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Our Epic Restoration Hardware Furniture Reviews and Buying Guides

Restoration Hardware trademark logo on retail store.

More like a museum than a showroom, Restoration Furniture is one of the premier furniture retailers in the world, catering to an upscale consumer with a decerning eye for design. It’s really no wonder that the company refers to their storefronts as galleries because that’s precisely what they are. Galleries that showcase exceptionally designed rooms that you can bring into your own home!

The galleries are an excellent place to see the wide selection of furniture that Restoration Hardware offers. However, because they’re all about creating that perfect design for you, nearly all their furniture is customizable to fit in perfectly with your dream room. They also offer an eCommerce website and catalog, which is full of inspiration and ideas to create amazing spaces in and around your home. However, one thing that’s really difficult to buy without seeing it first is furniture. How can you really tell what something looks like in person? Of course, retailer websites are going to take the best pictures and offer you the best look at their products, but there’s a different feeling you get when you see it in person.

To help you save your time with trucking to one of the 70 RH galleries around the country, I went to the Austin, Texas location to bring you the accurate details on what the furniture is really like on the showroom floors. We tested durability and stability, took a look at the paint and quality of the craftsmanship. We saw how the furniture wore from the wear and tear of foot traffic in the showroom. And we also tried to keep different tastes and styles in mind that a particular piece would fit, even if it didn’t match our aesthetic. Basically, we were as unbias as possible as we took note of all the nitty-gritty details of the showroom samples!  

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About Restoration Hardware

The brainchild of Stephen Gordon, Restoration Hardware, came into being in 1979 when Gordon was refurbishing an old Victorian home. He found it difficult to find reasonably priced hardware and fixtures that fit the style of the house. He slowly grew the company, and when he went public finally in 1998, he already had 47 stores throughout the United States. The company prided itself on high-quality materials and upscale products.

After a change of hands and an iffy few years where the store didn’t do so well, Restoration Hardware was purchased by a venture capitalist company, and the former VP at William-Sonoma came over and took the reigns. With a rebranding as RH, the brand has focused on gallery-style furniture offerings at higher price points for an upscale market. The idea here is that RH is selling pieces of art, rather than mass-manufactured furniture, and their design philosophy shows.

RH’s approach to gallery-styled furnishings and the upscale market-focused them on reaching out to the true artisans in the world to create the furniture. In fact, RH doesn’t mass produce anything – they curate their designs directly from the artisans themselves. This ensures that each piece is truly unique and a handcrafted work of art. Between their sourcebook, which is the RH catalog that can run up to 1,000 pages, and their galleries, the RH brand is selling much more than home furnishings. They’re selling one-of-a-kind pieces that will be cherished for years and passed down for generations.

Our Restoration Hardware Furniture Reviews

Restoration Hardware Living Room Collection Reviews

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Some people think the kitchen is the heart of the home, but at my house, it’s the living room! We spend more time in the living room when we’re home than we do in any other area of the home – including sleeping! We do a lot of napping! Whether you’re outfitting your every day sitting area or your formal “adults-only” living room, choosing the right furniture for your lifestyle is essential. Whether you prioritize durability and comfort, or aesthetics and style, there’s a collection for you at Restoration Hardware. I took to the couches like a kid in a candy store, lounging, bouncing, and plopping. I even tried napping on a couple to give you an honest review of the comfort, stability, durability, and quality of each sofa model in the RH gallery!

Restoration Hardware Bed Frame Reviews

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We spend more than half our lives in bed, so ensuring that your room is a cozy, relaxing space is of the utmost importance! Whether you’re comfortable and relaxed in a minimalist modern area or want an intimate, romantic style in your bedroom, RH has a wide variety of customizable bedroom collections that include more than just the bedframes. With matching dressers and nightstands, you can outfit your whole room to create a cohesive space that is elegantly designed precisely to your liking. From platform bed frames to 6′ headboards, your next family heirloom can be found in the RH gallery!

Restoration Hardware Bathroom Vanity Review

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It doesn’t matter if you’re redecorating your current home or renovating your new one, the furniture you choose for your bathroom is more than likely going to remain after you’re gone. Your bathroom vanity, for example, can really make or break a space, and it’s not an easy thing to replace. Therefore, making sure you choose the right vanity for you and your style, is vital to the success of your project – and to prevent a massive headache! In the market for a really classic looking, functional piece that can work into any style? What about a period-specific piece for your 1890 restored Tutor? RH has vanities for every style and every home that will last well into the next century!

Restoration Hardware Dining Set Review

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I don’t know about you, but I love gathering my family and friends at my home. We all bring food over, have a potluck, and eat at our dining room table while catching up with one another. My sister has my grandmother’s dining room table and chairs. A dining room set is one of those pieces that is passed down from generation to generation, and if you’re looking for the perfect piece to start as an heirloom for your home, RH has tons of options for you to choose from. Whether you’re hoping for a rustic farmhouse style, mid-modern, or contemporary, mix and match your favorite pieces, customized to your specification, and create the perfect space to host those amazing holiday dinners!