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Another look at the living room showcasing the perfect blend of the sofa set and hardwood ceiling.Fabelta, Fenestration systems

The beautiful outdoor landscape can be seen through the tall glass doors.Fabelta, Fenestration systems

The great room is surrounded by white walls and glass doors leading to outdoor areas. The tiles flooring looks perfect with the sofa set.Fabelta, Fenestration systems

The sofa set blends perfectly with the hardwood ceiling while recessed lights brightens the living room.Fabelta, Fenestration systems

Another view of the great room including the kitchen in the shot. White walls and ceiling covers the area while recessed lights brightens the room.Fabelta, Fenestration systems

The living room also features a seating lounge near the tall glass windows great for viewing the beautiful outside landscape.Fabelta, Fenestration systems

A peaceful reading space features a wide bookshelf and a brown sofa with several wall decorations on top.BFDO Architects

The living room is surrounded by a long bookshelf while the rug perfectly fits with the style of sofa set.BFDO Architects

Another living room with a wide bookshelf features a stylish rug on a hardwood flooring along with nice sofa set. A personalised cat lounge area can be sits on top of the shelf.BFDO Architects

Another look at the living space focusing on its nice pendant lights and glass windows.BFDO Architects

Another reading room providing peaceful space for reading books features a nice rug and gray sofa with tiles flooring.BFDO Architects

Another look of the living room showcasing the well-made bookshelf and cat area.BFDO Architects

The living room features a hardwood flooring topped by a rug and a nice white sofa set. Photo credit: BorxuAtelier RZLBD

Living room and dining table's look from the house's second floor. Photo credit: BorxuAtelier RZLBD

Another look at the living room showcasing the beautiful pure white walls and table. Photo credit: BorxuAtelier RZLBD

Another living room boasting a grand piano and a collection of guitars as wall decoration. Wide screen TV keeps the entertainment in the room at high level.Trulia

The living room comes with a complete set of plush furniture and rug along with bright table lamps.Trulia

The home library features a mix style of modern look and classic cabinets and bookshelves. Recessed and wall lights brightens the room and the fireplace is well-placed.Trulia

The home includes a great room featuring a coffee table area and a breakfast nook while being lighted by recessed and pendant ceiling lights. Glass doors leads to outdoor areas.Trulia

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Modern living room designs are extremely popular, with over 11.83% of responders to our survey seeking more information on modern living room design ideas. The modern style of living room combines functionality with an easy to implement aesthetic pleasantness which is easy to keep looking clean and fresh.

Clean, Well Lit, And Functional

The modern living room design relies on open spaces, long couches, and rectangular shapes to define its areas and unite its aesthetic. As far as colors go, the modern living room can run the gamut of relying mostly on whites to grays, and splashes of deep hues are more than welcome when placed properly.

The modern living room design is more apt to deploy a large and stylish couch or chair than it is to put a super-comfortable but unsightly piece of furniture in the same spot. To increase the comfort level of the modern living room, colorful throw pillows and fluffy rugs are common additions.

Modern living room designs work the best when they receive a lot of natural light or a lot of artificial light from above. Lamps interrupt the horizontally flat aesthetic of the modern living room style, so unless they sit in a corner gracefully, it’s better to rely on overhead lights.

Artificial lights should avoid warm hues, and stick to unaccented white light that’s fairly bright and shines directly on the features of the living room. When implemented properly, light isn’t a factor that is noticeable in the modern living room design.

Avoiding Boredom In Modernity

Adding interesting pieces of art can help to spice up the modern living room. It’s important to differentiate your modern living room idea from the countless other modern living rooms using art because otherwise, your living room will end up being forgettable, which is no good. Modern living rooms are meant for easy entertaining and good-enough relaxation, so putting your guests first is a priority.

One final advantage that the modern living room can boast that other living room designs can’t is that it’s easy to clean. After guests depart, throwing a few pillows back into their original positions is often enough to make the room ready for use again. Throw rugs can be vacuumed quite easily, and central tables—typically featureless—are easy to wipe and have ready to go in a snap.

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of living room design ideas.