturdy hardwood construction


  • There’s no denying that the chairs are a touch on the small side
  • It’s difficult to assemble and you may need two people for the task

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B. Compact Square Dining Tables

1. Winsome Wood Groveland Square Dining Table

An elegant-looking square-shaped dining table in a sleek oak finish.Simplicity and elegance are the names of the game here, as this is one of those small dining tables that comes with no frills attached. The simple four-legged construction may not make it the most stylish piece around, but it does lend it some versatility. You can use it as a small breakfast table, or tuck it away in the corner of a sitting room for use as a decorative piece.

Made using solid wood, it has a pretty walnut finish. You can switch this to an oak finish, which more closely matches many people’s design preference, but that will cost you a little extra. It’s one of the smaller tables on the list too, with each side being 29.5 inches.

It offers a little over 26 inches of space from the floor to the table, plus it all ships in a single box. You’ll need to put it together, but that’s a pretty simple task given the nature of the table. It only weighs 31 pounds too, so moving it around won’t be a problem if you decide to change the look of your room.


  • The simple and elegant design means it fits in well in almost any room
  • You have a choice between a dark walnut and traditional oak finish
  • Offers plenty of leg room given its small stature
  • Hardwood construction makes it one of the sturdier small dining tables


  • You have to pay extra if you want the oak version
  • Has a very visible seam running across the top

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2. Bronwen Wood Dining Table With Leaf Extension

Sleek, rectangular dining table with a hidden compartment. The huge seam running through the middle of this table hides a little secret. You can pull the table apart to reveal a hidden compartment, which contains a couple of extra table pieces that fold out to make this table bigger. So, while it’s one of the better small dining tables, it also doubles as a six-seater table when needed.

That hidden feature isn’t all it has going for it. The table is 29 inches in length and 40 inches in width without the extension, with another 10 inches in width added on top if you decide to pull it out. Standing 29.5 inches tall, it offers a surprising amount of leg room too.

Bronwen uses wood stained in a dark brown for the top-half of the table, while the legs are a lighter off-white color. Unfortunately, you don’t get a choice when it comes to the color scheme, so you may want to look elsewhere if those colors don’t suit your room.

It’s a solid table too, though some assembly is needed. Thankfully, the package comes with all of the tools that you’ll need, so you don’t have to take a trip to the tool shed just to get the legs in place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any chairs.


  • Center leaf extension allows you to turn this from a small table into a larger dining table
  • Offers a lot of leg room
  • Easy to assemble, and it comes with all of the tools that you need


  • Only available in a single color pattern
  • The extension does leave an unsightly seam running through the middle when folded in

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3. Prudhomme Dining Table

A square table with a round drop leaf for an extra single space. Another one of those square small dining tables with a leaf extension, this works brilliantly as a little breakfast bar. Just prop the straight edge up against a wall and pull out the extension to give yourself a nice little curved table. It has four white legs, with a traditional oak pattern used for the top of the table.

You do have the option of buying it in black, though that costs a little more. Without the extension, it measures 30 x 30 inches, with the 29-inch height offering ample leg room for most people. The extension adds a little extra length, giving you the option of seating someone else at the end of the table.

You need to assemble it, but the package comes with the tools and instructions you need to get the job done. It only weighs 40 pounds to, so it’s easy to move around.


  • Curved leaf extension adds a touch of style
  • Offers plenty of leg room for such a small table
  • Comes with detailed assembly instructions and tools


  • You have to pay extra for the black variant
  • The screws for the leaf portion are a little shorter than expected

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C. Small Rectangle Dining Tables

1. Charlton Home Bushman Dining Table

A small white table with the combination of rubberwood and engineered wood as the main medium.With its sleek and elegant design, you get one of the classiest small dining tables around with Charlton Home’s offering. Its sheer white coloring makes it a great choice as a decorative piece, as you can set some flowers against it to really make it stand out. Put it in a room with plenty of natural light and it looks amazing.

The table features a mix of rubber wood and engineered wood, with a simple four-leg construction offering further rigidity. You can seat four people too, though it’s just as at home when used as a work desk for one.

Its 45-inch length makes it one of the larger small dining tables, and the 28-inch width means there’s more than enough space for end table diners. It only weighs 46 pounds too, so you won’t experience any issues with moving it around.

There is some assembly required, though the table comes with the hardware you need to get the job done.


  • Looks stunning when bathed in natural light
  • One of the roomier small dining tables
  • The combination of rubber and engineered wood improve stability
  • Comes with the tools needed for assembly


  • The white finish stains too easily and is difficult to clean
  • Little nicks and scratches may become a problem over time

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2. Steve Silver Abaco Dining Table

A crafted dining table made out of solid acacia wood.Like the Bronwen above, the seam running through this table hides a leaf that you can use to extend this table by 12 inches. When fully extended, it has a 60-inch length, though this drops to 48 inches when you seal the middle part. It’s also 36 inches wide and 30 inches high, putting it right at the upper end of the size limit for small dining tables.

Made using acacia wood, it combines that finish with a beautiful walnut coloring. The leg detail is particularly impressive, and the blocks in the corners clearly improve stability. The 88-pound weight shows you just how solid this table is, but it also makes it a touch more difficult to move than most small dining tables.

There are matching chairs for this table, though you have to buy them separately. It also requires some assembly, which may prove difficult given its larger size.


  • Extends through a center leaf, making it ideal for when you have guests
  • Attractive two-tone finish that blends acacia wood with walnut
  • One of the most solid small dining tables available


  • Difficult to assemble and may require some extra tools
  • While it has matching chairs, you have to pay extra for them

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D. Conclusion

You must consider the space available to you when choosing between small dining tables. Square and rectangular tables can tuck nicely into little nooks and crannies. However, a circular table may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for something to act as an eye-catching centerpiece in a small space.

Of course, the materials play a part too. The modern design seems to lean towards natural wood tones, though it’s still important to check for a good finish. MDF, and similar materials, can also look great but they’re more prone to scratching.

For the best in small dining tables, look for a leaf that lets you extend the table as needed.

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