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20 Office Wall Art Ideas

Photo collage of different office wall arts.

Adding color and art to an office space may seem to only serve an aesthetic purpose. You may think that artwork at office serves the sole purpose of making the office space look attractive and welcoming. But, can office artwork have any direct impact on the productivity of employees?

Yes, it can! Many employees come to work half-heartedly, with a mindset of only getting the work done and leave for home. They lack motivation and excitement for new challenges.

They are so used to work in a dull, boring, and monotonous environment that work does not seem to be fun to them. This greatly affects their productivity. What if we tell you that having a splash of color in an office space not only lifts employees’ moods but also improve productivity levels?

The effect of artwork in offices is quite underestimated. According to some studies, employees who work in well-decorated, colorful, and artistic offices are found to be healthier, happier, and more motivated to work. Having creative office décor brings the creative side of employees on the surface and they are able to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

They look forward to coming to work and stay energized throughout the day. If your office has no touch of art, get to work today and instill some color to your workplace! You will feel the difference.

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Importance of Wall Art

Any room, be it at home or at your workplace, is incomplete without wall art. Plain and blank walls make any room look dull, incomplete, and boring. Imagine working at an office that is extremely dull and unattractive.

Office work itself is boring and a boring office décor makes spending time even more challenging. Incorporating wall art is essential. Wall art can lift the atmosphere instantly.

With wall art, your room looks complete and finished. A person working in a colorful office will be happier as compared to the one who is confined within four white walls. Wall art is especially very important for workplaces.

It is important to design workplaces that suit the employees. Employees need constant motivation and encouragement and the least you can do for your employees is to provide them an environment where they work willingly.

Effect of Artwork Colors

Colors have a major impact on moods. One may not realize but the wrong colors around them can actually make them feel depressed or upset. Colors can really affect how you feel. Yellows and reds increase hunger, so most restaurants are seen incorporating these colors to their interior.

Shades of blue bring about feelings of calmness and serenity. No wonder dental clinics have a blue interior. They probably want to calm the patients who are freaking out!

Orange color energizes and invigorates a person. So before you jump into adding any color to your office, consider what impact it will have on you and your mood.

Office Wall Art Ideas

You can choose from a wide variety of wall décor ideas for your office, depending upon the space you have and the look you wish to achieve. Since the office is a formal place, you need to make sure that whatever you do, you don’t cross the bar of sophistication and formality. An office space should look like an office rather than a social gathering platform.

1. Sparkling Wall Sculpture

Fredrik Lorenz Original Wall Flower: Large and Bold Luxury Flower Wall Decor, Wall Accent (Gold) .

Most offices have basic colored furniture, which is brown, black, or white. These colors can be quite boring to look at all day long. Adding some sparkle to your dull office area is a great idea for brightening up space. Large wall sculptures in golden, silver, or copper colors can do the job to some extent.

A wall sculpture adds personality to your office and adds sufficient sparkle to make the place look elegant.

2. Floating Office Shelves

New England Wood Crafters Wooden Floating Shelves - Wall Decor for Home Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom - Rustic Pine Custom Office Organizer with Mounting Brackets - Set of 3 (7.5x1.5)(Special Walnut, 24)


There is no better way to utilize a blank office wall for a shelf. A shelf in an office space does not have to be used for placing files and documents only. You can use an office shelf for so much more.

You can decorate it with small, attractive sculptures, photo frames, sayings, and motivational quotes to keep you going. You can personalize your office space by keeping things that are special to you on an office wall shelf. This would not only look good but give some heart to your office.

3. Hanging Alphabets

Kqpoinw Decorative Wood Letters DIY Hanging Wall 26 Letters and '&' Wooden Alphabet Wall Letter for Children Baby Name Girls Bedroom Wedding Birthday Party Home Decor (26 letters and "&" Letters.) .

You can use your office wall to hang your initials or even spell your name. This is the best way to personalize your office space and feel like a boss. The more personalized your working space is, the more comfortable you will feel.

With comfort at work, you will feel you can concentrate and focus better. Hanging alphabets are available in many colors. You can choose the colors that go with your office theme.

4. Canvas with Sayings

Cazvas Man in The Arena, Theodore Roosevelt Quote Famous Quote Poster, Minimalistic Saying Wall Art, Rustic Print Gift, Typography Sign #262 Frame .

Everybody needs motivation. Nobody can stay motivated all the time. If you aren’t getting motivation from anyone else, you should work on motivating yourself.

You heard that right. You don’t have to rely on anyone because you can do that favor to yourself. Hanging a canvas on your office wall with your favorite saying would get the job well done.

Every time you look at it. It will be a reminder that you need to achieve bigger things in life.

5. Pressed Flower Frame  

Yellow Flower Print Set of 6 Pressed Flower Botanical Prints - Spring Home Decor - Farmhouse Wall Art Prints 5X7, 8X10 or 11X14 .

Flowers look beautiful, no matter where they are placed. Flowers can make the atmosphere lively and fresh. Most people have flowers in their homes, especially the living area and kitchen.

Why not bring this freshness to your office area as well? The office environment can become dull and stressful. Adding flowers can really lift the atmosphere up.

Do you think flowers won’t last long indoors? Don’t worry. You can hang frames of pressed flowers on your office walls.

This would serve two purposes at the same time; bring the freshness of flowers and decorate a plain office wall.

6. Shadow Box

3 Shell Shadow Boxes with Scientific and Common Name Plate Framed Cape Cod Shells Blue Mussel Cockle Soft Shelled Clam in Natural Wood Frames Mounted on Beige Linen Mat Board

If you have a collection of flowers, stones, or shells, you can bring that to your office as well. Simply mounting your collectibles in a shadow box and installing it on your office wall will make stunning wall art. It will add a touch of personalization and comfort.

You will feel like you are at your own place and you will automatically feel ownership and authority. This would have a significantly positive impact on your performance at the office.

7. Woven Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging - Handmade Macrame Tapestry - Woven Wall Art - Bohemian Wall Decor- Textile Wall Hanging – 35.4”L X 31”W (Color : Yellow) .

You cannot go too bold with color choices in the workplace. Woven wall hangings are easily available in neutral and soft colors like beige, brown, and off-white. They will look sophisticated, elegant, and stylish in your office.

They are a great way of decorating a plain office wall which looks dull and boring.

8. Fun Wallpaper

Profit Decal Team Work Business Clock Gear Time Home Office Art Wallpaper - Wall Decals Mural Decor Vinyl Z6319 .

Wallpaper can drastically transform the look of any room. Why can’t that room be your office? Office wall art is usually underestimated and overlooked at times.

Office wall art, as mentioned earlier, has a significant impact on the mood and energy of employees. Therefore, you should always pay attention to this detail. Colorful, attractive, and fun wallpaper would be perfect for the stressful atmosphere of the workplace.

It will lighten up the mood and brighten up the office area. What else would you want?

9. Wallpaper for Office Cafeteria

Hyf Wallpaper 3D Mural Wallpaper Modern Hand-Painted Simple Fast Food Dessert Shop Colorful Graffiti Black Backdrop Mural Wall Paper,200140Cm .

Of all places in an office, the cafeteria is one place where employees engage and relax. They talk about the day’s activities and fall into constructive arguments. The décor of this place should not be overlooked.

It is an important part of any workplace. Wallpaper in darker shades, preferably reds, since they boost hunger would be great. An office cafeteria is an important part of a workplace and its décor holds equal importance as the rest of your workplace.

10. Gallery Wall

Photo Wall, Bird Wall Sticker Frame Combination, Small Wall Solid Wood Photo Wall, Frame Wall, Living Room Wall (Color : 1#) .

A gallery wall is one of the best office wall art ideas. A gallery wall in an open office space or in your personal sitting area makes gorgeous wall art. An art gallery in an open office area can have pictures from official gatherings, staff retreats, meetings, and even special candid moments at the office that were captured randomly.

This spot in the office will grab the attention of every person passing by. An art gallery in your personal sitting area can have your favorite quotes, pictures of family, and moments captured with friends. It would make you feel connected to your workplace and you will automatically work with more dedication and focus.

11. Acrylic Wall Calendar

Dry Erase Calendar for Wall, Clear Acrylic Monthly Wall Mounted Calendar .

Meeting deadlines and keeping track of all activities is what keeps you ahead of others in any workplace. At times, things are so jumbled up that they start slipping from your hands. In such a case, a large acrylic wall calendar is super helpful.

It lets you mark important dates. Since it is large and displayed on your office wall, it just can’t go unnoticed or forgotten. Other than keeping you safe in front of your manager, it also makes an attractive wall art.

It brings a blank wall into the function while serving a decorative purpose as well.

12. Blackboard Planner with Wall Decal

pbldb 61X42Cm Wall Decal This Week Blackboard Planner Removable Vinyl Chalkboard Calendar Decor Sticker Memo Home Wall Decal Sticker .

A blackboard planner with a wall decal saying “This Week” is a cool way of keeping track of your deadlines and meetings. You can simply mark on the blackboard planner projects that need to be submitted over the week or the meetings you need to be present at. A note in the diary or a post-it on your desk can easily be overlooked. 

But when your entire wall is shouting reminders at you, you will be on track every time!

13. Mood Board

A mood board is suitable for offices where the atmosphere is a bit casual. You can use the wall to hang pictures, paintings, handmade sketches, newspaper cuttings, your favorite quotes, and anything that you feel like. With a mood-board, you can transform your workstation into a personal space where you are able to work more comfortably.

It is a DIY project, so it can also let you utilize your spare time at the office to make something creative.

14. Watercolor Wall Painting

wall26 Canvas Wall Art - Watercolor Painting Style Abstract Seascape - Giclee Print Gallery Wrap Modern Home Decor Ready to Hang - 32x48 inches


A wall painting in colors that blend well with the shades of furniture and flooring completes the look of a workplace. A watercolor painting brings about a soothing and relaxing feeling. It is always a pleasant sight to look at.

Hanging a watercolor painting in your office will help you relax when you are stressed. Moreover, they look gorgeous! So, why not?

15. Mirrored Wall Art

CMrtew 3D 32Pcs Removable Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers DIY Art Wall Decor Stickers Home Decor Living Room Mirrored Decorative Sticker(Ship from USA) (Silver) .

Mirrored wall art looks beautiful and elegant. It adds shine and sparkle to any room. Office wall art should not be too loud. It should be formal, elegant, and classy.

Mirrored wall art is everything that makes it a perfect wall art for office.

16. Monotone Abstract Art

Pinetree Art 3 Panels Black and White Abstract Canvas Wall Art Prints Painting for Living Room (Small) .

If you are someone who understands and loves art, you would know how attractive and attention-grabbing abstract art is. When abstract art is in black and white, it is more of a mystery that invites viewers to solve it. Hanging a monotone abstract art on your office walls will bring about warmth, sophistication, and attraction to your workplace.

17. World Map Wall Art

Lkous World Map Wall Sticker Country Name Wall Sticker Decal in Words-large Text World Map Stickers for Home or Office Decor(black) .

World map wall art may sound boring but it’s not. A large world map wall decal or wallpaper that covers an entire wall is the most creative way to decorate your wall. You can mark the countries on this map where your company is present.

You can mark the countries on the map where you have visited. World map wall art leaves a lot of space to play around. Above all, it makes amazing wall art for your office.

18. Bold Statements

Mindset is Everything Quote Inspirational Decal Sticker Wall Vinyl Art Wall Room Decor Decoration .

Boring office art is an old trend. Nowadays, companies are seen going bold with wall art. A motivational statement in large and bold font makes a powerful wall art.

It needs no additional wall art to get the message across. Simple, straight-forward, and bold, It’s sure to grab the attention of employees and visitors alike.

19. Series of Paintings

Mytinaart Art - 5 Piece Large Modern Contemporary Cowboys Horses Prints Artwork Gallery Wrapped Landscape Pictures Paintings on Canvas Wall Art for Living Room Bedroom Home Decorations .

A panoramic painting divided into sections give an illusion of movement. Such a painting is simple yet powerful and attractive. It would grab the attention of anyone passing by and they will unintentionally move from one section to the other to be able to see the complete picture.

Its simplicity makes it suitable for office wall art.

20. Metal Grid

KOUSI Storage Cubes Wire Grid Modular Metal Cubbies Organizer Bookcases and Book Shelves Origami Multifunction Shelving Unit, Capacious & Customizable, Black (30 Cubes) .

You may have often heard the phrase ‘going off the grid” but we suggest that you willingly go on the grid this time. Installing a metal grid on your office wall to display any certifications that you received for your performance at work, your favorite pictures, and even quotes make a super cool office wall art. Its uniqueness makes it attractive.

It is simple yet super functional. An office is a place where you go to work and not enjoy. However, having a workplace where you can enjoy while you work would be great, wouldn’t it?

Making your workplace a fun place to be has a major impact on the attitude towards work. It keeps you fresh, energized, and motivated. This improves your productivity and hence, your performance at work.

Wall art is the easiest way to renew the way your office looks. Most of the office wall art ideas don’t even require a hefty investment. So what are you waiting for?

Remodel your office walls today!