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American Foursquare Interior Design Photos (2 Magnificent Homes)

A photo collage of some amerian foursquare interior design photos.

The American Foursquare home has a distinct architectural style on both the outside and inside.

If you’re interested in foursquare home exteriors, check out our massive gallery and guide on 38 American Foursquare homes here.

This gallery showcases the interiors of 2 fabulously restored/renovated American Foursquare homes in the United States.

Key interior design features of American Foursquare Homes:

Floors: 2.5 stories typically. The first floor contains the living areas – living room, dining room, foyer (often large), and a kitchen. Renovated Foursquares often add a bathroom on the first floor.

The second floor is made up of bedrooms – usually 3 large bedrooms and a bathroom. However, depending on the scope of the renovation, larger four-square homes can accommodate 4 bedrooms and/or 3 plus a den on the second floor.

The uppermost floor is a large open area. It can be turned into pretty much any type of room. It’s a fantastic bonus space.

Layout:  Layouts can vary depending on the size of the home, but typically the on one side of the front door is a large foyer with stairs. On the other side is a large living room in the front with the dining room in the rear. Adjacent to the dining room is the kitchen.

Many renovated foursquare homes make extensive renovations to the kitchen because the original kitchens were small and today we like large kitchens.

Here’s a classic foursquare layout:

Upstairs:  3 corners are 3 bedrooms. Closets are side-by-side between the bedrooms. The fourth corner is a bathroom. It’s an efficient layout for bedrooms and often the bedrooms are large.

Woodwork:  While foursquare exteriors are often plain, the woodwork inside is amazing. The first home featured in this gallery exemplifies this. The custom woodwork is amazing.

Staircase:  Often four square houses have a 1/2 landing staircase. The stairs are often wide with massive banisters. The staircase alone is often a showpiece in these homes.

Foyer: Another spectacular room in four square homes is the foyer. They are often large and square and make for a terrific entryway for guests and family since there’s plenty of room to remove and store shoes, coats, and hats.

Photo Gallery of 2 American Foursquare Interiors

The first four-square home in this gallery is a magnificently restored home in Bellingham, Washington (source: Zillow). It’s a little on the ornate side. Much of the original interior woodwork was retained. It’s absolutely stunning.

1. Refurbished Foursquare Home Retaining Original Woodwork

Stately American Foursquare home Large porch on an American Foursquare home

The porch is the first “room” one enters when approaching this home. The porch spans the entire width of this home.

Spectacular foyer with original woodwork in an American Foursquare home

Due to its size, this home’s entryway is enormous. Notice the spectacular woodwork throughout. Also, notice how large and grand the staircase is. This is an above-average foyer size. Most don’t extend the full depth of the home. Perhaps this was used as a ballroom of sorts back in the day.

5zb-American-Foursquare-Home-Interior Grand staircase in an American Foursquare home

The staircase in this foursquare home is gorgeous and is a showpiece on its own.


This home’s interior is definitely fairly ornamental with large wooden columns.

American Foursquare dining room

While foursquare homes often don’t have as many rooms as other Victorian homes, the rooms it does have are large. Dining rooms are usually spacious and can accommodate wonderfully large dining room furniture sets.

9zb-American-Foursquare-Home-Interior 10zb-American-Foursquare-Home-Interior

Bedrooms are large and often the bedroom windows are large too.

American Foursquare bathroom

It’s hard to tell if this is the original size of the bathroom. It’s possible. It was upgraded but definitely retains much of the old-style bathroom decor.

12zb-American-Foursquare-Home-Interior Updated kitchen in an American Foursquare home

Probably the biggest issue with four square homes for today’s modern families is the kitchen. Kitchen space isn’t big and so renovating/updating kitchens in foursquare homes is a huge job and often is still not an ideal layout.

14zb-American-Foursquare-Home-Interior Large kids bedroom in an American Foursquare home 16zb-American-Foursquare-Home-Interior

Again notice how large the bedroom is.

17zb-American-Foursquare-Home-Interior 3rd floor massive open attic room in an American Foursquare home

Above is a photo of the 3rd floor “bonus” room which is one large space. These are great spaces because you can do so much with them.

2. American Foursquare Updated to a Contemporary Interior Design

The foursquare home below is a terrific example of how you can really update this type of home to make it a contemporary interior. You’ll notice it doesn’t have the original woodwork like the one above. I like how the one below was renovated. It’s beautiful throughout.

Source: Zillow

Renovated and updated American Foursquare home American Foursquare porch with no railing

One unusual aspect of this American foursquare home is it doesn’t have a porch railing. The pro of this of course is an unobstructed view. The con is safety.

American Foursquare foyer (updated)

Spacious foyer which is typical of American Foursquare homes.

Gorgeous contemporary living room in an American Foursquare home

Fully updated living room. The woodwork was painted white which looks good. Foursquare homes often had built-in shelving in the living rooms.


Notice how large the living room is… it easily accommodates a grand piano.

Updated dining room in an American Foursquare Home

Large formal dining room with a large window that lets in plenty of light. This is a very common dining room layout except in this case the woodwork was painted white.

Updated kitchen in an American Foursquare home with eat-in area

The kitchen isn’t terribly large although the reno here is nicely done. It’s a small kitchen to accommodate an in-kitchen eating area.

8zs-American-Foursquare-House-Interior Updated staircase in an American Foursquare home

The stairs in this home are much less grand than the one above. However, as is typical in foursquare homes. the stairs are nice and wide.

American Foursquare primary bedroom with balcony and sitting area

Massive primary bedroom with plenty of windows and a balcony.

11zs-American-Foursquare-House-Interior 12zs-American-Foursquare-House-Interior 13zs-American-Foursquare-House-Interior Upper balcony on American Foursquare home Updated American Foursquare bathroom Home office in an American Foursquare home Kid's bedroom with built-in shelves in an American Foursquare home

Kid’s bedroom with built-in shelves.

18zs-American-Foursquare-House-Interior 19zs-American-Foursquare-House-Interior 20zs-American-Foursquare-House-Interior Rear view of an American Foursquare home

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