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What is a Chaise Lounge?

Red velvet chaise lounge

What is a Chaise Lounge?

A chaise lounge is a long reclining chair built for one person. The French translation means long chair, but in the US, a chaise lounge refers to a long chair that is big enough to support the legs.

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What is it used for?

Chaise lounge in a bedroom.

A chaise lounge chair is a perfect piece for furniture that allows a person to achieve ultimate relaxation. Due to the long design of the chair, a person can comfortably stretch their legs out while still sitting up, allowing one to read or watch tv. The chaise lounge is also long enough for a person to lie down entirely and take a nap. One of the main differences between a couch and a chaise lounge chair is that the chaise lounge is designed for one person while a sofa can seat multiple people.

Where is it used?

The chaise lounge chair can be used anywhere you would like to relax in your home. Many people opt to use it in their bedroom to set up a corner of the room to relax and read a book before bed. The chaise lounge is also a popular piece of furniture to have in a study or a home office. It can also be used in a formal living room setting. There are also outdoor versions of the chaise lounge, which can be used on an outdoor patio or by the pool area.

Why is it used? What’s special about it?

Vintage chaise lounge

There are many reasons one uses a chaise lounge in their home. A chaise lounge is an excellent piece of furniture to use to make a small room look bigger. Since there is only a back on part of the chair, it visually takes up less room than a standard couch. The chaise lounge is also lower to the ground so you can use it instead of a couch, so the view of the fireplace or a window is not blocked. If you are in a household that moves often, a chaise lounge is a good investment because it is very versatile and can fit in a wide array of spaces.

How is it used?

A chaise lounge is used for both a spot to relax or take a nap. In addition to its practical uses of relaxation, it can be used to decorate a room.

When was/is it used?

The chaise lounge was made popular in France in the 16th century.