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Ranch Near Ronald Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA (Listed for $13.9 Million)

Formal living room featuring a white sofa set along with a brown leather couch, a center table and a fireplace.

Available on the Southern California market for $13.9 million, the Three Hawks Ranch is neighboring the former ranch residence of former US President Ronald Reagan. An expansive space, there are yurts, barns, and six bedrooms plus six bathrooms and a magnificent pool to enjoy.

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Next to the Ronald Reagan ranch north of Los Angeles, there is a 106-acre ranch called Three Hawks Ranch. Up for sale for the price of $13.9 million, you can enjoy this ranch along with its 1920 sandstone house coupled with a pair of yurts and a newly renovated barn for boarders. See what else is in store as the new homeowner of Three Hawks Ranch in SoCal.

About Three Hawks Ranch

The most important aspect of Three Hawks Ranch is that this is a working ranch. When you first arrive at the property covering 106 acres, you will see farm animals and wild animals alike roaming freely. This creates a whole new world of expectations as a homeowner, but for one lucky household, the Three Hawks Ranch could easily become a way to earn a living.

Along with the huge spread of acreage, you also get the benefit of living in a six-bedroom and six-bathroom sandstone. Originally constructed in 1920, the sandstone bricks are the main feature used throughout the building, including for seating in many rooms.

Become a Vacation Rental Property Owner

Three Hawks Ranch is fully equipped for the new homeowner to become a vacation rental property owner. Here you have two yurts that are perfect for glamping thanks to the safari-style plus heating, air conditioning, and indoor plumbing. These yurts are perfect for accommodating a group of up to five adults. Plus, you also get the newly constructed staff house within the barn.

Two more bedrooms have been built here, plus there is a living room and kitchen. Vacationers would love to wake up to smell the fragrant herb garden growing right outside of the barn. As the homeowner, you would have ample space to serve overnight guests, whether as a paid vacationer or someone you invite yourself.

About Three Hawks Ranch History

The history of Three Hawks Ranch dates way back in Southern California culture to the 1700s when the King of Spain held claim to the land. This very acreage was part of a contract with that king. The position of Three Hawks Ranch and its land along the Gaviota Coast of Santa Barbara also makes this one of the most prestigious properties in the area.

The fruit trees including limes, oranges, plums, peaches, avocados, and olives can only add to the delight of anyone living here. Fruit trees surround the property and make it far too easy to enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of citrus juice. You also want to take advantage of the shade trees that keep you cool on a hot summer’s day in Southern California.

Plus, you could easily make jams and fruit pies to sell out of the door or to the guests who come to rent the yurts or the barn on the property.

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