Craftsman Home Decor Style Guide for 2019

100's of Craftsman design photos (interiors and exteriors. The American craftsman style home of interior design is all about handcrafted art and craft elements. In fact, that’s the main component of the design and..
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Welcome to our Craftsman home decor style guide including our gallery featuring all Craftsman interior and exterior designs including kitchens, living rooms, exteriors, bathrooms and more.

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The American craftsman style home, a.k.a. arts and crafts style, is all about handcrafted arts and craft elements, yet historically, still an inexpensive home to build.

The above featured example is a classic bungalow craftsman.

The Craftsman style evolved in America in response to the stuffy ornate style of Victorian homes at the end of the 20th century.  It’s purpose was to provide a nice, handcrafted home with fine architectural details at low cost.

What Features Does Craftsman Home Decor Have?

In a nutshell, the craftsman design can be identified by the following:


Illustrated craftsman exterior style guide.

  • Large overhanging eaves
  • Hipped/gabled roofs
  • Tapered square columns supporting the roof:  I think this is definitely one of the most distinguishing features which is trendy again with contemporary craftsman homes.
  • Large, full-width porches: Another iconic feature of Craftsman homes.
  • Exposed beams
  • Stone covered foundation:  This adds a nice decorative touch to the home instead of just exposed concrete.
  • Use of stained glass in windows and exterior doors.
  • Dormer windows.


Illustrated craftsman interior guide.

  • Open floor plan: This is definitely a much desired design feature today and so it makes sense the Craftsman is a very popular design for contemporary homes.
  • Plenty of built-in wood elements such as cabinetry, fireplace mantles, bookcases, etc.
  • Plenty of handcrafted woodwork including exposed ceiling beams.
  • Use of natural materials such as wood, stone, brick, glass and tile.
  • Plenty of windows.
  • Color scheme: earth tones and plenty of wood.

American craftsman style home offers a number of design features that distinguish the craftsman style from other styles including the fact that it has a separate entry space and a porch that operates as an extension of the living space itself. You’ll find a lot of direct and natural light in this style of home and you’re definitely going to notice that everything is made by hand. You’ll be able to see the joints in the furniture and the frame of the house and you’ll also be able to recognize the differences in ceiling height, the millwork, and even the boxed beams that go along with this design style home. When it comes to decorative accents wainscoting and chair rail are definitely components of this beautiful design.

Included Craftsman Styles

Subsumed under the “Craftsman” umbrella term are several well-known designs.  They include:

1. Bungalow

The original craftsman style built extensively throughout America.  Heres’ an example (without all the text and arrows):

Example of a craftsman style home.

2. Prairie style

This is the style developed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Here’s an example:

3. American Four Square

We wrote extensively about the American Four Square here.  See our American Four Square photo gallery here.  Below is an example.

4. Contemporary Craftsman

Today’s craftsman style homes are usually in the bungalow style, but much, much bigger.  Some are rather luxurious which in a way bely the original bungalow.  Nevertheless, the contemporary craftsman incorporates many design features of the original bungalow.  Here’s an example:

Exterior of contemporary Craftsman

Examples: Check out this contemporary craftsman as well as this one.  The examples above are courtesy of Architectural Designs.


Craftsman style dining tableThe most popular materials for this design style are definitely linen, burlap, and even grass cloth with hand-stitched accents or even printed accents to evoke a more old-fashioned style. When it comes to wood you’ll find some very rich grained pieces that are generally going to be made with oak. The oak, however, is then fumed or even stained to get a darker look rather than the natural lightness. Metal pieces are common though they’ll generally be a hammered style to give a more rough texture and appearance to the pieces throughout the room. Colors of sage, deeper yellow, and terra-cotta, as well as other warm colors are common along with wallpapers in nature-inspired tones and looks.


Craftsman bedroom exampleWith the craftsman furniture style, you’ll find upholstered pieces that combine the use of leather and oversized tacks to get a more rustic look. The furniture will often feature these accents and will also have more understated designs to it than you’ll find in other styles. It has very basic elements that have that same handcrafted style. You will see some accents, however, in things like carving and especially in carved balustrades up the staircase. This helps to add a little more décor to the space. Even still, there is a more simplistic style to everything as it tends to be focused more on the overall elements of the room itself rather than a lot of pieces throughout it. This is a very comfortable style, however, and the entire home will reflect the designs of craftsman furniture.

Décor Accessories

Craftsman candle holderDecorative aspects of the craftsman style are very basic as well and tend to be a little bit old style including mantel clocks and even lanterns. These pieces are generally going to be a little bit basic and won’t have a lot of exterior styling either. The main focus is on their usefulness and versatility. They will likely be handcrafted and styled to make sure that they have a more rustic appearance and a natural fit into this type of room. You’ll also generally find things like framed tiles that help to accent the space and provide a more artistic look.

Other decorative aspects may be the actual woodwork itself which will be highlighted throughout the space. Rather than spending a lot of time and effort on other decorative pieces, the wood will be highlighted as an accent of its own. This is especially true in areas like support beams and millwork which will often be exposed and may be carved or otherwise detailed to help draw attention to it and make it look even more special and important overall. These aspects can definitely create a unique appearance for the home and showcase the skills of the designer as well as any accessories.

Why it Looks Great

Craftsman living room decor.So, just why does this style look great? Well, there are a lot of reasons that it’s a beautiful style and the most popular one is that it showcases the handiwork of the person who built it and created it. This design style is all about the natural beauty of the woodwork and what the designer and the builder did to create it. By showcasing these aspects the craftsman style is actually formed and the more natural elements there are to showcase the better the design for those who like this particular layout. It definitely does create one of a kind feel and an inspiration that can’t be found in any other style

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