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Betsey Johnson’s Mobile Home in Malibu, CA (Listed for $1.95 Million)

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Say the words mobile home, and chances are very good that you immediately conjure mental images of “trailer trash.” Who doesn’t? But throw in the word “Malibu,” the name of one of the ritziest, well-moneyed communities in the country on top of it, and you have the makings of a genuine conundrum.

We’re talking cognitive dissonance to the max here. After all, with neighbors like Barbara Streisand, Stevie Nicks, Matthew MConnahay, and Pamela Anderson, how trashy can a community really be? Let us tell you.

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When fashionista Betsey Johnson recently decided to put her whimsically stylish Malibu mobile home up for sale, it attracted a lot of attention, and not just for the $1.95 million price tag. Even the hot pink color didn’t do much to turn heads, although that is certainly a reason to do so. When you smile at the prospect of buying a place to live that is truly unique, how many of them smile back at you?

What got the attention was that the two-bedroom, two-bath crib is located in Paradise Cove, an enclave that also happens to be one of the most glamorous mobile-home parks in the United States, one that also features the same multi-million-dollar views as its nearby mansion dwellers.

Johnson’s little weekend place is literally a private oasis, nestled amongst 85 acres, with 265 single- and double-wide homes in a park that started in the 1950s as a private fishing camp. Today, that little fishing camp is a getaway for wealthy beach lovers, Johnson being one of them. Further, she has spared no expense to offer privacy with tall fencing and lush tropical trees and shrubs everywhere to create a secret garden of her very own. The backyard is perfect for entertaining, right along with the outdoor living room and multiple secluded areas for entertaining guests, including one that features an enclave with a clawfoot soaking tub.

Once you’re inside, the rooms are large and airy, with modern fixtures and other touches that are decorated in Johnson’s own signature colorful creative style. You will probably look around to make sure you really are in a mobile home. After all, how many homes of this sort feature a stunning fireplace and skylight in the living room, large kitchen, hardwood floors throughout, adjoining dining room, recessed lighting, and French doors that open onto terraces in almost every room.

Johnson might be best known for her quirky, color inspired jewelry creations, but that hasn’t limited her unique tastes in home decorations. Every room is a different splash of color and unique assemblage of patterns that reflect Johnson’s view of design.

All of this isn’t just an isolated pad in the middle of a used-to-be celebrity hideout. Just an afternoon in the outside private escape will let you see current residents such as actress Minnie Driver and British model Liberty Ross enjoying a round of golf and Bohemian touches of this gated, private community. You will never think of being trailer trash in the same way again.

Photo credit: Suzy Poling, courtesy of Compass