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Top 10 Types of Home Office Filing Cabinets

Chocolate Wood 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

If you work from home in any capacity, a home office filing cabinet is essential. However, it is easy to become quickly overwhelmed with the many options available for what is essentially a simple piece of furniture. Before committing to any home office filing cabinet, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each particular type.

Selecting the Right Material

The first, and possibly easiest, choice you will need to make when selecting a home office filing cabinet is the type of material used in its construction. The most commonly used types of material include metal, wood and wicker, though occasionally you will also find materials like mesh used as well.

As one would expect, each type of material has its pros and cons. Metal, for example, is extremely sturdy and holds up to a considerable degree of abuse; however, metal file cabinets are far heavier than their counterparts, making home office rearrangements a chore. Wood and wicker will blend in naturally with your other home office furniture but are more susceptible to damage, especially fire.

Choosing the Right Size

After selecting a type of material comes the most important part of choosing a home office filing cabinet: size. The type of documents you are storing will play a huge role in the size and type of filing cabinet you need. For your standard files and paperwork, a vertical cabinet is your best bet. For oversized documents such as maps, a lateral filing cabinet will give you the space that you need.

Choosing the right number of drawers comes down to an individual buyer’s needs. Sole proprietors storing paperwork for a small business should consider a 1- or 2-drawer filing cabinet. Employees looking to save a substantial amount of corporate red tape would benefit from a higher number of drawers.

If you are unsure of the size you need due to fluctuating paperwork, consider a modular filing cabinet. With this option, you can add or remove parts of the filing cabinet as you see fit. For example, if you need an extra drawer, just add a new piece to the top of your existing filing cabinet.

Convenient Additional Features

Like most pieces of furniture, not all home office filing cabinets are created equal. While many filing cabinets look identical on the outside, many come with additional features to provide extra security and mobility.

Rolling wheels on a metal filing cabinet offset one of its biggest cons: the weight. Wheels on an assembly enable you to move the cabinet quickly from one location to another, perfect for the home office user who finds themselves frequently rearranging their space.

Metal filing cabinets also come with two additional features that you will not find anywhere else: a locking mechanism and fireproof capabilities. If home security is a top priority for your documents, look into a metal cabinet that includes a lock. However, this key is your sole access pass to your documents, so don’t lose that key! A fireproof cabinet comes with a higher price tag but ensures the safety of your papers in the event of a fire.

10 Amazing Home Office Filing Cabinets

Now that you know the ins and outs of your average home office filing cabinets, it is time to start shopping. Below are 10 examples of the best home office filing cabinets available on the market today.

1. 18-inch 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

18-inch 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

A sleek, black 18-inch 2-drawer mobile file cabinet (Amazon) is an ideal cabinet for saving space. Thanks to the rolling wheels, this metal cabinet can fit under almost any work surface, such as a desk.

2. 4-Drawer Vertical File with Lock

4-Drawer Vertical File with Lock
If you are storing confidential files in your home office, the 4-drawer vertical file with lock (Amazon) ensures that your documents are protected. As a bonus, the steel ball bearings allow you to open the drawers quietly.

3. 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

When you are looking for a design that fits in with the rest of your furniture, the Cross Island 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet is a superb choice. The wooden finish on this filing cabinet lets it blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.

4. 4-Drawer Insulated Fireproof Vertical Filing Cabinet

4-Drawer Insulated Fireproof Vertical Filing Cabinet

With its built-in lock and fireproof material, the 4-drawer insulated fireproof vertical filing cabinet (Amazon) can withstand fire damage.

5. 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet in Dark Brown

2-Drawer Filing Cabinet in Dark Brown

If your filing needs are ever-changing, consider the 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet Dark Brown This 2-drawer filing cabinet lets you constantly rearrange the insides to fit a variety of letters and files while the wood finish will look fantastic in any room of your home.

6. Black Steel Lateral 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Black Steel Lateral 2-Drawer File Cabinet

When your documents are longer than they are tall, or when you need the extra space that only a wider filing cabinet can provide, you need the black steel lateral 2-drawer file cabinet. The interlocking drawer system only allows one drawer to open at a time, safeguarding this cabinet from accidentally tipping over.

7. 2-Drawer Wicker Filing Cabinet

2-Drawer Wicker Filing Cabinet

Sometimes, metal or wood filing cabinets do not match the decor in the rest of your home office. If you value a consistent aesthetic theme above all else, you will enjoy the 2-drawer wicker filing cabinet.

8. 3-drawer Espresso File Cabinet

3-drawer Espresso File Cabinet
Not all files are created equal, so when you need to store records and items of varying sizes, your best bet may be the 3-drawer espresso file cabinet. With one drawer designated for files, you can use the other, smaller drawers to store office supplies.

3-drawer espresso file cabinet1

9. Espresso Cube with One Drawer

Wood single drawer cube filing cabinetWhen even two drawers are one too many, you want to check out the espresso cube with one drawer (Amazon). If you find yourself suddenly needing more drawers, you can stack as many cubes as you need on top of each other to create your own personalized filing cabinet or you can get the complete home office system.

 espresso cube with one drawer1

10. Onyx Mesh File Cart

Metal mesh filing cabinet

If you always forget what is stored in each drawer of your filing cabinet, the mobile onyx mesh file cart uses a see-through mesh material, so you always know what’s inside.


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