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14 Space-Saving Small Kitchen Table Sets

Apartment kitchen with small kitchen table set.

There’s an ongoing debate whether it’s better to have one dining area or two. If two, it’s usually a formal dining room with a small dining set in the kitchen that accommodates 2, 4 or 6 people.

I like the large open concept design with one main dining area, but our current home has the formal dining room with a smaller kitchen table in the kitchen. We almost always eat in the kitchen around the smaller table that accommodates the 4 of us.

If you’re looking for a space saving set for your kitchen, below is a good collection of many different types of  tables.

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A. Wood Tables

1. Stumptown Ales 3-Piece Dining Set

Starting off the list strong, this is an incredibly simple dining table option made out of genuine walnut wood, an excellent choice for those with a more sophisticated taste. The tabletop is thin yet strong with the top layer opening to create more surface space and a small storage area underneath.

Easily designate this piece as your dining table or place it elsewhere for guests to chat and drink coffee; they’ll be debating passionately over who loves it most.

3 piece dining set with self-storing leaf in walnut finish.Pros:

  • Beautiful walnut wood
  • Small storage space
  • Firm and durable


  • Some have had issues with the assembly
  • No cushions, if you want to get picky

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2. Sunset Trading 3-Piece Drop Leaf Dining Set with Arrowback Chairs

A table made out of Malaysian oak, which on its own sounds pretty awesome, possesses beauty that is easily seen. Choose between cherry, oak, and walnut finishes for a wonderfully polished tabletop. Equipped with two arrowback chairs, this table is perfect for a couple but you can also add more space with drop leaves if you need to.

Essentially, this table is a classic look with a classic comfort, providing exceptional suitability for small space dining.

3 piece drop leaf dining set with arrowback chairs and malaysian oak construction.Pros:

  • Excellent wood finish
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Drop leaves


  • No notable downsides

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B. Rectangular Dining Tables

1. Baxton Studio Andrew Contemporary Espresso Wood Beige Fabric 5-Piece Dining Set

“Espresso” is an amazing descriptive word for items reminiscent of that soothing coffee beverage and this rich dark-brown dining table is just one example. Choose a calming gray for the color of your chairs or, if you like cream in your espresso, opt for the beautiful beige.

At about two and a half feet, the table is as long as it is high, perfectly fitted for smaller dining spaces while still seating four comfortably. Slightly minimalistic, the set is both contemporary and stylish.

Contemporary 5 piece dining set with esrpresso wood and beige fabric seating.Pros:

  • Simple, clean, and effective look
  • Easily matches home


  • Some assembly
  • Mildly uncomfortable chairs

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2. Rudder 3-Piece Dining Set

The two benches slide completely out of the way right underneath the table, making this table an excellent choice for those with strict space requirements.

One could argue that the design is too basic, and there is some truth to that, but the metal frame is sleek, minimal, and sturdy. For brighter, more open rooms, you can also have this dining set in white. This table would be an excellent complement to the right room but it isn’t exactly universal in its applications.

3 piece dining set with sturdy steel frame in rich wood grain finish.Pros:

  • Awesome space saver
  • Sturdy even after assembly


  • Not extremely stylish

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C. Glass Kitchen Tables

1. 3-Piece Dining Set from Creative Images International

Choosing the right dining table means deciding which material will best complement the room. Slightly sophisticated and super stylish, this glass top dining table is perfect for couples who may have a little bit of space to spare. The set comes with two chairs uniquely designed for comfort and the glass lacks any trim or borders that would otherwise take away from the classiness of the design.

This table is absolutely begging to have a glass of wine and a filet mignon on top of it. The hardwood underneath provides stability and maximum leg room; while it’s a little bit pricey, this table is perfect if you are looking for something that is both romantic and simple.

3 piece dining set with glass tabletop and chrome seating.Pros:

  • Comfortable chairs
  • Interesting look
  • Classy


  • Price
  • Glass can be difficult to maintain

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2. Dorel Living Valerie 3-Piece Counter Height Glass & Metal Dining Set

This table is both glass and counter-height and the curvature and length of the legs add a certain kind of sophistication. It’s a wonderful choice for a couple in search of a bistro look; though if space is an issue, the chairs will not fit completely underneath this table. Perhaps this is a small price to pay for the impressive black finish and airy nature of the table.

3 piece counter height glass and metal dining set in black finish and round glasstop table.Pros:

  • Clean, airy look
  • Sturdy frame


  • Difficult assembly
  • Chairs don’t push in completely

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D. Square Tables

1. Nelson Corner Breakfast Nook Set with Bench – Driftwood

Square tables are pretty flexible when furnishing a small room, and this little nook has everything: comfort, class, style. Not to mention, it is extremely casual and the perfect amount of serious. With its very flexible design, you could place it in a corner or in the center of the room. Share a nice breakfast with your spouse or a beautiful brunch with friends.

Though slightly compact, the table comfortably seats six people by utilizing a bench, a chair, and a nook space.

Breakfast nook set with bench and brown faux leather upholstery.Pros:

  • Very modern look
  • Pleasant and personal


  • Maybe not everybody’s style
  • Questionable table quality

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2. Orleans 3-Piece Dining Set

This is an excellent and spacious dining table for a couple or a small group. The walnut finish gives a slightly vintage look and you could definitely do some serious arts and crafts on this table. The set comes with two chairs and space for two additional chairs if you should need them.

The Orleans table is designed for a nice, cozy home. The tabletop is about three feet long and runs a little bit on the heavy side. It arrives fully assembled and likely more durable than most other tables.

3 piece dining set with walnut and antique finish.Pros:

  • Vintage look
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Little to no assembly


  • Heavy
  • Actual color slightly different than pictured

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E. Counter Height Tables

1. Arcadia 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set w/Slat Back Stools

With another “espresso” finish and a more traditional design, this counter-height table is suitable for basically any design scheme.

Feel free to put a centerpiece both above and below the table where there is a built-in shelf for either decoration or storage. The browns will complement almost any color scheme and the single cushion provides just enough comfort without overcrowding the chairs. The square shape, combined with the height, evenly distributes space without taking up too much room.

5 piece counter height dining set with slat back stools and beige faux suede seats.Pros:

  • Efficient use of space
  • Pleasant look
  • Shelf underneath


  • Slightly cramped leg room

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2. Crosley 3-Piece Pub Dining Set with Tapered Leg and X-Back Stools

This traditional hardwood table is available in three different styles so it is complementary to a wider range of dining rooms. The height of the table is freeing for your legs and the closeness makes it perfect for couples. The Crosley set looks terrific against the wall or out in the open and the beautiful cross-back chairs fit nicely with the table’s tapered legs. You are essentially getting the perfect mix of dining space and floor space.

3 piece pub dining set with tapered legs and x-back stools.Pros:

  • Hardwood
  • Spacious


  • Tabletop may get marks or scratches easily

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F. Circle

1. Weston Home Lexington 5-Piece Round Dining Table Set with Ladder Back Chairs

Choose from four different colors in this Weston Home dining set with a traditional circular table and four ladder-back chairs. The variety of colors and finishes also gives you more flexibility when decorating your dining room.

As far as circular tables go, this one is perfect for compact spaces and it will definitely control the room. The ladder-back chairs and various color options make this an extremely versatile dining table while the rubberwood makes it durable. It’s perfect for a family of four.

5 piece round dining table set with ladder back chairs and rubber hardwood.Pros:

  • Multiple finish options
  • Exceptional colors


  • Round tables can be difficult to place

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2. Slingsbury Industrial 3-Piece Dining Table Set

This dining set is an excellently crafted combination of metal and wood in which each of the elements complement each other. The triple metal legs make the tabletop incredibly sturdy in addition to the chairs. The backs of the chairs are also slightly tilted for comfort and fit nicely underneath the table for maximum space.

It’s a perfect table for a small dining space and it would look incredible against a backdrop of darker-colored walls.

Industrial 3 piece dining table set with dark metal frame and unique triple-bar legs.Pros:

  • Very nice wood
  • Strong build
  • Genuine material


  • None that stand out

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G. Oval

1. Target Marketing Systems Tiffany 3-Piece Dining Table Set

The drop-leaf dining table is a classic design that gives you more flexibility for your table. Open it up for a little more space at the table or drop it down to make more room in the home.

This two-seater dining table fits snugly against the wall and makes a perfect breakfast and snacking spot. Add a flower, dim the lighting, and this casual space suddenly transforms into a personal and romantic dining experience. These tables are extremely versatile and this one in particular easily complements any kitchen.

3 piece dining table set with rubberwood construction and classic x-shaped chair backs.Pros:

  • Drop leaf
  • Nice colors


  • Weak material
  • Scratches easily

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2. West Line 3-Piece Dining Set

This is an excellent little dining table with an interesting set of chairs. It comes with two but it will accommodate up to six. The long oval shape makes it easier to use the table for things beyond simply eating; it would make an excellent studying table and an even better board game table.

The chairs are faux leather but comfortable and durable with a quilted stitching. They are wide but the openness underneath the table allows them to slide right in.

3 piece dining set with walnut finish and tapered legs.Pros:

  • Plenty of space
  • Nice chairs


  • Chairs may not be sturdy

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