25 Craftsman Master Bathroom Ideas (Photos)

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Craftsman-style bathroom with drop-in bathtub and single sink.

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Craftsman-style master bathrooms account for 2.21%, or 24,117, of the 1,091,335 bathrooms analyzed. This style is a popular one for home exteriors and designs but is near the middle of the pack in popularity for the master bath. The Craftsman design comes from the Arts and Crafts movement that began as a response to the Industrial Revolution. The style incorporates the use of local materials, if possible, and handcrafted items, so woods and nature’s most poignant colors – browns, greens, and yellows – are popular for this style.

Craftsman master bathrooms may look similar to a kitchen when they’re completed, with rich wood counters and trim, with functional features, like built-in shelving, medicine cabinets, and linen closets. For some Craftsman master bathroom design ideas, please browse our gallery.

Using Wood in a Craftsman Master Bathroom

Wood is one of the top materials to create cabinets in the bathroom, found in 3.81%, or 10,136, of 265,810 bathrooms analyzed. And it’s an essential part of a Craftsman-style bathroom, as handcrafted woodwork is the foundation of the design.

Craftsman bathrooms use wood in several places, like creating vanities, mirror frames, built-in shelving, and even an encasement for the bathtub. You can use several styles and colors of wood to create some contrast without making the room feel too woodsy. Vaulted bathroom ceilings may give you the perfect opportunity to create some beautiful wood architecture on the ceiling.

The Importance of Lighting in a Craftsman Bathroom

With a lot of wood features, you run the risk of your bathroom feeling closed in, which is why lighting is essential in a Craftsman bathroom. Recessed ceiling lights are in several Craftsman master bathroom design ideas because they create even lighting throughout the room without cluttering walls. Wall lights may not give you ample lighting past wooden shelving and closets that can block the light flow.

It’s All About the Charm

A Craftsman design should mimic the design of the late 19th century to the early 20th century while bringing in some of the same rustic charms. Claw-foot bathtubs and open-glass cabinets can provide a good mix of charm with a rustic feel. But, stainless steel finishes can also add a modern touch when you use them sparingly, like on faucets or mirror frames. Some Craftsman bathrooms even use a stainless-steel countertop. It’s one of the least popular of the 265,810 bathrooms analyzed, used by only 184, but it can work well for a Craftsman vanity or a small counter space.

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