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13 Kinds of Accent Chairs with an Ottoman

Living room with accent chair with matching ottoman

Welcome to our fabulous collection of accent chairs with an ottoman.

While opting for an ottoman costs a bit more than buying just an ottoman, it’s worth it. The level of comfort increases many times for not a great deal more cost. If you’re looking for inexpensive accent chairs, check out our accent chairs under $100.

Moreover, it’s always handy having one, two, three or more ottomans in any living room, family room or other living space.

Why buy an accent chair with ottoman?

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There are 2 reasons. First, you get a matching ottoman, which is usually great. You may not be able to find the matching ottoman available down the road.

Second, an ottoman makes a chair so much more comfortable for not a whole lot more cost.

Our collections feature a huge variety from many leading online furniture stores. We split up the galleries into various colors as well as features such as leather, small, modern and swivel.

One unifying feature all of these accent chairs have below is that they come with an ottoman.

Our first gallery includes everything. You can then browse specific collections below that.

1. Barrel Chair

Barrel style accent chair with ottoman

Source: Wayfair

The above is a great example of the barrel accent chair with matching round ottoman. This is a very popular style for which you can choose many, many patterns as well as opt for fabric or leather. The best part about this style is that it’s not very expensive.

2. Blue

blue accent chair with matching ottoman

Source: Hayneedle

The above is one of my favorite accent chairs. I love the color, silver spikes and simple design. With matching footstool, it makes for a great piece of furniture in many room color schemes including white, grey or even a room with plenty of wood. The dark blue adds a splash of color without being too bright.

3. Red

Red leather accent chair without arms with matching ottoman.

Source: Wayfair

In the right living room or bedroom, a red accent chair is brilliant. I love the style of the above, but it doesn’t look all that comfortable given it has no arms. The curves are nice and it would look great in any modern or even contemporary interior design.

4. Grey

Modern grey accent chair with chrome legs and matching ottoman

Source: Hayneedle

Grey accent chairs aren’t as popular as you might think. It’s too bad because they have a subtle elegance to them. I like them, especially in white rooms. The above example is a modern design with dark grey and a chrome base.

5. White

Stylish white accent chair with ottoman

Source: Wayfair

White for furniture is a classic color. It’s fairly popular, but not as popular as blue and grey for accent chairs. White looks great and fits in pretty much any color scheme. The big glaring problem is stains.

6. Brown

Gorgeous large brown leather wingback accent chair with ottoman

Source: Wayfair

I’m a sucker for big, masculine accent chairs. The bigger, taller and deeper, the better. I love the masculine, old-world design of the example above.

7. Yellow

Soft yellow barrel accent chair and round footstool

Source: Hayneedle

An accent chair is an opportunity to add some color to your room, whether living room, bedroom, family room or some other living space. Yellow is a great color to consider. I love yellow splashes in a room, whether via pillows or an accent chair. The example above is a soft burnt yellow which is further tempered with the white circular pattern in the fabric.

8. Orange

Bright orange comfortable accent chair with footrest.

Source: Wayfair

Orange of any kind or placement in a room isn’t for everyone. It’s bright. It sticks out. An orange accent chair will definitely attract attention.

However, it can brighten up a conservative earth tone color scheme very nicely or brighten up an all-white color scheme.

9. Purple

Regal purple accent chair with tufted ottoman

Source: Hayneedle

Purple is one color I don’t care for and wouldn’t incorporate in my home, accent chair included. However, I don’t publish examples and furniture that I only like. I prefer a balanced approach recognizing that while I may not like something that doesn’t mean it won’t be appreciated by someone else.

While I’m not wild about the purple above, I do like the design. I have a soft spot for anything tufted when it comes to furniture.

10. Black

Modern black accent chair with ottoman.

Source: Wayfair

I don’t like dark interior design, but I like adding dark contrast to light rooms. A black accent chair can do that nicely. the above example is a glossy black that’s minimized with the exposed wood frame.

11. Leather

Elegant black tufted leather accent chair with ottoman.

Source: Hayneedle

What a beautiful accent chair above. I love it. I guess I like that old-world look in my furniture.

That said, I get if that style isn’t your first pick. For that reason, I set out a diverse selection of black accent chairs in all styles.

12. Small

Small white accent chair without arms and matching chrome and white ottoman.

Source: Wayfair

Perhaps you have just a little more space in your living room that can accommodate not a large accent chair, but only a small one. You’re in luck. There are quite a few small designs you can buy. The above is a good example.

Below are many more great small accent chair ideas.

13. Swivel

Stylish grey swivel accent chair and ottoman.

Source: Hayneedle

Kids aren’t the only people who like chairs that swivel. They’re very comfortable, even if you gentle swivel back and forth. They enable you to face any direction in the room at any time… which can be helpful if you need more light or less light you can swivel to or away from a window.

The above is a very nice example of a swivel accent chair. Below are several more examples to check out.

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