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Llull Apartment by YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona

Llull Apartment by YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona

Architecture/interior design: YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona,
Authors: Tobias Laarmann & Yolanda Yuste López
Project: Interior renovation of an apartment in Barcelona
Area: 68 m2
Photographer: YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona
Contractor/manufacturers: Blausmo, Ebanistería Gurdo, Cristalería Bonanova

The project consisted of the remodel of an apartment located in a modern residential building inside the Diagonal Mar Park, a few meters from the beach. The owners, a couple in love with Barcelona, wanted to refurbish this apartment to enjoy the proximity to the sea and the quietness of this part of the city. They wanted to convert their two-bedroom apartment into a comfortable and functional one bedroom home while having the main areas connected and open to the terrace through a spectacular window with views to the park and the sea.

Ylab Arquitectos proposed a completely new layout, prioritizing the communal space formed by the kitchen and the living room, aligned with the primary bedroom along with one large window. The apartment achieves maximum storage due to the large floor-to-ceiling cabinetry along the perimeter and in the substitution of the partition walls. The oak wood cabinets alternate with white lacquer wall cladding, that allow for the flush installation of the swinging doors and hide the sliding doors. This allows for the different spaces to be separated in a subtle way.

The wood and lacquer woodwork by Gurdó, combine to perfection with the Ondo natural oak parquet by Admonter. The white lacquered cladding starts at the entrance and connects with the kitchen, separated by a pivoting door with JNF fittings. The custom-made kitchen is equipped with kitchen appliances such as the Novy Pure Line hood and the Franke Crystal Line sink and tap. The shelves in the backsplash are decorated with Normann Copenhagen and Hay pieces by Möbler. The central white kitchen island features black stools by Aytm and ceiling lamps provided by Delta Light. The kitchen extends to the living room and the terrace, separated by a central element that hides a structural column and frames the sea view at the rear.

The living room is aligned with the primary bedroom along with a large window consisting of several windows clad with a perimeter graphite frame. This frame connects with the finish in the terrace, enhances the view and simultaneously hides the Delta Light lamps and motorized Silent Gliss blinds. This interior façade is flanked by plants in self-watering planters by Hobby Flower. The living room is furnished with a grey sofa next to a Milan floor lamp, under select art pieces by Claudia Valsells. On top of the Francisco Cumellas rug, two Aytm poufs, a Vitra lounge chair and a low table by Sanna Völkers complete the furniture set.

The primary bedroom, featuring a reading corner with a Sibast chair and a Cumellas rug, is decorated with textiles by Materia. A closet area towards the back leads to a white stoneware tile-clad bathroom with a suspended oak sink and faucets by Cristina.

The terrace floor and custom-made planters are finished in bush-hammered graphite stone. It is furnished with leather BKF lounge chairs by Isist, an exterior rug by Francisco Cumellas and hidroplanters by Hobby Flower. The project features a minimally designed Livinglight Air by Bticino and the Valena Next with Netatmo by the Legran control system. The architectural lighting is by Deltalight.

About YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona

YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona is a Spanish-German architectural design firm formed by Tobias Laarmann and Yolanda Yuste. From their studio in Barcelona, YLAB works on the design, management, and construction of architecture and interior design projects. YLAB is specialized in residential, commercial and corporate design.

Barcelona Design Week 2019

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Products and brands

Wooden parquet Ondo oak Salis by Admonter, provided by Gunni&Trentino Barcelona
Porcelanic stoneware floor Montreal white matt by Roca Exterior flooring porcelanic floor Inalco Domo Black bush hammered

Bespoke wooden furniture and claddings

Custom-made furniture finished in white lacquered wood Ral 9016, graphite lacquered Ral 7021 and light natural oak wood veneer.
Carpentry works by Gurdó
Wooden doors fittings byJNF: W system for swing doors and hidden
system IN.15.950 for sliding doors
Wooden wall clad Ondo oak Salis by Admonter, provided by
Gunni&Trentino Barcelona

Windows and blinds

Aluminum windows Schüco AWS 65 graphite finished
Screen roller blinds by Silent Gliss


Minigrid In Trimless 2x10W black, Minigrid Snap-in white, Minigrid In
Trimless 10W black, Downlight Tweeter On 1 Reo white, Ultra X Down-
Up Led WW black, all by Deltalight
Floor lamp Half, table lamp Half, Peak 130 F floor lamp, all by Milan

Bath sanitary ware and accessories

Darlin New Compact suspended WC and Second Floor bathtub by
Suspended washbasin and furniture in oak wood by Ikebe
Chromed faucets TV by Cristina Bossini (TV-210C, CRI XT-751, CRI PM-226C, CRI XT-752)

Bespoke kitchen furniture

Custom-made kitchen finished in white lacquered wood ral 9016, light natural oak wood veneer, graphite lacquered Ral 7021 and Artic White
Satin worktop by Neolith.

Kitchen appliances

Inox steel and black glass Crystal Line CLV sink and accessories and
Mixer tap Lounge Semi-pro by Franke
811 Mini Pure Line white 56 cm extractor hood by Novy, provided by Veravent
Induction cooker 60 cm, Nofrost combi, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, oven and microwave by Bosch


Custom-made planters covered in porcelanic tiles Inalco Domo Black bush hammered
Interior hydro planters Ashi and exterior hydro planters Urban by Hobby Flower
Gardening by Flors Lloveras

Electrical accessories

Livinglight Air white and black system by Bticino
Connected functions Valena TM Next with Netatmo by Legrand

Commercial furniture

Sofa Volo by Natuzzi
Living room rug Kerala, bedroom rug Garbi and exterior rug Denpasar by Francisco Cumellas
Stools Angui, console Fumi, pouffs Stilla and rack by Aytm
Bedroom chair No 7 by Sibast
Exterior lounge chairs BKF by Isist
Low tables Comon Efforts by Sanna Völker


Vase Folded by Menu, ceramic cacti Cactus by Hay, soap dish and toothbrush holder Menu, wood birds Shorebirds by Normann Copenhagen, all provided by Möbler
Pillows, blankets and bath towels by Materia Barcelona
Candle holder Snug, candle holder Nostalgia and vases autumn and Snug by Sanna Völker
Plaids and bedspread Teixidors, pillows Matèria and Libeco, towels
Kenkawai and basket HK Living, all provided by Matèria Barcelona


Canvases by Claudia Valsells provided by Miguel Azueta gallery