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Our Top 10 Picks for Club Chairs


What Is a Club Chair?

A club chair is a riff on the traditional style of an arm chair. The type is just as the name implies. It is an arm chair you’d typically see in a so-called English gentlemen’s club. The design is all about comfort with a low back and plenty of cushioning.

It is typically a leather chair, but, of course, there are modern takes on this early 20th-century design with plenty of variations on the type of upholstery. A few key elements stand out as characteristic of this style. But as with every rule, there’s always an exception.

Things to Look for in a Club Chair

The thing you want to look for is an arm chair that delivers comfort in both obvious and subtle ways. They are the essence of comfort. After all, this is a chair you’re going to spend some time reading—or napping. You’ll often see chairs that are oversized.

Leather is the traditional material, but the form has evolved into other variations. Club chair refers to the form but not the style. That means you’ll see a wide variety of takes on what constitutes a club chair.

How We Came Up With Our Top 10

1. It’s all about comfort, baby! We are totally on board with the comfort element of this chair. If you’re going to spend the afternoon in an arm chair, it better be something nice and soft. We like the idea of something overstuffed and oversized. And as long as it’s comfortable, we’re happy.

2. Fine craftsmanship is where it’s at. A quality club chair doesn’t need a fancy name to tell you that it’s well made. We love it when we can see the little attentions to detail that make a world of difference in a comfortable chair.

Our choices include a variety of styles to reflect the ever-expanding definition of a club chair. We hope you find something you like in the plethora of selections from which you can choose.

10 Top Club Chairs

1. Coggins Club Chair



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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Large leather chair with padded arms and backrests

The Coggins Club Chair is the quintessential traditional club chair. It’s large with lots of padding all through the design in the arm and backrests for the maximum in comfort. It is made of high-quality Italian leather which gives it a sophisticated feel. It comes in a beautiful, rich brown color.

The chair provides firm cushioning in the seat with welcome back support. It’s truly something in which you can spend an evening. We should point out that the seat cushion is not removable. It’s a minor detail, but one we’d thought we’d mention in case it matters. Overall, the chair is an excellent value and a worthwhile investment.

2. Clark Leather Club Chair



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  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Design: Large retro design with flared arms

The Clark Leather Club Chair is definitely a looker. The eye-catching flared arms give it a unique retro look that screams 50s style. It is made with top grain leather on the upper portion and vinyl leather on the sides and back to make it more affordable. It has a medium firmness and exceeds in the comfort department.

We love the classy look of the black chair, but it also comes in tangerine, so it offers an excellent choice for a contemporary or coastal style living room. The Clark Leather Club Chair is large and heavy. Make sure you have the space for it.

3. Pablo Club Chair



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  • Style: Rustic
  • Design: Leather upholstery with hardwood frame and brass tack accents

The Pablo Club Chair is easily the kind of chair you’d find in a rustic lodge. It ticks off all the boxes for a club chair that combines traditional elements with attractive detailing for a quality piece of furniture. There’s a lot to like with this chair. It’s made entirely of leather, keeping with the design’s definition.

The leather has an aged quality to it that gives it a timeless feel. The brass tack accents on the front of the arms look fantastic. The removable seat cushion is filled with high-density down makes it a very comfortable chair. The tufted back adds a nice touch to an already handsome design.

4. Rhodes Fabric Club Chair



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  • Style: Cottage/Country
  • Design: Stylish padded design available in light and dark blue

The Rhodes Fabric Club Chair has a simple design, but it is the essence of sophistication. Its soft lines act as an excellent indication of its comfort. With medium-soft firmness, it is a comfortable club chair that will make a gorgeous accent piece in any room. We can easily see it in a country style bedroom.

There is an excellent attention to detail in this chair with its sturdy design and padding all around. The upholstery is a polyester blend. The Rhodes Fabric Club Chair comes in light or dark blue. Both shades hit the mark. Of the chairs we reviewed, it is one of the lighter ones. As added bonuses, it’s easy to clean and requires no assembly.

5. Chimayo Club Chair



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  • Style: Industrial
  • Design: Traditional meet urban design with genuine leather and metal back

The Chimayo Club Chair has a fun steampunk quality about it. The upholstery is genuine leather as you’d expect to find with a club chair. It has a worn look that makes it all the more inviting. But the design breaks the rules with a metal back and edging along the front. The overall look is sleek with flared arms.

The chair has a smaller frame than you may expect when juxtaposed against other models in this style. We loved the contrast between its soft lines and the hardness of the metal elements. It’s definitely a conversation piece that would make an excellent accent chair in an industrial-themed decor.

6. Rigg Nailhead Armchair



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  • Style: Glam
  • Design: Box shape with gray velvet upholstery and nailhead accents

The Rigg Nailhead Armchair oozes class. Its box shape gives it an air of sophistication that is undeniable, especially combined with its lush gray velvet upholstery. It has an interesting contrast between the hard lines of the frame and the soft lines of the backrest that we found intriguing. The nailhead accents along the front and sides really make it pop.

The seat cushion is on the firm side of medium. It includes a quilted pillow for added comfort. The club chair is on the larger, giving you plenty of room to snuggle. The overall design is stunning. It’ll certainly command the attention in any room where you place it. It’s sturdy and well made as well as beautiful.

7. Smith Club Chair



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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Leather upholstery with ornate woodwork and nailhead trim

The Smith Club Chair is a traditional style chair that has a global feel about it. The ornate woodwork along the top and the exposed cabriole wooden legs have gorgeous details. These elements also make it an excellent addition to a modern or contemporary style living room. The upholstery is genuine leather with faux leather on the armrests.

The chair is very comfortable with padded rolled arms and nailhead trim that adds its classic style. The color is a warm brown tone which gives the chair an inviting feel about it. We could easily see ourselves spending an afternoon reading a book in this chair. Both the back and seat cushion are removable for easy cleaning.

8. Riggle Velvet Club Chair



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  • Style: Glam
  • Design: Large box frame with generous padding all around

The box shape of the Riggle Velvet Club Chair belies how comfortable this chair really is. The padding is big and lush all around with rounded armrests. You’ll feel like royalty with its luxurious velvet upholstery. It comes in five stunning colors, but we love the navy one because it looks so elegant.

It is a large chair but not too heavy. But you’ll need to measure your space before ordering. The seat cushion is removable and reversible. It would be a great addition for a modern or contemporary style room.

9. Evander Club Chair



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  • Style: Modern/Contemporary
  • Design: Simple curve design with brass nailhead trim of a traditional club chair

The Evander Club Chair combines the elements of the traditional style with modern features to give it a one-of-a-kind look. The soft lines give it an updated feel with the brass nailhead trim of a traditional style club chair. The look works on so many levels.

The upholstery is faux leather with a frame of birch wood and plywood. The chair breaks from tradition with an antique black color that gives it a classy edge.

10. Hydrus Arm Chair



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  • Style: Contemporary
  • Design: Curved lines with a high back

The Hydrus Arm Chair blends the elements of a traditional arm chair with the sleek design of a contemporary piece. You have the classic look with the curves and simple design of a contemporary chair. While the chair looks large, it is actually quite lightweight.

The faux leather upholstery adds a nice design feature that looks great. The chair comes in black, dark brown, or taupe. We could see it with its classy design as an accent chair in an office.

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