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Matt Kivlin’s House in Malibu, CA (Listed for $12.995 Million)

This is a charming media room with a tall white cove ceiling brightened by a skylight and contrasted by exposed wooden beams. Images courtesy of

Matt Kivlin was famous in the 1940s and 50s for his elegant and inventive wave riding. Having invented the Malibu surfing style typified by the low, knees-together posture, Kivlin breathed new life into the sport and popularized it with a whole new audience. Later in life, the surfer and maker of highly sought after surfboards further distinguished himself as an architect.

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Kivlin passed away at age 85 in 2014 with his wife, Maggi at his side. Today, his unique Malibu beach house is up for sale priced at $12,995 million. The home bears his one of a kind personality with the marks of his architectural prowess and his penchant for wave riding woven deeply into every aspect of the structure.

On entering, we find a front living area with striking industrial style I-beams overhead running across a vaulted and sky-lit ceiling. The floor is paved in white-gray marble and the room is decorated in an egg-shell white. Coastal themed paintings, a bamboo rug, and unimposing family furniture fill the room.

Behind the house, a wood-heavy, multi-layered yard communicates Kivlin’s state of perpetual readiness to tackle the outdoors with two wooden stairways running along either side of a parking area for golf carts. The front entrance to the enclave is approached via a set of stone steps complete with iron rails and a tall, handsome, black-wooden gate. At the top of the enclave exists a large gray-wood deck that overlooks the approaching drive and an eclectic collection of trees.

The front yard is adorned with a humble-looking bamboo fence and a stone walkway leading up to the front door. The entire front drive is paved in the same square tile stone as the walkway for a pleasing sense of continuity and function.

By the garage, another black wooden gate reflects its backyard counterpart for added thematic continuity. A simple bamboo shaded patio sits off to the side with two small tables and a convenient double step- the perfect place to have lunch between stints of wave-tacking action. The walk up to this sitting area is dotted with large, coastal succulents.

Around the back of the house is another entertainment room, similar in form to the first one, but darker, utilizing a slightly lower-hanging I-beam which serves both a structural purpose and doubles as a high shelf for Kivlin’s model cars and other keepsakes. A massive, glass sliding door supplies access to this room from the rear outer enclave. A heavier presence of black steel, wood, and somewhat more lavish furniture distinguish this room from its counterpart.

Behind this room and directly attached is a bathing and sitting area- perfect for prepping occupants for beach activities and to facilitate cleanup thereafter.

Midway between these two living areas exists a sitting and reading area with a large whiteboard for drafting, planning, and possibly for game playing.

The kitchen area is directly attached to the first living room with blocks of bright color and pure, inviting culinary functionality- a perfect location for everyday entertaining.

Photo/video credit: Jason Christopher