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10 Rustic Houses (Our Favorites)

Rustic house great room. Converted barn into amazing rustic house by RTM Architects.

A lot, and I mean a lot of people like rustic houses.

The thing with rustic is it can be up for interpretation. There’s really rustic and then there’s genteel rustic, as in some distressed wood and wrought iron fixtures but other than that it’s more of a contemporary design.

That’s how design is these days, which is one thing I love about it. Architects and interior designers combine elements of multiple styles to create something unique. Rustic is often married with other styles to create something new and fabulous.

While this page features mostly “real rustic” houses, we do include some on the questionable end of the spectrum. Yeah, go ahead and tell us we have no idea what we’re doing in the comments if you spot something you think is improperly classified. We have tough skin; we love feedback, both good and bad.

This is one of our “never-ending” pages where we add new rustic home designs regularly, so be sure to check back periodically.

Let’s dive into our collection of carefully chosen rustic house designs.

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1. Country House by Zanon Architetti Associati (zaa)

Country rustic house with extensive ivy by Zanon Architetti Associati (zaa)

Our first rustic house is located in Treviso, Italy which is in the northern part of Italy. It’s a sizable home with 4,800 sq. ft. of interior living space. It was designed by Zanon Architetti Associati.

The exterior is definitely distinct with the entire surface covered in ivy. The interior is a contemporary rustic design with plenty of wood, tile and windows. Check out the solarium tyle wing above – that emits a lot of light into this home. The grounds are serene, but not manicured.

See this entire home here.

2. Barn Converted into Rustic House by RTM Architects

Rustic house great room. Converted barn into amazing rustic house by RTM Architects.

This rustic house is about as rustic as it gets. It’s an old barn converted into a home. The weathering and age of the barn remain intact. The timber frame structure is also intact with huge, old exposed wood beams throughout the interior.

The interior centers around a great room (pictured above). While most of the interior is wood, RTM Architects incorporated splashes of red in every room, which I think was a very good design decision.

See this incredible home here.

3. Forest Rustic House in Chile by Estudio Valdés Arquitectos

Close up view of rustic house designed by Estudio Valdés Arquitectos

This is a very simple and rustic home designed by Estudio Valdés Arquitectos. It’s a rectangle with open concept living space. There’s one bedroom on the main floor and one loft bedroom which you access by ladder.

There is nothing but aged wood throughout the home. The surrounding floor-to-ceiling windows are fabulous (really makes the house).

You’ll also love the park-like setting where the home is surrounded by trees and situated in a dip in the landscape.

See the entire home here.

4. Rustic House in Napa Valley by Wade Design Architects

Rustic living room with view of vineyard

One of our favorite rustic homes is a rustic home on a vineyard in Napa Valley, California designed by Wade Design Architects.

The home is situated at the top of rolling hills on the large property overlooking the vines. You can enjoy the view from many vantage points on the wrap-around veranda.

The interior is quintessential rustic, from the open concept living room, dining area and kitchen to the magnificent primary bedroom to the loft bedroom accessible by ladder.

See this entire home here.

5. Barnard Residence by Locati Architects

Rustic great room in home by Locati Architects

Photographed by Roger Wade, this home designed by Locati Architects is a stunning example of a luxurious rustic home referred to as the Barnard Residence.

The interior has exposed logs and the home includes plenty of brickwork in large rooms creating a truly luxurious rustic retreat.

See this entire home here.

6. Clean-Cut Rustic Sanctuary by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Rustic house by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

While not gritty rustic, this house designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer is an example of contemporary rustic design using light wood throughout. It’s set on a forested hillside on a San Juan Islands off Washington State in the USA.

The home incorporates different types of wood and stone. There is plenty of light from the many large windows throughout. My favorite room is the primary bedroom.

See this home here.

7. Red and Yellow Rustic House in the Vermont Countryside

Red and yellow rustic house in the Vermont countryside

Here’s a colorful country house in Vermont that has a beautiful rustic interior. Normally I don’t like houses that look like two houses as this does, but the different colors make it work really well. It doesn’t look odd, in fact, I think it’s a very effective design and layout.

If you like the exterior,  you’ll love the property and rustic interior.

Click here to see this entire home.

8. Gray Rustic House with Red Trim

Gray rustic rural house with red trim

Here’s a rural Vermont rustic house with 7 bedrooms and 2 large lounging rooms. The rustic decor is obvious throughout. One interesting room is the primary bathroom, which was nicely updated into a contemporary look. It defies the rest of the rustic charm, but it was done very well so that it doesn’t look out of place.

See the rest of this home here.

9. Rustic House by Sag Harbor by DÉCOR AID

Rustic living room design by DÉCOR AID

This rustic home in Sag Harbor by DÉCOR AID is amazing. I love the exposed brick, large spaces and all the light. Actually, all that light is not typical for rustic design, so it’s a welcome detour from the usual rustic style. You’ll love the dining table for this home as well.

Check out this rustic home by DÉCOR AID here.

10. Simplicity Makes An Impression by Cardin Julien

This stylish rustic home was built 40 years ago and was renovated to keep up with today's summer and winter. It offers a very comfortable indoors and has a wide outdoor area where the owners can adore the panoramic views of the surrounding forests.

This stylish rustic home was built 40 years ago and was renovated to keep up with today’s summer and winter. It offers a very comfortable indoors and has a wide outdoor area where the owners can adore the panoramic views of the surrounding forests.

See this entire home here

Check out our entire collection of beautiful houses here.

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