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The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs ($1.5M Tops the List)

A photo collage of different expensive chair.

Furniture can be a huge investment. For most people, however, spending a couple hundred dollars on a chair seems like the top reasonable amount to pay. The following list of the 10 most expensive office chairs available, however, shows a totally different side of the market.

Even within this group of luxurious chairs, there is a large amount of price variation. Depending on the style and age of your desired office chair, there could be a several thousand dollar price difference. These 10 office chairs are the best money can buy, each fitting a unique niche appeal.

10. Think Chair from Steelcase – $900

Blue Think chair

Source: Steelcase

The Think Chair from Steelcase is sort of the everyman’s high-end office chair. At only $900, this chair is actually on the lower end of the spectrum when compared to the others on this list. The price tag, however, still gains it a spot on this list. Especially given the style of the chair.

Overall the style of the Think Chair is fairly understated. At first glance, it looks like an average, office chair with wheels and adjustable armrests. The reason it gains the expensive price tag, though, comes from the ergonomic design. This is a common feature for expensive office chairs.

Basically any area of the chair you could want to adjust, can be adjusted – from the seat, to the back, to the armrests, to the footrest. Also, this chair is made entirely from 95% recyclable materials, 28% being already recycled material. This makes it green and very lightweight.

The back support of the chair has also been designed to mimic the movement of the spine. Ideally, this feature keeps the chair comfortable even for people sitting all day long. It is also not a feature you are likely to find outside of the high price points as it takes more research to invent.

9. Aston Chair – $3,234

Arper Aston desk chair

Source: Wayfair

The Aston Chair was designed relatively recently compared to the other office chairs on this list. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud in 2006, the chair has a distinctly modern flair, particularly when it comes to the sleek looking base of the chair, which is polished aluminum.

Rather than being made up of multiple components like other office chairs, the Aston Chair is composed of one molded polyurethane shell. This means the chair has a sleek and streamlined look unavailable even in the most expensive other office chairs. You will not find many like it.

As far as the upholstery goes, there are a number of options to choose from. For the most luxurious option, there is a leather upholstery option in multiple colors. Or, if you want to save a bit, the chair can also be finished in faux leather, fabric, or the customer’s own custom fabric.

Another nice customizable piece of this chair is the back height. The buyer can choose between low, medium, and high options for the back depending on your needs. Combined with the various fabrics and colors, even using your own fabric, the Aston Chair is totally customizable.

8. The Eames Executive Chair – $3,819

Eames Executive chair

Source: HermanMiller

Originally designed for the Time-Life building in New York City in the 1960s, the Eames Executive chair still holds a spot on the most expensive office chair list. The things that keep this chair appealing are the details. The designer, Charles Eames, prided himself on them.

The original chair was actually constructed as a favor by Eames to the then chair of Time-Life. Eames created an exhibit using the photo achieves of Time-Life and repaid the company by providing them with the most luxurious chair he could dream up. His contribution lives on.

The Eames Executive Chair is designed to look and feel expensive and luxurious. It does this in a couple ways. First, the frame. The chair is constructed of aluminum, giving it a sturdy and substantial feel. Second, it is beautifully upholstered in leather with covered buttons and tufting.

The size of the chair also aids in the overall luscious feel. The seat is especially deep and well cushioned with overly stuffed armrests. These features make the chair comfortable for long hours at the office. It has stayed at the top of the market for a reason: it provides ultimate comfort.

7. Fritz Hansen Oxford Chair – $4,043

Fritz Hansen Oxford chair

Source: Fritz Hansen

While the first chair on the list may have been someone attainable to the everyday person, the Fritz Hansen Oxford Chair takes a big step up in the price spectrum to over $4,000. The original chair was designed in 1965 for the professors at Oxford in England, but it is still available.

Unlike the previous chair, the Oxford Chair is made from sturdy, classic office chair materials: metal and leather. The chair still primarily comes in its original color palette of walnut leather and chromed steel, giving it a great vintage vibe, which is every popular today.

The chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen, who designed many other classic 1960s furniture still in production today. These chairs, though expensive, have continued to be popular because of their stylish appearance and comfort. Though not ergonomic, they are quite comfortable.

Despite their classic appearance, the Oxford Chairs can actually be customized a great deal. They come in seven different fabrics and six different types of leather, with various break options, and with three chair back heights. You really end up with your custom spin on the classic design.

6. Vitra Skape Lowback Chair – $6,130

Vitra Skape lowback chair

Source: Cute Furniture

The Vitra Skape Lowback Chair combines classic materials – chrome and leather – with a very modern design aesthetic, giving it a unique appeal. The design is meant to combine the total comfort of an easy chair with the usability of a standard office chair. It accomplishes both well.

Unlike many office chair options, the Vitra Skape does not have adjustable armrests, but opts for a wraparound style, like a vintage wingback chair. This gives the chair a cozy feeling which helps keep your work environment welcoming and homey rather than uncomfortable and hostile.

The chair is also composed of nearly 40% recycled materials and can be 80% recycled when disassembled as well. This means that, though the chairs upfront cost is a bit steep, it leaves a minimal impact on the planet. The leather comes in seven different color options as well.

Like an ergonomic chair, this chair also has an automatic weight adjustment mechanism. This means that, as you shift in your seat, the chair shifts with you to remain supportive. The backrest opens at a large angle as well. The chair has some great ergonomic features with a classic look.

5. Arne Jacobson Egg Chair – $7,891

Arne Jacobson egg chair

Source: Danish Design Store

The Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark is still one of the most extravagant hotels in the world. Arne Jacobson was the man behind the design. The Arne Jacobson Egg Chair was designed for the lobby of the hotel, but it continues as one of the most expensive chairs.

The Egg Chair was truly conceived as a work of art as far as Jacobson was concerned. His process actually began in his garage with a bunch of clay. After sculpting the initial shape, he then moved to molding the inner foam shell, forming the skeleton for the final product.

Jacobson tried with the Egg Chair to counteract the straight lines and minimalistic interior of the hotel with soft, sweeping lines. The chair also seeks to mimic the curves of the human body, making it inviting to curl up by the fire. The original chairs are still present at the hotel.

Now that the Egg Chair is available for consumer purchase, it also comes in a wide variety of colors and types of fabric. Regardless of whether you choose the high-quality leather upholstery or the wool-blend fabric, every aspect of the Egg Chair is high quality, built to last.

4. Wegner Swivel Chair – $10,600

Wegner swivel chair

Source: Danish Design Store

The Wegner Swivel Chair has a decidedly different flair from the other office chairs on the list thus far. It has a very minimalistic aesthetic, more indicative of a drafting desk than a corporate office space. Nonetheless, the chair’s design and construction give it its expensive status.

Like the previous chair, the Wegner was also designed by a Danish designer. One of the things that set this chair apart from the other office chairs Wegner designed is the combination of materials present in this chair. It has a mix of chrome pipe, leather or wool-blend, and wood.

Nearly every aspect of this chair is also customizable. The buyer gets to choose between four types of wood for the backrest and between leather and fabric of varying colors for the seat. These options give each chair a custom flavor, making it a unique piece for each individual.

The shaping of the chair is also designed ergonomically while being uncompromising when it comes to design. The wooden backrest twists gracefully into the armrests, using one single piece of wood. Additionally, the low profile of the backrest provides solid mid to lower back support.

3. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair – $45,000

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter chair

Source: The Guardian

For aspiring authors, perhaps the primary appealing option for the most expensive office chair would likely be a chair owned by a famous writer. Recently, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair (which she sat in while writing the series) was put up at auction for over forty thousand dollars.

The chair itself, aside from its literary connections, appears to be rather plain. It is a simple, older wooden dining room style chair that she used as her office chair. It has a fabric-covered seat for some little comfort, complete with a rose painted on the fabric. The legs are also decorative.

Prior to its original sale in 2002, Rowling decorated the chair with words and symbols from the Harry Potter series. This exponentially increased the value overall to many collectors since it was customized by the author and used in the process of creating the beloved books over the years.

While the chair does not offer much in the way of comforts or ergonomically design, for an aspiring author, this chair would be a wonderful choice for an office chair. It earns its spot on the most expensive office chair solely on the basis of its literary history rather than design and style.

2. Kennedy Cabinet Chairs – $146,500

Kennedy Cabinet chairs

Source: Journal of Antiques

The Kennedy Cabinet Chairs also earn their spot on the most expensive chair list largely because of their historical importance. The chairs themselves, while well-constructed and sturdy, are not made by any notable designer; they are simple Chippendale style 1960s office chairs.

The chairs gain their value from their history and etiology. After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Jacelyn Kennedy, his widow, gave the two cabinet chairs to Secretary Robert McNamara. He was the only government official to receive such a gift from the first lady.

It is unclear as to where the chairs lived before being gifted to McNamara, but the first lady’s letter accompanying them does state that the president used to sit in them. This fact is what gives them their mythical, expensive price tag. The allure of JFK’s presidency gives an aura over them.

Outside of the historical importance attached to the chairs, they are still quite nice (though, perhaps not worth over a hundred thousand dollars). They have a solid wood and leather construction which still holds up very well despite the years of governmental use since 1963.

1. Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina – $1.5 million

Xten Office chair

Source: Luxury Insider

Designed by the same people behind the Ferraris and Cadillacs, the Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina is considered by many people to be the most expensive office chair currently produced. It is also designed to be the most expensive chair ever made or that money can buy.

While other chairs are made to be ergonomic, they are no match to the Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina. The back and seat actually move independently so that the chair is customizable as you shift throughout the day. The chair moves right along with the user, staying comfortable.

The cushions and fabric are also made to heighten the luxurious comfort of the chair. The cushions conform to the individual using Technogel. This reduces pressure points for consistent comfort. The fabric is breathable and soft too – the same fabric used by Olympic athletes.

The chair comes in four color options: blue, red, gray, and anthracite. Each has a shiny finish for a sleek and dynamic appearance. Everything about this chair screams futuristic comfort. The price tag is steep, but the chair itself is likely the most revolutionary office chair available now.