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10 Stylish Club Chairs Under $200

The club chair is my favorite style of chair for pretty much any living space, be it living room, family room or reading room. I love them oversized, plush, deep so I sink into them. Here are 10 terrific club chairs that cost less than $200.

A club chair with a detailed and firm cushion.

The club chair is my favorite style of chair for pretty much any living space, be it living room, family room or reading room. I love them oversized, plush, deep so I sink into them.

Here are 10 terrific club chairs that cost less than $200. Most cost quite a bit more, but as you’ll see below, there are some good options that won’t cost you too much.

A. Leather Club Chairs

1. Napoli Chair

Smooth, leather club chair in Dark Brown.Source: Houzz

It can be difficult to find a leather club chair that is as comfortable as it is stylish without breaking the bank but this chair does just that. The durable leather is easy to wipe clean but is soft enough that you won’t be at all uncomfortable sitting in this chair for an extended period of time. The chair is completely covered in soft and supple leather and you will be enveloped when you use this chair. The stained feet match the color of the leather and provide a solid line of continuous color for you to look at. As sturdy as this chair is, the rounded edges ensures that it looks modern and will be able to fit into the décor of most any home without detracting from the rest of the furniture.


  • The wooden frame is stable and can stand up to a lot of use.
  • It is ideal for the living room, bedroom, or home office.


  • It is not wide enough to curl up in if you want to read a book.

2. Barzini Black Club Chair

Black and glossy, bonded leather club chair.Source: Houzz

This petite leather chair has all of the beauty and function of a larger chair but the added benefit of being able to squeeze into small spaces without looking cramped or out of place. The square back of this chair adds a modern feel and complements the tufted buttons nicely. Luxurious leather covers the whole chair and makes the rounded arms very comfortable to lean on. The tufted buttons are tightly sewn so you never have to worry about one coming loose.


  • While assembly is required, all of the necessary tools are included to make the job very easy.
  • It’s tricky to find quality club chairs with square backs so this one has a lot of visual interest.


  • It is much smaller than other chairs, which can be a problem for people who prefer more space when they are sitting.

B. Faux Leather Club Chairs

3. Rollx Faux Leather Chair

Brown, faux leather club chair with a smooth finish.Source: Hayneedle

Faux leather is just as attractive as real leather, very easy to clean, and hard to tell apart but comes with a much lower price tag that makes it ideal for many homeowners. If you want the look of leather but not the high price, then this chair is perfect. The hardwood frame has been dried in a kiln and can withstand all kinds of use while the sleek style of the chair appeals to many people. The appearance of the chair is unmarred by nailhead trim or buttons and looks great in both modern and traditional homes.


  • The smooth finish looks amazing, especially when paired with the straight lines of the chair.


  • It is difficult to attach the legs without them cracking and this can cause you to have to wait for replacements before you are able to use the chair.

4. Charlton Home Club Chair

Classic faux leather club chair in dark brown.Source: Wayfair

This is the classic club chair in faux leather, which makes it much more affordable. The tufted back is very plush and comfortable and the rounded arms have enough padding to stand up to years of use without going flat or becoming misshapen. Scroll arms elevate this piece and will help it to stand out in your room. While it looks amazing tucked in a reading nook in the living room, this chair also works well in a den or cigar room where it is comfortable enough for long nights of telling stories with friends.


  • The bottom cushion is supportive enough to keep you comfortable and prevent you from sinking in when you are sitting.


  • The legs do not screw in evenly.
  • It is smaller than other club chairs so make sure to check the dimensions.

C. Velvet Club Chairs

5. Talisa Navy Blue Club Chair

Club chair in a velvet blue finish.Source: Houzz

Club chairs aren’t always high backed but this navy blue one is, which only adds to its striking appearance. The curved sides and tufting add a lot of detail and personality to the chair as do the turned legs. While the chair does have a number of traditional elements that make it appeal to more buyers, it does feel modern due to the outline and dark brown legs. Incredibly comfortable to sit on, it looks great in a living room as well as around a fireplace.


  • The dark blue is a gorgeous color that will add interest to the room.


  • It’s very difficult to lean while sitting in the chair due to the lack of arms.

6. Bella Club Chair

Velvet gray club chair with a circular shape.Source: Houzz

The contouring on this velvet club chair is amazing and will envelop anyone who sits in it. With enough foam padding both on the cushion and back to ensure that you are comfortable, this chair is a delight to sit in but doesn’t take up a lot of space in the home. It also appears to be very light due to the open base that allows light and air to travel around the chair. The round base is finished in a gold look that provides amazing contrast with the velvet of the chair.


  • It adds luxury to any room.
  • It is very easy to clean and the color hides small spills.


  • It is not comfortable to sit in for hours reading or talking to friends.

D. Linen Club Chairs

7. Baxton Studio Club Chair

White linen club chair with some classic details.Source: Hayneedle

The light straw color of this chair will allow you to use it to brighten up any room while providing extra seating. While the dark legs contrast beautifully with the upholstery, the chair itself looks very cohesive and put together. This chair is ideal in any room, including the living room or the bedroom, and the fine lines keep it from being bulky and adding too much visual weight to your space. The sleek cushion is comfortable and offers enough support so that you will be able to sit for a long period of time and the linen upholstery can easily be spot cleaned if you do spill.


  • The low back keeps the profile of the chair small.
  • The cushion will continue to hold its shape even after a lot of use.


  • It is not as comfortable as other club chairs tend to be.
  • The small size makes it difficult for some people to sit in.

8. Gray Linen Club Chair

Dark gray club chair with arms.Source: Houzz

This luxurious club chair has a linen-and-cotton blend fabric that will breathe, is easy to clean, and looks great for the life of the chair. The birch hardwood frame offers a lot of structure and stability to the chair so you won’t ever have to worry about it bending or breaking. High-density foam ensures that the cushion keeps its shape and offers enough support to the person sitting in the chair. The dark gray looks great with both lighter and moodier rooms and will be able to hold its own no matter what other furniture you have in your home.


  • Comfortable arms are large enough to offer plenty of support.


  • If the legs are not assembled correctly, then the chair will be uneven and will rock.

E. Microfiber Club Chairs

9. Lebaron Microfiber Chair

Brown, microfiber club chair with coil springs on its seat.Source: Wayfair

It’s important that your furniture matches your life and if you have a busy family or a lot of guests who come to your home, then you will need durable furniture that is easy to clean and will last for a long time. The microfiber upholstery on this club chair is among the easiest to clean and the rich brown color will hide any stains that you are unable to get out. In addition, the solid wood frame and sturdy legs ensure that the chair can stand up to all kinds of use while the soft cushions keep you comfortable no matter if you are reading, playing board games, or simply talking to your family.


  • It cleans as easily as microfiber but is soft and forgiving as suede is.


  • If the legs aren’t attached securely, then the whole chair will wobble and assembly tends to be a little difficult.

10. Conrad Slate Microfiber Club Chair

Slate microfiber club chair with wooden frames and legs.Source: Houzz

While made with a microfiber upholstery, this mid-century modern chair has the appearance of leather. The quality finish on the exposed wooden arms and legs adds to the appeal of the chair and the tufted back is strong yet comfortable to lean against. Ideal for living rooms as well as your home bar, this chair won’t look out of place in any décor, thanks to the strong and open lines as well as the attention to detail.


  • The birch legs are strong and won’t crack or bend.
  • Microfiber is very easy to clean.


  • It’s important to keep all of the exposed wood oiled and dusted so that the chair looks its best.
  • Due to the color of the wood, dust will quickly show up and can make the chair look less attractive.


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